Chaotic Sword God summary:

Chaotic Sword G.o.d is an interesting online book written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao. The story is, in fact, an exciting mixture of various genres including fantasy, action, adventure, martial arts, and romance among several others. This type of book is great for those who prefer any or all of these genres. They can definitely find interesting events and happenings within the content. It is necessary to mention the story is very long, so you can find over 1150 chapters currently available for reading. This online book is published in an online version on, so you can find all the details on the website. 


The account is obligated if you want to read the content, but you can create one free of charge. The procedure is simple, and you just have to enter a few basic personal details. When you finish this step, you are ready to go further. Other details on the book and story are even visible to all the visitors, not just to the members. For instance, you can see the book has maintained a very high rating on the site. There are hundreds of mainly positive votes on the content, so they are mostly responsible for that fact. The ongoing status of the story clearly notes the book is not finished yet, so the new updates are about to come. It means you will have plenty of content to read if you choose Chaotic Sword G.o.d, and that's great for the true book lovers. 

Jian Chen is the main character in this story, and the plot mostly surrounds his personality. He is a very skillful and educated individual with vast experience and knowledge on different matters. Furthermore, he is an expert number one on the Jinghu, and he is recognized as such. 

It is hard to compete in any type of battle where the sword is used. His skills with this weapon are a real perfection, and he can do almost anything with it. Very few dare to fight against him due to his exceptional ability, and those are mostly warriors from other places who have not heard of Jian. However, he still gets injured in one of the fights, and the injury later follows to his death. His soul now transfers into another body that grows very fast and rapid. Jian is again on the streets and in the fight, however, his enemies are not aware it is him. 

But they are afraid of the new guy mostly because of his great size. Jian's soul is within, but the opponents do know that at the beginning of his return. He fights and destroys many of them until his new body dies in one of the battles. The spirit, however, is still alive, and it starts mutating after the second's death. Now Jian is moved in a totally different path and his soul has a possibility to transform into a sword G.o.d. If it succeeds, that would be a real miracle and extraordinary experience. You can definitely find out more about the situation if you start reading the book. So you should not miss the chance. 

Chaotic Sword God Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1136: A Gift Jun-10-2019
Chapter 1057: Infant Jun-10-2019
Chapter 1022: Luo Duo Jun-10-2019
Chapter 997: Recovery Jun-10-2019
Chapter 966: Fury Jun-10-2019
Chapter 922: Treasury Jun-10-2019
Chapter 901: Conflict Jun-10-2019
Chapter 867: Xie Wang Jun-10-2019
Chapter 849 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 841: Stardust Jun-10-2019
Chapter 837 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 808: Peace Jun-10-2019
Chapter 797: Farewell Jun-10-2019
Chapter 728: Shock Jun-10-2019
Chapter 727: Lin Bai Jun-10-2019
Chapter 719: Sorrow Jun-10-2019
Chapter 693: Warning Jun-10-2019
Chapter 691: Houston Jun-10-2019
Chapter 689: Calamity Jun-10-2019
Chapter 684 - Punch Jun-10-2019
Chapter 657: Bi Hai Jun-10-2019
Chapter 656: Victory Jun-10-2019
Chapter 637: Epiphany Jun-10-2019
Chapter 603: Followed Jun-10-2019
Chapter 557: Conflict Jun-10-2019
Chapter 554: Exit Jun-10-2019
Chapter 442 - Power Jun-10-2019
Chapter 397 - Status Jun-10-2019
Chapter 306 - Get Out Jun-10-2019
Chapter 303 - Uniting Jun-10-2019
Chapter 255 - Power Jun-10-2019
Chapter 196 - Rosco Jun-10-2019
Chapter 185 - Escape Jun-10-2019
Chapter 182 - No Fear Jun-10-2019
Chapter 168 - Yullian Jun-10-2019
Chapter 71 - Mu Yun Jun-10-2019
Chapter 67 - Bi Clan Jun-10-2019
Chapter 59 - Revenge Jun-10-2019
Chapter 48 - Mu Tian Jun-10-2019
Chapter 39 - Plans Jun-10-2019
Chapter 33 - Viper Jun-10-2019
Chapter 24 - Skill Jun-10-2019
Chapter 14 - Tie Ta Jun-10-2019
Chapter 8 - Disaster Jun-10-2019
Chapter 1 - Jian Chen Jun-10-2019
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