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Ashley liked her job a lot and it was a very well paid job so she would not give up so easily.

Seeing Ashley's concern, Alexander sighed and said: "Hey, can an Alchemist have to worry about money? If you're just looking to make money without doing anything, you could give Alchemy to Apprentices, you'll win almost as much as You win now but you will never advance in the Dao of Alchemy "

Alexander saw Ashley and said:" First of all, You should never have been able to get that job "

Anna felt that her son was being too hard on Ashley but when she was about to reprimand him, Ashley saw Alexander furiously and said: "What? Do you think I'm incompetent? I've been a Guild Master for more than ten years and I've never received that criticism. Who are you to tell me this? "

Alexander shook his head and said:" You're not incompetent. Just read Rule 144, paragraph C of the Rules of the Guild "

Ashley, who was still furious, frowned and finally looked at her communicator for what Alexander asked her but when she read the rule she could not help but show disbelief.

Rule 144 was called: "Limitations of relations between the Guild and the local powers"

And subsection C indicated: [The Guild Master of each Region, Country has total freedom to choose or hire the Guild Master under his command while not infringing The following guidelines:

1) These are not leaders of another faction outside the guilds whose role is similar to that of the guild.

2) Be members of 1-Order powers within the limits of the authority of the Guild Branch

3) Be a wanted criminal by Another faction or country.

4) Be a foreigner of another nation which is cataloged as "Enemy" of the Nation or ruling power in which the guild is located geographically]

Upon reading this the beautiful face of Ashley became ugly, She was a member of the Clan Cordner a power of first Order within the Republic, therefore, according to the rules of the Guild, She could not occupy the position she currently holds.

Ashley could only see Alexander and say: "Why there are such stupid rules?"

Alexander saw Ashley and said: "Because of the guild should always be a neutral power and not be the playground of local powers, Besides not using the authority of the guild to scare other people and manipulate the country's justice at your convenience "

Ashley thought for a moment and finally understood something and her face froze:" The guilds were established so that their professions would flourish and for this, they need large numbers of talented people and not always talented people have a long history. If someone becomes a guild master, they will use their position to benefit their power and not for the good of the profession ... Hey, that's not what I'm doing Right now? "

Seeing Ashley's expression, Alexander showed a smile and said:" What you're doing could cost you your license as an Alchemist, Well if someone finds out "

Listening to that was like No big lightning for Ashley and she became extremely pale, Now I understand the problem she was in. Not only her position as Guild Master was at stake but her Alchemist license was also at stake.

If you lose your license, you can not sell your pills through the commercial channels of the guild. Even if I put a pharmacy I would have to sell them a little lower than the market price because it was not guaranteed by the guild.

Having a guild on your back or not having it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Ashley also could not understand why Alexander was so calm even though what he was doing could lead to the expulsion of the guild!

What he did not know is that in his past life for more than 2000 years he does not depend on any guild to sell his pills. He already knew how to move in the underworld and knew how to sell his pills by unofficial means. I knew many organizations that functioned as guilds, some public and others clandestine so Alexander would have no problem in surviving without the guild.

After all, The Guild Abandoned Kain, There was no reason why they should not do it again. They always sought to be neutral so if Alexander turned back into a "Criminal" he would undoubtedly be put on the blacklist of all the guilds.

Because of this, Alexander acted as if nothing to offend a Guild Master like this, In his heart the guilds have no value, he would use them if he left and if one day he was thrown out of the guilds he would only look for another way.

At this moment he came to mind the memories of when he was expelled from the guild and did not know how to act because at that time he only kept selling his pills for the guild and being Array master was not so lucrative.

At that time I was furious and could not believe that the guilds were so cold with their members but I knew that if they complained them would say something like: "Each member must have a certain level of behavior, You are a shame to be an alchemist"

From that The value of the guilds fell into his heart and him behaved indifferently to the lives of the Alchemists. Before he did not kill his colleagues unless it was a life or death dispute but after that, if an Alchemist offended or made things difficult there would only be one end: "Death"

Little by little, He understood that words were useless for those problems and that in those moments only death silenced the enemies, Every the time he killed an alchemist or Array Master the guilds would give you a reward and the number of professionals who died in your hands was numerous.

If this little Guild Master offended Alexander, he would only kill him and that's it. As for the director of the Tree Fire Academy, for what he knew they were from the same family but he was not his descendant so he would not have reason to move against Alexander but if he did, he would just end up dead.

Alexander's philosophy was simple:

If a King gets in your way ... Kill

If an Emperor gets in your way .. Kill

If a Genie gets in your way .. Kill

If a Saint gets in your way .. Kill

If a G.o.d stands in your way .. Kill

If a Buddha stands in your way .. Kill

regardless of the state of the person, race, s.e.x, skin color, just kill.

Kill, Kill and Kill until none opposes you. That was the fate to oppose me, If you do not bother me, I will not bother you but if you do better you get ready for the consequences.

He would never kill the innocent but that did not mean that they were all innocent in this life, For example, If a Patriarch or Sect Master issued an order against him, Those people represented all their power, From the most humble disciple to the Supreme Elder. So his sin was to choose such a foolish leader and that's why they ended up dead.

Right now he had two clear enemies, The Sea Palace and the James Clan but due to his young age he has not been able to deal with these powers. Besides that, his uncle was part of the James Clan so he could not act easily, When he is older and has more freedom to be away from his mother, If those two powers do not behave, Alexander would extinguish them.

The only good enemy was the dead one. This was the lesson he learned in his previous life through much pain. When I was still naive.

So Ashley's concerns for him are absurd. For ordinary people to be expelled from a guild was very bad but for people like Alexander was a trivial matter as long as it did not totally offend the guild, which was different things but the guilds were difficult to offend since there could only be one thing that could offend to a guild.

Steal the guild.

The guilds moved a large number of raw materials such as herbs, metals, fruits, among others. If you robbed or killed an alchemist it was fine, since the guilds do not take themselves so seriously because this world was based on the law of the jungle, although the guilds will throw rewards for your head, it was just a mere formality. Alexander understood after he killed an Alchemist.

but if you saw a vault or transport with the guild symbol and you still stole it, the guild will undoubtedly use all its resources to hunt you down and even put in your experts to make sure you get caught.

The Guilds especially the alchemists who had a terrible offensive strength and its cultivation was a pure pill base so there were several experts to be certain of their safety.

While Alexander was in his thoughts he soon felt a blow to the back of his neck and saw that his mother had hit him.

But what surprised him most was that in the breast of his mother a beautiful woman was crying whispering: "I do not want to be expelled, I do not want to be expelled, If they expel me they forced me to marry, I do not want to get married yet! "

Anna saw her son and said:" Look what you caused! "

Alexander could only think:" Why do you blame me? I did not think that his mental strength was so little, a few words and he fell apart, The youth of nowadays they are becoming more delicate "

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