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I am a Good Man- Chapter 7 Part 2

Arc 1: Childhood Sweethearts from Rich Households

“Mom, I don't mean that…” Ji Yang looked embarra.s.sed.

“Mom knows you are a good child. How can the family be separated? It's also painful for Mom to see you start your business outside alone," Yin Rong interrupted him. "Although you are not my biological child, in my heart, you and Xiao Wei are the same. You all are my children. I'll tell your father when I go back. If he doesn't give it, I won't be finished with him!"

Ji Yang pursed his lips and his face became complicated for a while.

“You take good care of your body. Since you are engaged to Jiayue, you should also take good care of her." When Yin Rong saw him like this, she knew that she had persuaded him and she was very satisfied. She had urged him softly and then left.

The door closed softly with a peng. (1)

Ji Yang looked at her, and his deep eyes were filled with ridicule. Yin Rong's acting skills were really excellent. In the last life, G.o.d a.s.sisted Ji Wei.

But, relying on a game to settle in the Ji business and exchange for shares, he naturally wanted to do this business.


This day.

Ji Yang and Zheng Jiayue received an invitation from the Ji family. Elder Ji had a big birthday and he didn't prepare anything grand, so he celebrated it simply at home. The phone call was made by Elder Ji himself. If Ji Yang wasn't coming, he still had to come.

After coming, Ning Wen was also there.

“Xiao Yang, ah, this is a girl I got to know recently. Last time, she helped me. I just met her today, so I invited her home to have a meal. Her name is Ning Wen," Yin Rong warmly introduced. She then urged Ning Wen, "This is Ji Yang, call him second brother."

Ning Wen looked at his n.o.ble face, blushed, and used a small voice, "Second brother.”

Ji Yang pretended not to hear and turned to look at Elder Ji. He said, "Happy birthday, Grandpa. This is the tea set Jia Jia bought for you. I hope you like it.”

"Just returning is fine," Elder Ji's turbid eyes swept over the two people and his face had no expression. "Stay over tonight." 

"En," the two people agreed.

Ning Wen was ignored. She clenched her hands tightly and continued to smile on her face. She had fallen out with Zheng Jiayue. She had to approach Ji Yang in a different way.

So she must bear it!

At the dining table.

Zheng Jiayue seemed like she didn't know Ning Wen. She had an elegant smile on her face, perfect to greet everyone.

“You two were engaged in a hurry and the Ji family also didn't have much to show, so I will make the decision and put the villa in the north of the city under your name as a martial home," Elder Ji said and pursed his lips as he looked at Ji Yang. "Don't be stubborn with your father, you still have to return to the company to work. As for the shares, I'll give you 5% of my shares. Xiao Wei is the same as you.”

The Ji family was very abnormal. No one was surprised. They all flatly accepted this fact.

Ning Wen was secretly happy, and she became even more pa.s.sionate when she looked at Ji Yang's eyes. If she can have him transfer these shares to her own name, then she will make a bundle of money!

Ji Yang could transfer it to Zheng Jiayue, then he can also transfer it to her, even half of it!

Zheng Jiayue's face revealed worry and she inclined her head to look at Ji Yang, but the other party grabbed her hand under the table and put it on his leg. He caressed her hand from time to time and hooked up his lips, "Then Jia Jia and I thank Grandpa."

Elder Ji has no feelings for him. He is an illegitimate son. Now when he is with Zheng Jiayue, he has some uses and benefits. However, he didn't know what the Ji family told him [Elder Ji]. It seemed like the other party thought he was even less pleasant.

“It's normal for a man to move his hands. If he can move his hands, then he won't move his mouth. Younger brother took it too seriously," Ji Wei also changed his att.i.tude and poured a gla.s.s of wine for Ji Yang. (2) "Today is Grandpa's birthday. Drink a gla.s.s. Forget the hatred of the past. In the future, we will complement one another in the Ji business."

What was he like? This period of time could be considered complete recognition. In this case, why not let Ji Yang come back to work like an ox and work like a horse?

Give him stocks?

It'll all be his in the future, it doesn't matter!

In his eyes, Ji Yang is like a fool. If you give some benefits, he'll come back to lick the dog and wag his tail. Lowly people were like this.

“Naturally," Ji Yang also raised his gla.s.s and drank it up in one gulp.

Father Ji felt pain for his shares, but thinking of Ji Yang's uses, he could only endure it. Yin Rong looked at Zheng Jiayue who was just like an appetizing steamed bun. Zheng business had grown and expanded, it indeed was a large a.s.set.


After dinner, Elder Ji went back to his room to rest. Ning Wen came out of the living room, calmly looking for Ji Yang's shadow. Finally, she found him making a call in the garden corridor. Looking at his back, her heart beat faster.

Ji Yang has the ability and looks handsome. Once she held such a man in her hand, it would make Zheng Jiayue, that idiot, be heartbroken, which is what she wants to do most.

“OK, change it a bit.


Ji Yang spoke and hung up the phone. As soon as he turned around, he saw Ning Wen standing in his face, twisted his eyebrows, and took a step back.

“I've seen it. There's no one here," Ning Wen looked at him affectionately.

“What's the matter, Miss Ning?” Ji Yang looked down at her with cold words.

Seeing this, Ning Wen's facial expression was slightly stiff and she bit her lips as she said, “Do you really want to pretend that you don't know me? I know you care about Jiayue's feelings, but that day, you forced me. You said you liked me, or I would not…”

She spoke, acting shy and lowered her head, "I'm also very ashamed, but don't you have an explanation for me? You know, I'm already preg…"

“Miss Ning," Ji Yang interrupted her with a very shallow smile. “I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe, we had a misunderstanding before?"

“How could there be a misunderstanding?” Ning Wen's eyes suddenly burst with tears. “You can not admit or deny it, but I'm going to tell you today! Ji Yang, listen up, I…”

“A Yang.”

From the living room, Zheng Jiayue's soft voice just interrupted what Ning Wen wanted to say.

“Sorry, I'll go in first," Ji Yang said apologetically and turned to walk into the room.

Ning Wen stood at the same place, her emotions all brewing, but she blankly watched Ji Yang go to Zheng Jiayue's location. He held her in his arms, lowered his head, and kissed her hair. The two people went upstairs.


With her hands on her abdomen, her eyes grew colder and more ruthless.

Ji Yang already had s.e.xual relations with her, a truth that can't be changed in any way!

Translator's Note:

(1) (砰) Peng is an onomatopoeia that roughly means "bang."

(2) (动手) To move hands means to do "set about a task." Although, I think that "doing work" fits the context more.

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