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Alexander just crossed his arms and said: "Yes, you are a weeping woman. The solution is simple, Ask to be changed branch, The guilds plan to open many new branches in the desolate land so you should definitely have a headache to get experienced Guild Masters to take care of the new branches "

By hearing that Ashley's beautiful eyes began to s.h.i.+ne and they stopped crying. It's true. The solution was simple. He only had to change branches to a branch that his family was not considered a 1-Order power.

It was the same for the Guild Master of the Republic, His family could be considered a 1-order power in the region, but this was a mortal country that was on the edge of the region so the influence of his family could not come here. Because of this position as a Guild Master could be considered as an exile.

Normally empty Guild Master positions were rare and when one was liberated many alchemists will fight for it but now due to the expansion of the guilds there were many empty places.

Not even the power plant knew how many new branches it had to open, right now they sent many experts to see in which cities it was viable to install branches, but the guild had a rule. The city had to have more than 1 million inhabitants for a branch of Cla.s.s 12, In the deadly countries thanks to its development of medicines and improvements in the quality of life that amount was trivial and even a small city like Pale City had branches of different guilds

But in the Desolate Area that number only some cities would fulfill it at least for the moment.

So if Ashley asked for a transfer the guild would no doubt be more than happy to relocate to a branch of a northern state. Not far from where she is now. Only then did she calm down and be ashamed of the brief nervous breakdown she had.

When she was going to apologize, the presenter said with emotion: [Meanwhile, we have exclusive two news from very far, The Central Bank of the continent has launched a new monetary cone]

This drew attention because in tens of thousands of years there has never been a change in the value of money but now even the money would change.

The presenter continued and said: [The Central Bank thinking about the future needs of all has decided to discontinue the coins of denominations of Iron and Bronze so that its step will be replaced by new notes of new denominations that are the following 1,2, 5,10,20,50,100,200,500,1000,2000,5000,10000, While the denominations of Silver, Gold and White Gold, The coins and notes will circulate in parallel, The notes will have the same denominations Previous. But the main news is the Next, New coins with a value higher than the White Gold Currency are inserted, These are divided into three new currencies, The denominated, Continental Bronze, Continental Silver while the third would be called Continental Gold, These will be 25% larger than the current coins, The Continental Bronze Value will be parallel to that of an 7-Grade stone, the Continental Silver will be equal to a 6-Grade Spiritual Stone and the Continental Gold will have a Parallel Value to that of a 5-Grade stone. It is worth mentioning that both the old coins and the new coins will be renewed and it is expected that in the next thousand years the old coins will no longer be in circulation for now, it could take years to get to see the first coins and bills of the new generation ... Come on to some commercial announcements and we return with the following news, Do not leave!]

When listening to the speech of the presenter, Anna remained silent and said: "Why would they make new coins ?, Is that useful?"

Alexander smiled and said: "It is normal that they have made those changes, After all in a few years in this world there were no people without cultivation"

Both Ashley and Anna saw Alexander without understanding what Alexander wanted to say, so he had no choice but to explain: " I do not know what happened to the world but this world improved to a point that has never been seen, Qi Density increased exponentially so the natural treasures of low Ranks will be more common and We are precious, but even if that happened, everything that cost a few gold coins would be worth a few Silver coins, just as in the mortal countries each time the Bronze and iron coins will be used less. It will not be because they lose their value, but because people will be richer, So central bank changes are expected "

Ashley wrinkled her beautiful eyebrows and said:" How can you be so sure that people will be richer? "

Alexander only said:" Because with the step of time, the mines of spiritual stones of low grades will be born as cabbages so my Master described this environment is similar to that of the deadly 3-Grade countries so the mines of 9.8,7 Grade should be close to birth , Your Cordner family has a small 9-Grade spiritual stone mine and look how rich and powerful it is. "

This impacted Anna and Ashley, The spiritual stone mines will be numerous in these lands? That would certainly affect the order of power in the county and make people become much richer. People who use the denominations of Iron or Bronze could disappear or be used by children to buy junk food and sweets.

Only countries with few spiritual stone mines would use it.

This solved a doubt but then Anna said: "But, why are there new coins?"

Alexander sighed and said: "It is very difficult to explain, Before this you must know a couple of things to understand," He saw the two women and said: "You know why there is money?"

The pair of women thought about it and in the end they shook their heads, Alexander leaned back in his seat and said: "In theory there should not be money at least already no, Previously it existed due to the difficult mobility of spiritual stones and scarcity of them, Since not all countries have mines in their territories, As I have read, The empire of the county bone the richest Cropening Empire owes its wealth to have numerous spiritual stones mines of 8 and 9 Grade in its territory, Solo Cropening Empire has five times more mines than the Stera Dynasty and 4 times that Empire Zelia "

Anna was shocked at this news but could not help but think and say:" But if it is so Rich, why did he never dominate the region? "

This question also made Ashley interested, nor did she know the answer and when she asked her grandfather they did not give her anything.

Alexander at the question of his mother, replied: "Do you know why the headquarters of the Alchemists Guild is in the Dynasty Stera and not in the other two empires?"

