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Helena at the question of Arwen, Helena shook her head and said: "I do not know what the Lords are"

Arwen then said with desire: "Those who are called Lords are the greatest experts in the Universe who are on countless living beings, even about the Devas! "

Helena opened her eyes in disbelief and said:" Even about the Devas? Are not the devas the peak of the Martial Dao? How can there be beings superior to them? "As soon as she said he remembered the words of her young master in the Martial City:" The Dao is infinite there will always be people hungry for power and whenever they reach the peak of a mountain they will do everything possible to make that mountain bigger "

Arwen seeing Helena's reaction knew that she knew the gravity of a Deva and as Helena supposed had a great background.

Then Arwen smiled: "Of course for ordinary people to become Devas is the ultimate achievement but for the peerless geniuses there is a Realm still on top of that, It is said that in the past only the Templars, Demon Kings, and Dragon Emperors were in that Realm. Many in the Ancient Age thought that races like the human or the elven could not have experts in that Realm but in all the history of my race, we have had 8 Lords. Everyone is exalted by the race and has his statue in Yggdrasil to be remembered by future generations, Some left their legacy and will to protect the race. "Then Arwen with great hopes said:" Helena you know Since I found out about this, My goal has always been to become the Ninth Lord of the elven race! and the third woman to do it "
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Upon hearing that Helena could not help but show a black expression, In her three Great Worlds, there were no Lords even in the whole Desolate Era even if there were numerous Quasi Devas, none could take the last step to become an authentic Deva.

All the Devas existing in the Great Worlds had been born in the Ancient Age or Ten Thousand Races.

Helena said in disbelief: "Is it hard to get to that Realm?"

Arwen nodded and said: "Yes, My mother told me that this is because many Devas geniuses disappear without a trace"

Helena confused and said: "Disappear without leaving a trace? "

Arwen nodded:" In the history of my race there are many elves that after becoming a Devas disappear but I do not know much about the subject, I only know that in Antiquity there were also experts from the Great Races who would disappear. "

Hearing that, Helena once recalled in a lecture from her Clan that a young man asked: "Senior, why does not our clan have a Mausoleum for our ancestors?" But no matter how hard she tried to remember what the old man said, she only remembered that day there was she ate something delicious and was anxious because that old man finished talking to go to her home and sleep.

"s.h.i.+t, why do not I hear the most important !?" She only knew that among the Devas none had died as a young man, Basically their longevity was so great that they could be called immortal. That's why she was surprised at the presence of these Lords.

But at the same time, I ask: "What do Lords have to do with the Ranking of species?"

Arwen already expected that question: "Throughout the Desolate Era there have been innumerable Devas but only a few Lords, in the Ranking you can see how many Lords It has produced the race and the number of public Devas, "Arwen sighed and said:" Throughout the Ancient Era my elven Clan managed to barely have two Lords shortly after the three Great Worlds will close their doors thanks to Yggdrasil but the humans were a weak race at the bottom of the species, even in many worlds were enslaved by other races but in only one Era they managed to produce three Lords and innumerable Devas, Now they are only a little weaker than the Elves, Thanks to that innumerable humans were saved from slavery and humiliation by other races "

Upon hearing that, Helena was surprised, Her Young Master had not told her that! and he said: "But what did technology have to do with it?"

Arwen looked to the sides and said: "Thanks to Technology the Human birth rate skyrocketed and mortality decreased, they managed to make mortals focus on just one thing "procreate" for that, they solve almost all the problems, Hunger, Homes even unique medicines that could cure the majority of diseases of the Mortals. With the number of mortals increasing, so did the number of cultivators. With a larger number of cultivators fighting for the same number of resources, human cultivators had to go through seas of blood to advance in their strength. This was bad but at the same time, it was good since all those who survived were much more capable and elite people than the experts of the Past. Besides that thanks to the internal wars among humans, they were accustomed to blood and death. When they faced another race they did not fear war even with the race that is very warlike. After a few tens of millions of development with that approach, humans conquered worlds and created no weaker powers for my Yggdrasil. They even have very strong bloodline clans. All this happened at the end of the Ancient Era and at the beginning of the Desolate Era and in that uprising the Three Human Lords had a crucial role "

Helena upon hearing that her mouth formed a beautiful O, I could not believe that all that had happened in that weather. A Race that rose from the bottom of the species to be a strong race. and he could not help asking: "Do not tell me that all races have had Lords?"

Arwen shook her head and said: "Not all races have had Lords, There are very weak races that even in all their history have not had Devas in their ranks. All of them seek refuge in stronger races. Even my elven race has several dependent races, not all races have talent in the Dao Martial. Also for a strange reason, there can only be one Lord at the same time so every time that position is empty innumerable geniuses of all races compete for him "

A Lord! The peak of the Universe and the Martial Dao! Something to which the geniuses of the Universe aspired. Many said that there was only one Lord for a whole generation.

Upon hearing that, Helena could not help taking a breath of cold air. After touring the City, Helena took Arwen to Alexander's Winery.

And when he entered, Arwen saw two people.

A middle-aged human being watching like a kneeling idiot watching the floor like an idiot.

And a child with a common appearance without anything outstanding that was in front of a huge Cauldron while his hands emitted threads of Qi towards the Cauldron.

Arwen to see the child asked: "That's your Young Master?"

Helena nodded and then pointed to the middle-aged man watching like an idiot: "That's the man who brought you"

Arwen frowned and said: "He ?, You're Sure ?, I never know I've seen it "

Helena giggled and ran to the middle-aged man and touched his hand, Making her true appearance of an effeminate man.

Seeing this Arwen was surprised and exclaimed: "Uncle Eldar! "

Helena saw the surprise and said:" My Young Master said that man has a ring that can create an illusion "

With that, he touched the ring on the hand of the ring and saw himself again as a middle-aged male human.

Meanwhile, Arwen could not stop her eyes from getting wet, her uncle had made such a big trip just to look for a cure and not only that, but he ventured into the human world!

This moved her a lot.

but soon among her whimpers, she heard a childish voice: "Helena, have you come for the rounds of today?"

Upon hearing this, she felt a slight medicinal smell coming to her nose and realized that the boy in front of the cauldron had finished refining and recover some medicinal pills from the Cauldron.

This surprised Arwen, The quality of those pills did not seem common, You could tell they were made by a Veteran who had refined these pills countless times.

Even if they were low-level pills. For a human child to refine them to that level, she was undoubtedly a genius.

Alexander these days had refined 750 sets of Elementary Pills, making more than 7500 High-grade Elementary Pills.

Each of these was sold for 300 thousand gold coins, creating sales for more than 2,225 million gold.

As for who sold them, Ashley's father had many connections with rich people of the republic, especially with high-level at the Headquarters of the Cordner Clan.

So Alexander took advantage of that situation and managed to have more than 2 billion Gold stored in his s.p.a.ce ring and 12.5 million Spiritual Stones of 9-Grade.

Alexander wanted more but he only managed to get these old men to give them spiritual stones after negotiation and a big discount. He had to sell them for half the price in the market but Alexander still thought it was worth it.

As for the 8-Grade stones, they would not even think about it. Since even for them they were very rare and rare.

Alexander could only accept the terms and want to have a low profile in the Republic after the accident with the Sun Sect.

Alexander felt the sight of Arwen and saw her indifferent: "Ohh, So you woke up. What's your name? "

Arwen just stared at Alexander and said," Arwen. "

Alexander at this smiled and said," Arwen, I studied your case after you left and I can give you an option to recover, "Alexander paused and ended a sentence: "Your misfortune could make you a legend and record your name in the history books"

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