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I was soon brought far away from the village and the forest into plains. among the plains were hills everywhere. not mountains as they were too small, and not mounds as they were too large. there were groupings of huts made of leather, bone, and hides. there were giants wandering around, here and there. there was a seemingly larger portion of the family that was female compared to male. there was about a 5:1 ratio of women to men. all the Giants were at least ten meters tall, easily standing above the villages around the area.

'Heh, well I do want women and not men, so all the better. though if they are to be in my army, they need a diet and strength training.' I couldnt help but think to myself as Thrud ran through the village, heading towards a much larger tent than seemingly all the others. much much larger. it looked like it could hold a giant standing thirty meters high. I a.s.sumed that it was the chiefs as it held many great hides upon it, including some different monster hides. there were a few dinosaur ones such as a T-Rex hide and a giant sabertooth hide. it was honestly a little impressive. at least, impressive for hill giants. I could easily wipe out those species if I so wished.

Though my focus was back on the chief as we entered the hut. and there before me stood a giant. and not a hill giant like I would believe in this area. but something much different. there in front of me stood a giant, with long grey hair and grey skin, wearing some light armor and wielding a large club with sharp spikes embedded into it. she was unlike most stone giants that I had heard of. first off, she had hair. any normal female stone giants don't have that. second off, she had b.r.e.a.s.t.s large enough to be called hills and an a.s.s that doesn't seem to give up. she had green eyes and cherry red lips, an extreme oddity for a stone giant to say the least. she looked down at me and looked a little surprised. not super shocking as I am literally riding on a hill giants' shoulder. you know, the type that eats any and everything.

We were both shocked at the appearance of each other, though for different reasons. I began to think of new ways on how to work the situation. after all, there was a new variable and it would make things so much easier. I grinned mercilessly under my helmet before focusing back in as Thrud had begun speaking to the Chieftess.

I couldnt tell what they were saying as they were speaking in Jotanese. there was a fair deal of grunting involved and a ton of facial features. all in all, it was pretty interesting. though eventually, she got to the point where I came in. at least that's what I think. she just pointed at me for a moment and started speaking once again but with more pa.s.sion in her voice.

The stone giantess seemed...worried? at how Thrud was going on about me, if I was in her position, I would be too. the Chieftess stopped Thrud with the simple act of raising her hand. she then turned towards me and started speaking,

"Who are you? Thrud has told me much but I believe that there is more under the surface." She started with a simple question, but the underlying intentions were still there.

I hopped off of Thrud's shoulder and walked a little closer, "My name is Drazhar, of the Eldars. It is a surprise and an honor to meet you. might I know your name?"I kept myself polite as there were many other giants in the tent around me. after all, the more I kill, the less I get to have as the materials for my war machine.

She seemed to be very polite as she responded, "My name is Jolsel. and as you said, it is a surprise to see you here. now then, why are you here? you would not be here for no reason. no mortal does something without having a reason behind it, even if it is subconscious." She had a more serious glint in her eye than before, making me pause in my answer, though that made her a bit more cautious.

"Well, you are not wrong in that statement. I also have yet to meet a human without desire. even nuns and priests have it. my desire is quite simple. Conquest and Power. I a.s.sume you can figure out the rest." I gave her an answer that should help figure out the puzzle of why I am here. her eyes narrowed and a small breeze swept past me.

"So you plan to try to get us to help you take over? While I admit that it is bold, I also will say that it is quite stupid. A giant will never fight for a human unless threatened into service. so tell me, do you possess the strength to make us do your will?" She asked with a threat clear in her voice. I simply smiled and answered,

"Yes, but why would I fight them all when I can simply control you and make them do as I wish." Her face lit up with anger as she stood from her throne of wood and hide, rising to her full height of ten meters and looking down upon me.

"INSOLENT FOOL! KNOW DESPAIR BECAUSE OF YOUR ARROGANCE!!" and with that, she lifted her club and swung at me. I dodged as the swing went wide, slamming into the ground and causing cracks to appear all over where she hit. I then leaped at her club and began my ascent. climbing past the ridges as she attempted to swat me away, but like an ant, I clung hard. I continued until I managed to get to her hand at which point I pulled out my sword. A long two-handed cleaver with a grip in the middle of the back of the sword. there were glowing green runes in an unidentified language lining the blade.

