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In the air, a coc.o.o.n of darkness floated as it pulsated from time to time, giving an eerie feeling to whoever looked towards it. 100 miles radius around the coc.o.o.n was a dark fire burning and corroding everything, turning the land into a barren, dead land.

As it remained like this, time pa.s.sed, days went by, and seasons changed. Finally, after three years of remaining like that, the pulsating coc.o.o.n stopped its pulsing and solidified. It appeared like a large, dark, and glossy gem. Its surface was as smooth as silk. The gem concentrated all the dark fire burning over the land and absorbed it.

Soon, cracks started to appear on the gem's smooth surface. The cracks spread all over it. Finally, with an explosive sound, the gem burst out. It released a shockwave that traveled all over, flattening the uneven land and the small hills far in the distance. The shockwave smoothened the ground. At the place where the coc.o.o.n was supposed to be, now stood a humanoid silhouette.

Pitch-black, that's how it appeared. There was no distinctive feature. No eyes, no ears, no mouth, there was nothing. If one didn't look closely, one would think it was a hole in the form of a human. That's how dark it was, not reflecting any light. The pitch-black cover over the humanoid started to peel off like burnt skin, falling and disappearing before it could hit the ground.

A few minutes later, the dark skin fell off completely, revealing a man as pale as snow. He appeared as if his blood had stagnated. His cold appearance would make anyone s.h.i.+ver with a single look. His abyssal-black eyes seemed as if they could see through everything. And the smile on his face, it appeared as if the smile of a devil! As the man raised his hand, he made a claw and reached it out. The next moment, he closed the claw as if he grabbed onto something and pulled his hand back.

As soon as he pulled back his hand, the s.p.a.ce before him split and a black armor appeared out of nowhere. It was the same armor he wore when Ding Wenfeng first met him. The armor automatically wrapped around his pale body, and soon changed into a robe. The man straightened his back and took in a heavy breath. After that, he looked all around with the same smile hanging on his face.

"Immortal Transformation Realm, finally!" Zhu Long spoke to himself. After being inside the darkness for three years, not only was he not harmed, instead, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. His Cultivation broke through to the Immortal Transformation Realm, his injuries healed to a certain extent, and the inheritance of darkness he was an heir to, it had evolved a level.

Zhu Long now understood the event that happened three years ago and sent his powers into jeopardy. Whatever he saw falling down that day couldn't be a person, instead, it must be a treasure. It must be something related to his inheritance. When it fell to this world, it had resonated with his inheritance, making it fall into a state of reverie and a state of evolution. The reason the chains binding those Dragons broke was because all his power needed to return to him and evolve at once.

Now, he didn't care whether he had the Dragons or not. But he did remember what the two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds did when he was down. For that, the two must pay with their lives. He wasn't going to let them get away for that. He was certainly going to flay them alive and torture them for thousands of years.
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Zhu Long started to laugh loudly. Right now he was feeling immense joy. Not only were his injuries healed and Cultivation improved, even the illness he suffered from was suppressed to such an extent that he need not worry about it for a long time, "Yuyan's prophecy was indeed true! The method to heal me is indeed in this world. I must find whatever fell that day as soon as possible and return. As for those filthy snakes, I will kill them when the Celestial Law finds them! I will see who dares stop me at that time!"

As he said his words, he was happy. But when it came to the Dragons, his expression turned malevolent and a thick bloodl.u.s.t spread around him. Those snakes, he would surely kill them when the Celestial Law found him. Thinking till here, Zhu Long looked towards the direction where that thing fell three years ago and flew towards that place with lightning speed.

How would Zhu Long know that the Celestial Law no longer had access to this world, nor did they know where the two Dragons were. Three years ago, just before that thing fell to this world, the Spatial Laws, tunnels, and any other methods for travel throughout the myriad realms and worlds had been sealed. No one could ascend, nor could anyone descend. The Celestial Law couldn't interfere with any other world now. He was by himself!


Zhu Long floated above the Holy Saint Empire again. He had searched for over five years. Five years of effort, but all he found was a deep pit in a forest near the Capital of one of the Mortal Kingdoms. Even after searching all over the d.a.m.ned continent, he couldn't find any leads and could only give up. He will let nature take its course. Yuyan's prophecy had said he will get the cure, so there wasn't a need to think he won't. He was certain he will find it, but it will take time.

As for the hateful dragons, he wasn't going to find them either, no, he couldn't find any trail of those two either. It was as if they had disappeared into the air. But the main issue was, he had received no news from the Celestial Law over the five years. He had already been in this world for more than a decade now. Though his Cultivation had risen to the Immortal Transformation Realm, and he was only a step away from the Immortal Ascension Realm, he had already realized he couldn't perform a spatial jump.

He could tear the s.p.a.ce inside this world, but he couldn't leave this world. The spatial tunnels were sealed, heck, s.p.a.ce itself was thoroughly sealed. It was impossible for anyone below the Supreme Deity Realm to forcefully tear s.p.a.ce, and there were no Supreme Deities in the Celestial Law. He could only wait for s.p.a.ce to open up again. Zhu Long could only sigh and wait. He was going to the Empire now. Living in seclusion was useless as his Cultivation won't increase, and it was impossible for the cure to find him. He needed to search for it.

He will certainly get his opportunity. With that thought, Zhu Long disappeared from the sky. The next moment, he appeared within a large crowd inside the business district of the Empire. No one noticed the man that just appeared out of nowhere. Everyone kept to themselves, not paying any attention to others. Zhu Long started to roam all around the city, looking at the different places, gathering information about everything.

In the evening, Zhu Long laid inside a luxurious room in the most expensive inn in the Empire. Over the five years, he had gotten a lot of money from various fools who tried to get in his way and asked for their deaths. He could understand some foolish youths overreaching themselves, but he couldn't understand how even Martial Kingdoms could have fools ruling them.

Just in five years, he had destroyed over 20 Tier-2 Martial Kingdoms and 1 Tier-3 Martial Kingdom. They were the ones who asked for it. He wasn't even getting involved with them. His act of destroying so much had caused a sensation throughout the Martial Kingdoms, but the Empire didn't even bat an eye over the matter.

Now, he was going to remain in the Empire for a few days. After that, he would leave this continent.

{Author Note: The entire Empire is a large city, don't forget. Also, he destroyed those Kingdoms, didn't slaughter their entire population. He did slaughter, but not the entire Population.}


Also, Leave Behind those Power Stones. Is there even a need to h.o.a.rd them. h.o.a.rd Chapters instead. Let me h.o.a.rd those Power Stones.

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