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I began to go over the plans that were necessary for my success in this world. Firstly, I need to gather an army, preferably one of women warriors that I can keep in check. Second, I need to increase my power more and add to it. After all, there is much I can do with my power. I felt it when I put the collar on Audrey, the freedom that I alone possess and the power that I hold.

It like the Freedom you feel when you fly, the blaze of Wrath when facing an enemy, and the Power that a commander would feel when ordering his army on the battlefield. it was a heavenly feeling that empowered and corrupted those who held it. it was beautiful to watch as her mind filled to the brim with satisfaction at the thought of serving only me. I need to find more women that can fight properly instead of just women who could cook and clean.

don't get me wrong, I love having Audrey around, but if I want my plans of conquest to come to fruition, then I need to find women that I can use in battle as well as women that can just stay home. I wanted women who could murder teams of men then walk back to camp and have a good f.u.c.k sesh. the good life. third I needed to build up an organization. one that I could use to go to war with others and gain more slaves. after all, I can't just go around collecting people and calling them slaves. it wouldn't work whatsoever. people would call for my head. though prisoners I can just capture and turn them into slaves.

But before I can do all of that, I need to work on my own strength so that if I am captured, I won't simply give in and stop everything just to rescue me. and to become stronger, I need a sword and a set of armor. I couldnt keep my smile in as I thought of one particular set that matched my needs perfectly, a set that was basically made for me to use.

There was work to do.

*3rd POV*

(3 Months Later)

The Guildhall was full of people, laughing and drinking. spilling mead and making claims. a rough and ruckus bunch. one person was in their booth with their friends and joking around. though his attention was obviously on the woman who was behind the bar, rather than on his friends. she was a beauty even in a city, much less in a rural area like they were. she had skin like snow with not a flaw nor mole is seen upon her. her hair was blacker than the abyss itself, basically absorbing the light around it. her b.r.e.a.s.t.s might not be the size of mountains but they were none the less quite large and with an a.s.s that jiggled with every movement. she was a s.e.xy woman without trying, though it didn't help that she intentionally pulled off s.e.xy struts with gusto in her step as if people watching her made her happy. she was wearing a small black mini dress that left very little to the imagination, and she walked in heels like they were made for her. the man kept staring at her and soon enough his friends noticed.

"Don't even think about it. dan" the eldest in their group advised. his word was generally accepted for a fact, but right now Dan couldnt help but feel upset by his words and question them.

"what are you talking about, Alex?" he tried to feign innocence but his little act couldnt get past his hawk eyes.

"Don't even think about going after that girl. The rest of us have tried. I know that you are new but just trust us. its a bad idea." Alex replied with full seriousness in his voice.

Dan couldnt help but be baffled by his statement "what's wrong with her? is she crazy?"

Alex did nothing but shake his head before saying, "it's not her, she's a great gal in all ways and an even greater friend to have. Her name's Audrey, and I suggest that you become friends with her. the problem Is the man that she is with. he's terrifying to be around. the air around him is colder than the north itself. he doesn't seem to care about anyone or anything other than her and money. the last time a man tried to hit on her, simply asking her out for a drink, he nearly killed him. he would have broken every bone in his body before killing him had we not held him back. and when I say "we" I mean EVERYBODY. Including the gal. though in the few moments that he had, he had already decimated his hand. it looked like he had thrown it to the wolves and come back for it the next day. Just don't try it."

By now Dan looked a little pale at the description that the elder was giving him. though the fire in his eyes didn't seem to dissipate. Alex saw this, though he only sighed. as Dan was about to stand up to talk to Audrey the door to the Guildhall opened up and the air around chilled. a few men started to s.h.i.+ver slightly and the air that they breathed became visible to them. small amounts of frost crept up on the tables and their mead slowly started to become slush, with a few becoming Ice.