Although I didn't want to kill her, I had to injure her in one way or another. So I took my blade and I pushed down on her skin and began to run up her arm. the blade left a long scar that ripped through her tough skin and muscle, almost flaying the area that it ran across. she let out a scream of pain as the flaying continued up her arm. she tried to swat at me, but I was too fast and she ended up hitting her own arm. specifically, the area that I had just been at. upon hitting her own wound she tried a new tactic. She had her arm at the top of her shoulder and tried swiping down her arm. it would have been effective against most but then again, I wasn't most. I leaped off her arm and I decided that if the noise continued then other giants would come and join the fight. I might be good, but not good enough to hold out against an entire army of giants surrounding me and trying to kill me.

I then activated one of my skills. it was my favorite as it had helped me get through difficult fights when I was weaker and helped me bring down monsters twice my Grade. Devilish transformation.

I was against a Stone giant so I needed a boost to size instead. I immediately looked at my stats and clicked the Other stats as soon as I went to it, another layer of options came out and I went through processing them. most were about increasing things, not in the regular stats. such as pain reduction, pleasure increase and other things about my body. I scrolled through til I found the Size option. it was currently on 8, as I was eight feet tall. I immediately set it to 90. as in 90 feet. so 30 meters.

my body immediately began to grow larger, and through some process that I still have no idea how my armor and sword grew with me. my arms swelled and my bones crackled and crunched as the tent began to grow smaller for me. Jolsel stopped in her path as she watched with shocked eyes and an open mouth as I grew taller than her. Once I reached my full height I turned towards her as she took a step back. she was about to run out of the front flap but before she could, I grabbed her leg. she fell over. she looked back at me with fear in her eyes as I slowly pulled her closer.

"You wished to attack me? How about now little one?" I asked her in my most demonic voice possible. she looked like she was facing her greatest fear, though she would see that soon.

"Nothing to say? well then, if you're not using it for something else, I will use it." At my words, I immediately grabbed at her throat and I bound her in red chains using my spell. once she was held in place I immediately began to strip myself. first with my helmet, then my chest plate and finally my pants. I revealed to her exactly what I was packing. I grabbed hold of myself and slowly got it to rise.

soon enough I was hard as stone itself and I could probably f.u.c.k a mountain. all the while I kept an eye on Jolsel and as I stroked myself she looked all the more terrified. my favorite thing to see on a stupid wh.o.r.e like her.

"get on your knees wh.o.r.e," I spoke, no longer in a demonic voice but still a voice that would convey fear to anyone listening. I let go of her throat as she fell down, coughing and on hands and knees. she tried to look up at me but was stopped my d.i.c.k that fell onto her face, completely covering the middle of her face and running up it until it ran off the edge. I made sure that when I was increasing my size that I changed it slightly. I put tons of small b.u.mps on it but here and there I also placed spikes to make her bleed more. I grinned wickedly.

"Well wasn't that quick you dumb b.i.t.c.h. now then, suck it. after all, you're not more than a beast, and as we all know, the strong rule and the weak live by either a.s.s kissing or getting f.u.c.ked." My words seemed to bring down her pride as she seemed to think that she was strong. Pathetic.

She, with tears in her eyes, slowly approached my d.i.c.k before grasping it lightly. she didn't seem to notice the spines but did notice the b.u.mps. she then brought her mouth to it with hesitation and slowly started to lick it. it was slow and annoying, and in total it just made my d.i.c.k cold. finally, after a while of this, I reached my breaking point.

"I told you to suck, you dumb Wh.o.r.e!" and with that, I grabbed her head and shoved it down to the very base. I felt something rip and I prodded at something and felt a liquid. I had most likely hit her stomach. her eyes widened to the max and I slowly pulled myself out of her. my d.i.c.k had her blood covering it almost from tip to base. most likely the spines and she had eyes full of tears.

"If you refuse to do well, I shall show you how to properly do it for the future. when you serve me in body mind and spirit. if you live that long. most that I pick up die on the first day, though you are a giant. try not to break 'too' much. after all, once this is over, I need a commander." though I put the threat down, I didn't really want to kill her. It would be an annoyance to find another intelligent giant that could command all these lesser giants without great strength. but she didn't need to know that.

I then shoved my self down her throat again and watched with satisfaction as she choked and punched at my thighs with all the force she could. "What is the issue, surely as a wh.o.r.e you have taken bigger. after all, there are many men in this camp. how many have you taken by now? tell me." I continued insulting her as I throat f.u.c.ked her. she looked like she was about to pa.s.s out and her punches had slowed to weak taps on my thighs. seeing that she was going unconscious I unleashed myself from her throat as she fell backward and immediately started coughing up blood, forcing her awake. she continued bleeding from her mouth as I waited.

