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  • Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife

  • Author(s): MoonBirth
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : Ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 10-Jan-2020 01:44
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Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife summary:

From one mishap into another. Li Meirong 's life took a turn for the worst after transmigrating into the body of a servant in a different realm, where she found herself in the form of a young woman and sold to a brothel house. Successfully escaping that ordeal, she finds herself encountering a dying snow fox cub in the woods."From now on you will be my pet and will share all my misery with me...

Accidentally Married A Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife Chapters

Time uploaded
351 As You Wish... Jan-10-2020
348 Caging This Bird Jan-10-2020
343 Stop Nov-04-2019
342 Who Are You? Nov-04-2019
341 No Good Reason Nov-04-2019
333 Ill Tempered Fox Oct-11-2019
332 Wrong Answer! Oct-11-2019
327 A Switch Flipped Oct-11-2019
319 Atrocious Sep-21-2019
315 Useless Trinkets Sep-04-2019
311 Darling Please Sep-04-2019
302 Possessive Eyes Sep-04-2019
299 I Can Do This Aug-13-2019
291 He Is Not A Man Aug-13-2019
288 I'm Done Aug-13-2019
287 As For You Aug-13-2019
285 He Is Evil Aug-13-2019
282 My Dearest Friend Aug-13-2019
280 Intrude Every Day Aug-13-2019
279 Visting Mo Cheng Aug-13-2019
277 First Priority Aug-13-2019
273 My Leverage Aug-13-2019
272 Foiled My Plans Aug-13-2019
270 It Just Happened Aug-13-2019
266 Test My Limits Aug-13-2019
263 Henpecked Husband Aug-13-2019
259 You Passed Aug-13-2019
255 No, Not A Furnace Aug-13-2019
254 Waste Not Want No Aug-13-2019
253 She Murdered Me! Aug-13-2019
248 Forced My Hand Aug-13-2019
247 My Eyes Aug-13-2019
245 Chou Is Scared Aug-13-2019
242 A Furnace's Blood Aug-13-2019
238 Marital Status Aug-13-2019
236 Quite Tipsy Aug-13-2019
235 Ensnare Men Aug-13-2019
232 Warm Your Bed Aug-13-2019
225 A Second Wife?! Aug-13-2019
221 Reconsider Aug-13-2019
220 Oh No Oh No Oh No Aug-13-2019
215 Run, My Lady! Aug-13-2019
214 Disguise The Aura Aug-13-2019
209 Completely Wrong! Aug-13-2019
208 Bad Luck With Men Aug-13-2019
205 C-Chou?! Aug-13-2019
200 Jade Palace Aug-13-2019
199 Bad Timing Aug-13-2019
195 Sweet Nothings Aug-13-2019
194 I Don't Care Aug-13-2019
192 Masculine Beauty Aug-13-2019
191 Still Famished? Aug-13-2019
189 Steal A Kiss Aug-13-2019
186 Short Ribs Aug-13-2019
185 Driving Him Mad! Aug-13-2019
184 Clang Aug-13-2019
182 Dragon Prince Aug-13-2019
179 News Of Your Wife Aug-13-2019
178 Date Aug-13-2019
177 Over The Week Aug-13-2019
176 Ben Mo Aug-13-2019
172 Kissing Monster Aug-13-2019
168 Stars In Her Eyes Aug-13-2019
164 Where Was Bai Yu? Aug-13-2019
162 You Lie! Aug-13-2019
157 Xiong Mei Aug-13-2019
151 Foundation Rank Aug-13-2019
149 Did I Now? Aug-13-2019
147 Soon, Okay? Aug-13-2019
145 Snowball? Aug-13-2019
139 Marry Me Aug-13-2019
137 Get Out!!! Aug-13-2019
131 Thump Thump Thump Aug-13-2019
130 Do Not Move Aug-13-2019
128 Dear To Him? Aug-13-2019
119 You, Be Quie Aug-13-2019
110 Finalize His Plan Aug-13-2019
108 Distrusting Aug-13-2019
107 This Brat! Aug-13-2019
106 I Am To Blame Aug-13-2019
103 More, Please! Aug-13-2019
99 Not Breathe A Word Aug-13-2019
98 Demoted Aug-13-2019
96 Cooperate With Me Aug-13-2019
94 Investigation Aug-13-2019
93 Underestimated Her Aug-13-2019
92 It Was Terrible! Aug-13-2019
91 The Dream Aug-13-2019
90 Mmm So Good Aug-13-2019
79 I'm Not Fa Aug-13-2019
78 I Quit! Aug-13-2019
70 Shameless Fox Aug-13-2019
67 Stall For Time Aug-13-2019
63 Done Differently Aug-13-2019
62 Tribe's Extinction Aug-13-2019
42 His Point Of View Aug-13-2019
38 Join Us Aug-13-2019
25 A Little Too Close Aug-13-2019
24 Nightmares Aug-13-2019
21 Drain You Dry Aug-13-2019
20 Jiangshi Master Aug-13-2019
18 Suspiciously Quie Aug-13-2019
16 Furnace Aug-13-2019
15 Disappointmen Aug-13-2019
14 Stuck Here Aug-13-2019
10 Truly Mesmerizing Aug-13-2019
9 Bloodbath Aug-13-2019
8 Trick His Way Ou Aug-13-2019
6 I Will Smite You Aug-13-2019
5 Savior? Aug-13-2019
4 About To Be Raped Aug-13-2019
2 50 Silver Taels Aug-13-2019
1 Bidding Commenced Aug-13-2019
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