Without waiting for the answer, Alexander said: "That's because the Stera Dynasty is the richest country in spiritual herbs of the Region, Due to its rich spiritual Qi the Steria Dynasty is Paradise for the alchemists and is the one with the strongest Given Alchemy of the Region, Although Cropening Empire has large amounts of stones Spiritual and mineral because it lacks spiritual herbs does not have many Alchemists and medicinal pills like the Steria Dynasty "

" Do not have them? "

" Well, if they have them but most of them are metal attribute, Although they are rare they have a limited market and only people with a cultivation technique attributed metal would buy them, the same as the Spirit Stones of Elements "

Ashley could not believe what was happening, A child has a great view of the world, Even greater than his grandfather but when he heard the latter he could not help but ask: "Spirit Elemental Stones, what is that?"

Alexander said: "The Common spiritual Qi has a bit of all the existing elements and without elements in the universe at the same time, that is Water, Air, Fire, Earth and all its derivatives due to this regardless of whether your technique was without elements, Special or one attributed earth or fire, Everyone can absorb the Qi to train, Already within your body the refined in what you want but the common Qi for an attributed technique is very slow so those people look for spiritual herbs and stones of their attribute. The spiritual stones condense like the common ones, only there must be a great elemental Qi in that Area to condense, for example a spiritual stone fire only condensed in a place such as near a volcano or a place full of magma, Because of this they are extremely rare, An elemental spiritual stone could easily be exchanged for ten thousand common spiritual stones of the same degree, Well if one was found to be a suitable person for sale "

Most people who sought these stones were people with a technique with great inheritance or a person with a blood line.

In other words, if someone had the line of Helen that is Qilin of Lightning, I would need spiritual stones attributed Lightning or attributed ray herbs to move quickly.

Upon hearing that the couple of women marveled, nor Ashley knew and was sure that his grandfather would not know either.

Alexander, seeing that he had deviated a bit from the subject, continued explaining: "Normally there comes a point in the life of a cultivator that the gold coins can not buy what they wanted, besides the sum of their wealth would give a number that maybe even have a name, Because of this the cultivators use spiritual stones as currency for their purchases but there are three factors by which they made this decision. "

The first is that the world changed and improved so, as I explained earlier, it will make people richer and obsolete the currencies of today"

"Second is that with the increase in wealth, so will the force what although I am not sure in the next few years the few transcendent powers will become dozens, then hundreds, thousands to become innumerable transcendent powers of different strength."

" What does that have to do with the coins? "

For people like Anna or Ashley the people of the transcendent powers were like G.o.ds and all their stories were legends. After all before the greatest experts in millions of miles were only elementary experts. How G.o.ds can be involved in such mundane things as Gold.

Alexander replied: "Transcendent powers are those that control the Continental Central Bank. To have a Seat in the Central Bank one must belong to a transcendent power, It is almost the same that to be a politician in the republic one has to join one of the eight governing powers "

"The central bank has only one purpose. Die-cutting and control the money in the continent and see that the coins are not devalued so according to the number of spiritual stones mined per day but this is done to repress the weak, since only they use their coins and at the same time ensure that they could get a large number of spiritual stones "

" This is because all banks accredited by the central bank have to give the central bank 5% of their total annual earnings in exchange they are allowed to provide financial services and Rates of change between Gold and Spiritual Stones, Also from stones of minor to Greater Grade, Only by doing this the gains of the transcendent powers are astronomical. Since in the Great Banks of the continent you can find even 4-Grade spiritual stones and only the transcendent powers will have control over the 3-Grade stone mines the highest obtainable in the continent and the problem now was that they were opening more and more more transcendent powers is to say that the part of your piece of cake, right now has just begun a race to develop but can be removed from his throne and be exterminated "

Alexander saw the pair of women and said:" And that applies to everything the continent, Right now no one is thinking about compet.i.tions or proving their strength alone in developing, The expansion of the world made objects that will never appear on the continent, Appear. If the old and powerful can not develop faster than their enemies or new emergent powers they will no doubt begin to decline or they will be exterminated. "

This made this pair of women open their mouths evenly, and now Ashley finally understood why her patriarch and several Elders went to explore the new lands. No doubt they can find natural treasures that can help increase their strength. Now I had doubts about how strong the top bra.s.s will be when they return. They even took a few geniuses from the younger generation, including their older brother.

Thanks to him, he had gotten his job as a Guild Master.

Anna by her side, understood much more to the continent and felt smaller and smaller, said: "And what is the third reason?"

Alexander smiled and said: "I think the Show will tell you"

This made Anna watch the TV in the Aircraft, and was again the presenter with a middle-aged man, The presenter moved elegantly and said: [Thank you for staying with us, Now we are with the representative of the Soros Chamber of Commerce in the Republic to present us his new products that I think would attract the attention of all]

The presenter saw the Man and said: [Sir, what do you have to introduce us?]

The man smiled, thanked for being invited to the program and after that he took out a thin box and opened it impressing all with a series of rings inside saying: [Thanks to the latest advances in the Array Given the great Array Masters managed to create s.p.a.ce artifacts much easier and with more common materials. The Chamber of Commerce Soros in collaboration with the Guild of Arrays Masters brings to all the first generation of Low Cost Rings and Bags s.p.a.ce! Within everyone's reach! ]

Upon hearing the news, Ashley got up from her Seat and watched Tv!

This news was too shocking!

This was an authentic Revolution!

I could not wait to go to the nearest store and buy your s.p.a.ce Ring!

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