Once she had gotten a good five coughs in I moved closer to her and ripped off her clothing. I saw that she had no underwear but that was fine. I immediately got down on my knees up behind her and lifted her but as she weakly called out, "No... Please... Don't." with each word I could hear the pain in her voice. and it only made me more ready.

Though I simply responded, "Don't what, take your virginity? as if you even have that. worthless wh.o.r.e."

I then aligned myself up on her c.u.n.t and without warning plunged into her. At the same moment, I slapped my hand over her mouth as she screeched into it. I stayed in place as I felt her walls tighten down on every part of me. I had felt myself go through two walls in one moment. Both her Hymen and her Womb. it was no wonder that she was in pain. I didn't even wait for her to stop screaming. I took my hand off her mouth and immediately started pulling out before shoving myself back in at piston speed. I was ripping her apart from the inside. I listened to her screams of pain as if music and continued ripping her.

I then began to up my game as I started to slap her a.s.s from behind, wobbling the whole thing and making the spines. .h.i.t different areas. each time she screamed she coughed out more blood. it was a blood bath of one person and I loved it. it was truly beautiful to watch as her blood splattered across the ground. I then began to slow down. her screams slowed and I asked,

"alright wh.o.r.e, your turn. move." She was absolutely frozen at my words and I saw a few tears drop onto the ground. "If you don't do as I tell you, I will simply do it myself. but I won't be as nice as I have been so far." she trembled at my words but eventually started to move. slowly at first before picking up speed. she was moving quite slowly for my taste, though at least she was moving. she didn't really pick up speed but just kept at the same steady pace.

"Really? that's all you have, what happened to giant pride? is it gone? reduced to nothing? well, that is to be expected of a wh.o.r.e such as yourself. I suppose I have to take back control once more." at my words Jolsel immediately picked up speed, trying her best to move as fast as she could so I wouldn't take back control. but it was too late.

"ah, so now you pick up the pace. sorry, but its too late. you used up all your time." I immediately grabbed onto her hair and pulled her head back. she stopped moving from the pain but I simply flipped her over and onto her back. she was crying tears of blood at this point and looked absolutely terrified at the thought that I was going to hurt her again. but I didn't care, h.e.l.l I relished the look that she gave me. I moved back into position and grand slammed into her. she let out another shriek as the spines were hitting now spots again, but I didn't plan on having her screaming into my ear the entire time.

"SHUT IT, YOU DUMB b.i.t.c.h! YOU CAN SCREAM WHEN I TELL YOU TO! I AM YOUR MASTER AND YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!!" I screamed out as I slapped her HARD across the face. it managed to shut her up except for the few whimpers here or there as I continued pounding away. I decided that I should go a little harder to show her, her error and consequences that would immediately follow. I pulled my hips up to the farthest that I could, leaving only the tip in, and with my stats, I changed my d.i.c.k once more. I lengthened and sharpened the barbs, but the most important part was the tip. I decided that if she was to truly learn a lesson, more pain was required. so I did something special. I created different types of 'instruments' on the tip. specifically on the ridges. I made it like an arrow, with sharp sides that have even smaller barbs lining those.

With the tip ready I plunged again, as soon as the new and bigger barbs went in, it looked like a blood bag had been shredded by a grinder with how much blood splashed around. it doused the ground and soaked me. though I didn't pay it any attention as my eyes were closed listening to her scream herself hoa.r.s.e. I continued until I was almost finished.

"TAKE THIS Wh.o.r.e!" and with that, I shot myself right into the end of her womb and unleashed h.e.l.l inside of her. Releasing my pent up energy and shooting it all out into her caused her stomach to immediately expand past normal constraints. there were cracks along her skin, though she thankfully didn't explode. at this point, she just froze. but the blood and c.u.m didn't. it just flowed right out. going past my d.i.c.k and onto the ground. at this point, I stopped. after all, if she was to be my commander then I would need her alive. I looked her over and noticed that her eyes had rolled all the way back into her head, leaving the strands that connect your eyes to your brain in front. it was a pretty cool sight, but I needed to focus. I pulled the spikes out of myself and started the process of healing her.