A large man walked through the door. he was decked head to toe with armor, covered with different blades and spikes. the armor was black with spots of green that shone through, with two ma.s.sive blades coming out from on his shoulders. he had a helm with two large horns coming out the front and its face painted white with green eyes s.h.i.+ning through. there were lines of green that glowed ominously along his body, and enough spikes to put a spike pit trap to shame. he stopped in front of the door before looking left then right. everywhere he looked, people turned their gaze away from him. even dan, who had been looking to have Audrey, looked away as soon as the man's gaze fell upon him.

All fire in him and his eyes was gone, eradiated, doused. completely gone. all that was left were the cold ashes that once was a mighty blaze, though the man simply walked toward the bar. Audrey, unlike all the others, had a sweet smile on her face and didn't seem to even notice the chill. she even played with some of the ice before saying, "You know, I would prefer if you didn't put the whole guildhall on ice. I happen to like it here and if you keep freezing the drinks then there won't be much left."

She hadn't said much, though it was more than anyone else could have said, the air seemed to become slightly warmer at her words. The man, however, said nothing. He just stared at her before reaching into a pocket and pulling out a folded and wrinkled piece of paper.

she had a worried look on her face as she saw it. "Another one? you know, we need money to buy a house, but there is no need for you to do this many requests. you are putting some of the others out of work." the man simply let out a small growl at her last words, as if the others were none of his concern.

"I know you don't care about that, but Sofia does. and if she finds out your putting the others out of business, how do you think she will react." Her final words held a small joking tone within it, and the man finally let up on the pressure.

Almost instantly, the air began warming up once more, the beer began to unfreeze, and the chill ran from everyone's bones. a few sighed in relief but the better part of them kept their breath to themselves, still fearful of the man who could put a chill in all of their hearts.

He then pulled out yet another piece of paper and simply gave it to her before walking out. "Let this be your last one for a while!" She didn't look worried, just slightly jovial. she then blew a kiss as he walked out, but he didn't seem to notice it.

With him gone, the people slowly let out the tension that was resting upon them and went back to what they wanted. jumping around, screaming and drinking, though just below the happy tune was the fright that they had all experienced earlier. though they did what they could to hide it, when the time came, it would be unearthed with ease.

1st POV

I was walking down the street after I had turned in the quest. people regularly stayed out of my way because of my armor, which I was thankful for, and they didn't seem to speak when I was near. then again if you saw a man dressed in the most terrifying armor you had seen, with a huge a.s.s sword by his sidewalk near you, you would shut up, wouldn't you?

I had spent the last month training, just working my body to the extremes. first I started with just learning how to hold a sword and what not but soon I was deep into the battle, throwing slashes left and right, cutting my foes apart like a chef with ingredients. I had been pus.h.i.+ng myself to the maximum I could do. I was honestly getting too powerful for this area. I would need to maximize the slaves that I get before heading out to different areas to train once more. maybe if I look hard enough, I will find some giants that I can put down. but I must admit, were it not for the System, I would not be able to become this strong this quickly.

[Name - Thaddeus]

[t.i.tle - Klaivex]

[Age - 0 years old]

[Race - Demon (incubus)]

[Rank: Adement.i.te]

[Gender - Male]

[s.e.xual partners - 1]

[Skills - Pheromone Control, Demonic c.o.c.k, Devilish Transformation, Disguise, Charm, Sword mastery, Born for war, Warlord, Regeneration.]

[SP (s.e.xual points) - 45]

[STR - 84]

[STM - 300]

[AGI - 170]

[INT - 97]

[WIS - 79]

My stats alone had at the very least Doubled, what they were from before with my training. but it was the skills that really kicked it into high gear.

Sword-mastery - Use of the blade increases mastery, combining you and the blade to become one together.

Born For War - Increases the instincts that one has towards any battle. the higher the level the more instincts. such as when to duck or how to get out of a block.

Warlord - Has two effects: 1 is to give 11 smaller abilities as the level increases. 2 is to give instinct on how to lead better. how to spot dropping morale, how to raise it.

Regeneration - Regenerate parts of the body. from cuts to organs. Skill must be leveled to regenerate worse injuries. starts at large cuts. able to heal others if blood is given to them. Current: Regeneration from decapitation.

