Thy Multiverse And Its Pokemon Master 2 :Chapter2:Birth

Thy Multiverse And Its Pokemon Master -

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The baby opened its eyes to see its new parents, totally calm after doing this billions of times. He drew on his superiorly honed acting skills and acted like a baby while observing his surroundings. There are 6 others in the room with him. Firstly, the woman carrying him, his supposed mother, had violet eyes, baby blue hair, and a warm smile. Then their were the supposed father, a young man who looked almost identical to ash ketchum exept for his blue eyes, and 2 old people who seemed to be his grandparaents. One had a pikachu on its shoulder, the other was wearing serena's old hat. Seeing everything, the boy confirmed his suspoicions: he was in the Pokekmon world and Ash was his gramps. The last person he could see other than Nurse Joy was another twin baby next to him, sleeping peacefully. Nurse joy left, leaving the boy with his relatives. " ill name the sleeping boy with father's hair, ray," said the boy's father. Soft murmurs of agreement could be heard, they were taking extra care not to wake his twin up. " ill name the boy with silver hair, zero," said the boy,no zero's, mother. The smiled at eachother and laughed.
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