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  • Hunting For A Husband In A Vampire Apocalypse

  • Author(s): Norah_Koch
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : Ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 31-Jan-2020 13:48
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Hunting For A Husband In A Vampire Apocalypse summary:

The world has gone mad.Huang Qiuyan 's nightmare is not getting married before she turns thirty. She is already twenty-eight and a lowly clerk in a bank. Her mother and her aunts set her up for blind dates on every weekend. She isn 't picky or anything. The men she likes rejects her. The men she doesn 't like also rejects her. In the end, when there is actually a MAN who wants to marry her, the world...

Hunting For A Husband In A Vampire Apocalypse Chapters

Time uploaded
150 Three Days Jan-31-2020
149 If I Learn Magic Jan-31-2020
146 Oh, Shit! Jan-31-2020
144 Do You Love Me? Jan-31-2020
141 Not A Scaredy-Ca Jan-31-2020
139 I Am Waiting Jan-31-2020
138 Fuck Me Harder Jan-31-2020
135 I Volunteer Jan-31-2020
132 Accept I Jan-31-2020
130 Sweet Uncle Jan-31-2020
119 She Loves Me More Nov-27-2019
Chapter 113 Nov-19-2019
Chapter 112 Nov-19-2019
Chapter 111 Nov-19-2019
Chapter 110 Nov-19-2019
Chapter 109 Nov-19-2019
Chapter 108 Nov-19-2019
Chapter 107 Nov-19-2019
Chapter 106 Nov-19-2019
Chapter 105 Nov-19-2019
Chapter 104 Nov-13-2019
Chapter 103 Nov-13-2019
Chapter 102 Nov-13-2019
Chapter 101 Nov-13-2019
Chapter 100 Nov-13-2019
Chapter 99 Nov-13-2019
Chapter 98 Nov-13-2019
88 To Save This World Nov-07-2019
86 Only You Came Ou Oct-26-2019
Chapter 78 Oct-20-2019
Chapter 77 Oct-20-2019
Chapter 76 Oct-20-2019
Chapter 75 Oct-20-2019
Chapter 74 Oct-20-2019
Chapter 73 Oct-20-2019
Chapter 72 Oct-20-2019
Chapter 71 Oct-20-2019
Chapter 70 Oct-20-2019
Chapter 69 Oct-20-2019
Chapter 68 Oct-20-2019
61 Come, Little One Oct-13-2019
58 Survivor, It Is Oct-13-2019
45 Titanium Walls? Sep-27-2019
42 Drink Sep-27-2019
Chapter 41 Sep-27-2019
Chapter 40 Sep-27-2019
Chapter 39 Sep-27-2019
Chapter 38 Sep-27-2019
37 Just Use A Canon Sep-27-2019
24 Mother, I Am Sorry Aug-23-2019
22 She Only Loves You Aug-23-2019
17 Wan Aug-23-2019
11 Bring Her To Me Aug-23-2019
7 A Gluttonous Hos Aug-23-2019
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