Devilish transformation - I had used it quite frequently in the past and it somehow managed to upgrade itself into something new. Now its abilities were pushed to the extreme. but instead of only one major boost, I have the option to boost more abilities, but with lower increments. for example, instead of boosting strength by let's say, 10. I can boost strength and intelligence by 5 each. but the best part is that the amount of points that I can use is based on how many points I have in total. so in truth, I could increase my strength by 730 f.u.c.kING POINTS! even if I added it evenly to all my stats that's still 140 to each stat!

I have been looking over different monster manuals and I began to realize just how overpowered I am. the average human has an all-rounder stat of about 10. except for stamina of which they have about 30ish. then again, this is a villager who has never seen combat and is completely average in all ways. now an elite generally has a few times that. they have around three or four times to be precise.

an average hill giant has about my stats, but a hill giant has a few more stats. they are the weakest of giants and as such aren't treated all that well. but their problem lies not in their strength but in their determination and ambition. they have none. they have all the potential but none of the proper will to try to become stronger. they slowly progress till they die. it's one of the reasons why they are the main interest of mine. they would make perfect armies if used right. but thankfully no one seems to think of that. or if they did, they don't have the power to keep them all in line.

Were it not for these skills, I would not be as good a warrior as I am now. As I thought to myself of the past month I noticed that I had already exited the village and entered the forest. there weren't any "true" monsters near the village as most were chased away. rather the monsters were much farther into the forest, surrounded by and seemingly protected by it.

I continued moving quickly through the forest and under my mask was a grin. I loved the feeling of battle. the feeling of the enemies dying breath on your face and the glow in their eyes dimming. it's poetically beautiful.

I continued running for about a half-hour and still came across nothing. at this point, I was curious as to why. normally I can barely move three feet without being a.s.saulted by more enemies, but now there wasn't a soul around. though I soon found the answer.

It started with shaking. then large thumps and then I noticed a rhythm.



had it been anyone else, they would have known what it was and began running away as quickly as they could but I could only smile at the sound. out from the forests came a huge body. it looked like a tall mountain of muscle and fat barely covered by some leather armor keeping everything from springing free. I knew what I was looking at. A hill giant. a female one at that. though they weren't extraordinarily rare, they weren't commonly seen around these parts. she had some sort of leather hide that hid her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and lower area, but let the rest out int the open. and there certainly was a good deal of "rest". she was in a word, Obese. extremely fat with not a muscle showing other than her traps and her calves. she had long brown matted hair and red glowing eyes like a demon. she had a necklace of human skulls around her neck and lining her primal skirt. she was carrying around a club that looked more like a tree than anything else, and I was inclined to believe that it, in fact, was a tree. she had a dumb look on her face as she wandered aimlessly, looking for food most likely.

I immediately hid from her sight behind a tree. I then started to follow her. she was walking deeper into the forest. I continued stealthily, trying to match myself with her footsteps. because while they might be stupid, they are still giants and have extraordinary hearing and sight. So for the next half hour, I followed. waiting for an opportunity. and soon enough it came.

She had finally found food. a deer the size of a boulder. most likely her favorite as her face lit up with joy from seeing it. she then started moving towards the deer with fervor in her step. she moved faster than she looks like she should be able to. she was there in five seconds and she jumped at it. the deer saw her all too late and tried to run but she was upon it before it could. with experienced ease, she snapped its neck right at the base and began to devour it. Raw.

I simply watched with fascination before shaking myself out of my stupor and moving onto my plan. I started to work on my magic once more. I needed to bind her so I started there. I started to think of the word bind and its concept once more. I thought of how some people bind others for safety or how they bind themselves mentally. it could all be mental. I looked at her body and thought of what was needed. some would say that you would need heavy duty chains. but I knew better. sometimes, the strongest binding can be made of silk.

I looked into her mind as I saw this and I felt the influx of emotions. joy. happiness. gluttony. hunger. and many more. but strangely enough, there were many that I didn't find. for one there wasn't love. there was a love of s.e.x. but not love itself. I suppose that Hill giants are not advanced enough to have such things though.buuuut. I decided that it was time for one to have that. I may have no need for the love of others. but if the women love me and will do anything for me, well. this is a good day.

