A Saiyan Reincarnation 4 Chapter 4: Hyperbolic Time Trainer

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As I stood inside of the room of spirit and time I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe this place was devoid of any life or sound all I could see was an endless void in every direction it felt like an echo would travel endlessly here if I was loud enough, the only building was the doorway to here. I had seen and read Dragon ball since I was a kid and played a good chunk of the games but compared to the real deal this place was really something else. There was no wind or noise the only thing I could hear was my own breathing and heartbeat. As I was taking in the scenery of such an iconic location of the Dragon Ball Franchise, I was interrupted by Mr.Popo.

Mr.Popo : "Alright Maggot, what's the first rule of Mr.Popo's training?"

Vocado : " What? but you haven't taught me anything yet? We just got he…"

Mr.Popo : (*BAM!) "Wrong Answer."

His fist was like a blur, he hit me square in the face even though he was holding back it still hurt like a b.i.t.c.h!

Vocado : "Aw f.u.c.k! You Broke My Nose! You Piece of s.h.i.+t!"

I was still having trouble controlling my saiyan urges so I immediately aimed my arm blaster at him ready to fire but before I could, he was already in front of me. He grabbed my arm crus.h.i.+ng it along with the arm blaster to pieces.

Vocado : "Aaaargh! f.u.c.king s.h.i.+t!"

Mr.Popo : "Don't talk about Mr.Popo's training."

I ate another senzu bean to heal my arm I only had one left. It was hard to take him seriously without getting angry because of his nonchalant tone. This guy is a straight up s.a.d.i.s.t! Because I had never learned how to fight in my previous life so I had to learn everything from scratch and started with the basics. Mr.Popo wasn't willing to teach me anything except Martial arts because I had to master martial arts before I could master ki. What a load a Hoa.r.s.e s.h.i.+t! That a.s.shole probably wanted to see how long he could prolong the abuse he could dish out on me. I was worked and trained like a dog I didn't sleep I didn't rest I didn't eat I wasn't even allowed to use the bathroom we kept training until I would pa.s.s out from exhaustion every time I lost consciousness he would make me drink something he so lovingly called "Mr. Popo's healing Splooge" which I honestly hoped was another way of him saying healing potion. The taste was weird... and I honestly don't even want to think about it too much, I know in the T.F.S continuity this was a reference to the "Special - Episode of Bardock" But I was pretty sure that this Mr. Popo and that one were different beings all together, despite their similarities after spending G.o.d knows how long with this a.s.shole I had a basic idea of his power level which was not even close to top tier compared to characters in the Dragon Ball Z Age. I had lost track of my sense of time I couldn't sleep or rest, every moment of every second was spent surviving the onslaught of this fiend!...

Much time has pa.s.sed since I arrived in the room of spirit and time I don't even know how long I've spent inside this place it didn't help that my only company was Mr. Popo when you spend everyday training like a dog and fighting for you life under the reign of tyrannical Genie you tend to lose track of time and everything else. My mind was in a constant state of twenty four seven, survival mode at the very least I had learned how to better manage my saiyan urges but they would still flare up time to time. I did not improve whatsoever in terms of power or learning anything related to ki it was just pure martial arts I was not really worried about my power level because my power level was already decent enough to get by in this point of time, but what I really needed was to learn how to use ki because it was essential for everything in the Dragon Ball World.

I got irritated of waiting and demanded him to teach me how to use Ki once, and he replied by ripping off my tail and playing it off as a f.u.c.king joke saying

Mr. Popo : "Mr. Popo has a better idea, let's play pin the tail on the Maggot."

he began laughing and giggling I however was screaming in pain and rolling around the floor I was bleeding profusely at the pain of someone forcefully yanking off my tail it was the equivalent of someone violently yanking off an appendage like an arm or a leg it was so sudden and without warning that I was left sh.e.l.l shocked and scrambling to eat my last senzu bean I saved up in case of an emergency but before I could eat it, he squashed it with his foot and kicked me away. That kick shattered my rib cage and caved it in, I was pretty sure some of my bone shards pierced my internal organs I was healed with the healing splooge I also received a Zenkai Boost from the experience. But it was minor compared to the ones I gained prior. When that h.e.l.lish training was over I had become adept at close combat and my survival instincts were at an all time high being a Saiyan a warrior race who enjoyed combat that part of me had only flourished making me more aggressive and hostile. One day Mr. Popo stopped fighting after I had regained regained consciousness I was confused because we had gone on a nonstop marathon of in his words "training" that it had become routine, he said that my training was complete I asked him.

Vocado : "Hey how long have we been in here?"

Mr.Popo : "Three days."

He casually said, he appeared amused by my question and left the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Three days is equal to three years my body had gone from toddler to munchkin my entire body was sore and screaming at me to get rest but I had long learned to ignore these feelings and continue forward, my body had developed a lot despite my tail not growing back yet it was weird when one considered my age I should only be around four years old but I had the body of a gym rat my muscles were toned and very muscular it was a bizarre appearance for a small child.

I walked out of the room of spirit and time. To the rest of the world it had been only three days but to me I had gone through a h.e.l.lish three years of training it felt like I had returned from a War-Zone. I went outside and took in my first breathe of fresh air I had missed being outside seeing the sun and clouds the beautiful blue sky the last place I wanted to return to was the Hyperbolic Time Chamber compared to that place anywhere else would be considered heaven to me. My clothes and armor were in tatters ripped and blood stained I hadn't bathed in three years so the stench was truly awful the only time I slept were those short moments of sweet release when I pa.s.sed out from exhaustion or lost consciousness they were all cut off short however by Mr. Popo. I did not need to eat because the Healing Splooge was nutritious enough he said, I really hated how much of a creep that guy was and how everything that came out of his mouth had such a playful sinisterism to it, Kami had walked up behind me and asked.