I took my blade and slit my hand. I then began to pour it into her mouth. I clenched her nose so she would swallow it. she ended up swallowing about ten gallons before most of the bleeding stopped. I then started with my spells and put a collar around her neck, and then I started to look around after lying her down on her throne. I began to cast the mental chain spell and I looked into her mind. there was love, there was knowledge, but there was no ambition. Stone giants held all the moral goodness of giants, and that was their problem. they held none of the true evil that giants are capable of. they are only angered if attacked. other than that, they seem to get along fine with others. they are open to trade with some others but for the most part, stay totally neutral. Time to change that up. I collected the thoughts of different sins. particularly, wrath, l.u.s.t, greed, and gluttony. I have no need for envy nor do I have any need for sloth. I then sent them into her mind along with some more special instructions for later.

I then began to look for Thrud. after I started with Jolsel I sorta lost track of my surroundings. only after I had finished did I notice that neither Thrud nor any of the other hill giants were around. I then looked outside the tent and saw that Thrud had gathered all of them up into an area and was speaking to them.

she was giving what seemed to be an empowering speech but the others didn't seem to understand. so I walked up to her and brought her to the side. "I will take care of them. just go wait with Jolsel for the time being. once that is done, I need you to do a few things for me. Ok?" I spoke in a soft voice while also showing my will. she understood me and immediately departed, leaving me alone with the group of giants. 'finally' I thought to myself.

I immediately began to summon some chains to bind them, just as I had bound Jolsel. and thick demonic red chains appeared from smaller portals and flowed onto their bodies as they panicked, trying unsuccessfully to get them off. there were many grunts of anger but I simply ignored them. I then pulled out some different chains. they were full of blades. small blades, but enough to cut through their skin.

I immediately sent the bladed ones towards the males and made them wrap around their heads. they squeezed incredibly hard, cutting off their air. but that wasn't where it ended. I immediately made the chains start spinning. soon enough blood was splattering and giants were shouting in jotanese. they were terrified but I didn't care. they were mine, and there would be absolute obedience. I then began to conjure up a different type of chain. a mental chain. I already knew what pattern to cast it in as I had already performed it on Thrud. and soon enough, they were all kneeling to me. so, as their new leader, I gave them commands.

"We shall rain wrath upon all others. we shall take lands, conquer cities, and gain power! but to do so, we need power in the first place. You will go to Thrud, follow her orders as your new chieftess. she is the first, and the eldest." and with that, I left to the village. As I left I saw that many of the hill giants were fighting with each other, running, or otherwise just lifting heavy things. 'Maybe they won't look so terrible if they actually try.' most of the female hill giants looked quite obese. really all of them did. I may enjoy pus.h.i.+ng pain onto others, but even I have standards. and they are where I begin to draw the line. initially at least. make some reforms, and they would look much better.

I soon arrived back at the village, though it took me much longer to get back as I didn't have a giant to ride upon. I arrived inside the guild hall once more to Audrey serving more drinks. this time though, I didn't put out my killing intent. I didn't need to. they all already feared me enough. I walked towards her and simply placed down the quest. it was originally a giant subjugation quest but I do things my own way. Thrud should have already gotten some of my plans in motion and moved most of the giants away from that area and into a different one so that they could train in peace. the blood also helps others think that a huge battle happened there, along with the bodies.

"Hey honey, how are you?" I smiled under my mask at Audrey's question, but I simply sent my intent to her instead of speaking. "Good, do you have that quest yet?" Once more I sent the Intent to her and pa.s.sed her the paper. she reached out and grabbed it, and then she stopped once she picked it up. her whole body stopped. I looked around and noticed that all of the others were frozen in time as well as Audrey was. even the drink that was flying through the air had stood still.

[Congratulations Host on completing the tutorial! The host will now be brought into the real world!]

I was in shock at what the system told me. 'I thought I was already inside the real world, why wasn't I told about a tutorial?'

[Tutorial was secretly set up so that you couldnt skip it and accidentally get yourself killed! it also served as a hunting ground so you can hone your skill! This pocket dimension is much different from the real world! In here, you level up faster and you become stronger quicker! The host will be transported soon!]

'Wait wait wait! Can I go get some stuff before I go?' I planned on grabbing Audrey and the hill giants and bringing them with me.

[All Items and Slaves will be brought with host, but will be penalized!]

'What do you mean penalized?' I couldnt help but wonder.

[Host and Slaves are currently too powerful, you will be lowered down to level 1 but will keep your skills! The Giants will have their size lowered!]

I couldnt help but understand what the system was talking about. after all, you can't have fun if your number 1 at all times. I nodded and answered, 'Send me back there now'

[Confirmed, Sending host back now!]

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