And so, I started on pus.h.i.+ng mental aspects into a ball. things such as Love, Hygiene, Family and many others. she would be the first of her kind. the first Reborn, hill giant.

As I finished on the mental aspects which I had made into a ball, I started to unravel it. I slowly formed out a long red thread, and as I pulled out more and more thread, I started to transform it into a long ribbon. a heavy mental ribbon that would keep her in one place. Normally I would simply put a collar around her and say that's that. but for someone with lower intelligence such as herself, or someone without certain concepts in their mind, I need to do this first.

I soon finished my ribbon as she was starting to finish up on the deer corpse. I immediately sent the ribbon down towards her. wrapping first around her neck then snaking down her arms and legs. completely wrapping her up and binding her. she was struggling at first and straining against the ribbon, trying to rip it to shreds so she could find her attacker, but as time pa.s.sed she started to calm down and absorb the mental energies and concepts into her mind.

I started to walk up to her once she had completely calmed down and was completely concentrated on the task at hand. I then started on my other spell. The slave collar. I once more focused and soon I held a collar in my hand. though this time, it was much larger than I was and it looked like it belonged on a giant- which it did.

I hopped down from my tree and onto her shoulder and slipped the collar on. she started glowing bright pink and I jumped back just in case. She remained glowing for about ten minutes before letting up and letting me see her once more.

Not much had changed about her but there was a different... Aura... about her. her eyes no longer held the ever-hungry and angry glow to them but rather a nurturing look full of love. a rather drastic change in my opinion, but as long as she is able to wreak havoc on the grounds and make love to me in one day then I will gladly accept her.

She bent down onto her knees and looked upon me with a smile. gotta admit, while I can tell that her intentions are good, she looks creepy as h.e.l.l right now. I'm going to have her go through a diet and fighting training. but soon enough, she would be a commander that I would gladly have in battle with me.

"Thank... You... Master." Her first words in the English language were that of thanks. and though her voice was gravelly and crude, I could tell the heartfelt emotion behind it. I smiled slightly at the situation beneath my mask before getting started.

"I ask this of you now. what is your name? after all, I cannot have a subordinate with no name." I asked her.

"My...Name...Is...Thrud. Thrud Stonearm. what is your's?" as she told me her name, I could tell that she was getting slightly more used to the language. soon she would be able to form complete sentences if she puts int the effort. and about her question, I originally was going to say my name but I thought about it for a moment. names have power in this world, so it's better to have fake names that you shall be known by. I thought for a moment but it came to me in a flash of inspiration.

"my name is Drazhar. now then, Thrud. answer me, do you wish to conquer? do you wish to fight? to eat more than ever? to bear children and keep your bloodline running?" I intentionally asked her several questions that I knew she would respond yes to, and just as I thought, she eagerly nodded her head once she understood my meaning.

"Well then. if you wish for all that you could hope for and more so. then follow me. swear your loyalty to me, under the name of your G.o.ds and under the name of the Ancients. that you will loyally serve me, in life, and through everything, including death. follow me to reach the end and to walk this world like a G.o.d. Follow me." I continued delivering a speech to her which I knew she would accept. though she surprised me when she took a moment to contemplate. though in the end, she spoke once more.

"I, Thrud Stonearm. Eternally swear my service to my first and only lord and master, Drazhar," she spoke her vows with clarity as the skies let out a slight rumble at her words and I couldnt help but feel happy.

"good. now then, there is much to do. but the first thing we need to do is I need you to take me to your huslyder. after all, don't you want your family to understand what you do as well?" I asked her immediately after the rumbling was over. Thrud seemed overjoyed at the prospect of her family being more intelligent and powerful than before, as she swiftly put her hand on the ground, which I hastily stepped onto, she started moving quickly, deeper and deeper into the forest. where no light shone, and evils seemed endless.

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