Kami : "So how was Mr.Popo's training young one?"

Vocado : "H-he-..."

Before I could open my mouth to complain I felt a cold piercing gaze hit my back I was too scared to look back and forced a nervous smile.

Vocado : "It Was Great! Yup! Yeah Super Great! What A Great Teacher!" The Best!"

I enthusiastically replied with a huge fake smile on my face to hide the fear I could feel cold sweat dripping down my forehead.

Kami : "Good very good young one now tell me are you ready for the next part of your training?"

Kami stretched out his hand and hovered it over my head and with a blinding flash of blue light, my clothing had changed into a gi similar to the one piccolo wore but without the cloak and turban. I inspected my new clothing it felt comfortable and loose, a purple and light blue gi with the namekian brown shoes.

Vocado : "huh neat, so does that mean I could start learning about ki now?"

Kami : "Hmm not yet your are not quite ready for that, indeed you have great potential and power given your age but you lack a pure a heart. I sense a great evil in you."

Aww f.u.c.k is he gonna make me spend an entire year trying to banish this supposed evil inside of me like he did, before he will teach me how to use ki? THATS BULLs.h.i.+T! Hmm I need to think of a way to get him to teach me as soon as possible. I don't want to mess up the original timeline by staying here too long because what if Goku never goes Super Saiyan or what if Trunks isn't born then who's going to stop the Androids, Cell or Majin Buu if I can't. I don't even know how the future will turn out whether this will be like GT or Super I could end up dealing with Omega Shenron or Jiren or maybe both! I need to set up a way where things can continue or at the very least be similar enough so that the story moves along smoothly. I have to defeat King Piccolo it's a little too late to back out now but maybe I don't have to kill him what if I trap him with the MAFUBA and release him at the appropriate time, that way my interfering won't mess up the story! f.u.c.k yeah I'm a f.u.c.king Genius! Just as I was stroking my own ego at my own brilliant plan, something strange happened…

This feeling I looked down at my own hands and clenched them I closed my eyes and began to concentrate I felt something strange about myself it felt foreign it was a feeling that was hard to explain the more I thought about it the more difficult it became to point down it was like trying to explain sight to a blind person. I know what this is! It's, Ki Sensing! The more I concentrated the more clear the world around me became even with my eyes closed I felt like I could still see everything by feeling it through this foreign ent.i.ty in my body . But how did I learn it and why did it develop now of all times? Something to be aware of especially in Dragon Ball is that a lot of things go unexplained like for example how did Vegeta learn Ki sensing? Or how power levels are kinda bulls.h.i.+t and inconsistent,

Things in the Dragon Ball world kinda play along with plot convenience and right now this felt like one h.e.l.l of a plot convenience. I immediately got a bad feeling in my stomach I understood very well that s.h.i.+t was about to hit the fan if this universe works the same way that the Dragon Ball story works then any moment now something is about to go horribly wrong. I couldn't help but laugh at myself in one small corner of my mind as I realized how ridiculous I sounded after all I might still be suffering from some form of paranoia or PTSD due to my time inside of the hyperbolic time chamber my mind was still stuck in a state of survival mode and I was on constant guard right now I was acting like a paranoid freak.

I suppressed my caution and decided to bathe and take a well deserved nap. I used my newfound ki sense to locate Mr. Popo although he was most likely the biggest a.s.shole to ever plague the planet my time with him in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber had eased my worry around him because I knew he wouldn't kill me and after three years of nonstop abuse or as he calls it "training" You start to adapt although I no longer feared for my life I still remained on guard because that sick b.a.s.t.a.r.d would take any chance possible to make my life a living h.e.l.l whenever he felt like it. I found him attending to the trees and plants I walked up to him and asked if I could borrow his carpet to retrieve my s.p.a.ce pod he agreed but on the condition that I bring him a souvenir. It was hard to tell when Mr. Popo was being serious or not but I would rather avoid getting on his bad side for now at least until i'm stronger, just you wait when I get strong enough I'll make You Pay! and then some! He waved his hand and a magic carpet appeared I got on and in an instant I was transported to the middle of the ocean. The near Instantaneous transportation made me motion sick and I was too late in realizing what that fiends plan was when the magic carpet suddenly flipped upside down sending me cras.h.i.+ng into the middle of the ocean.

Vocado : "What the FuAaaaah!" (*Splas.h.!.+)

I swam up for air immediately screaming at the top of my lungs!

Vocado : "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! YOU f.u.c.kING a.s.sHOLE!"

(Meanwhile back at Kami's Lookout)

Mr.Popo: "I Hope you enjoy your bath Maggot."

Mr.Popo began laughing his creepy laugh, later that night I had washed ash.o.r.e and made my way to Korin's Tower trudging my way through the forest using my Ki sense to track down the intentional signal Mr.Popo was releasing with his ki so that I could find my way back. f.u.c.king a.s.shole I grumbled as I continued walking.

Vocado : "Note to self don't get on flying magical carpets offered to you by sketchy evil genies."

When I arrived at my pod I climbed inside and fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning first thing I did was eat a senzu bean that I had stashed away instead of growing another saibamen to climb up to Korin's tower and get another Nimbus Cloud I decided to pilot my s.p.a.ce Pod now that Kami was training me I see no problems with using it as Kami would not throw it off course again, suddenly a disturbing thought came to mind

"But Mr.Popo might."...

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