President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 66: To Be Honest, I Have Someone I Like

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The person who grabbed his finger was too fast and a sharp pain tore at his finger and a loud 'crack' came out before he could react.

"WhaーF*ck!!" the man cried in pain. His face started to pale as his features twisted in agony.

The man curled up, his face scrunched up painfully from having his finger broken just like that. A curse was about to leave his mouth when fear suddenly overwhelmed him at the sight of the tall man who looked as cold and dangerous as a devil, standing right in front of him. His face paled and his mouth clamped shut again.

The man's lips trembled as he removed his finger from the dangerous man's grasp painfully.

At his age of 30 years old, his personality was generally considered by others to be fierce and demanding. He had always thought that he was afraid of nothing. However, this man in front of him was on another level and drew a fear from the depths of his mind that he didn't know existed. The man had a penetrating gaze locked on him, his expression fierce and unforgiving. He exuded a sense of cold-blooded cruelty that was brutal and murderous.

"What did you just say to her?" Mu Sihan rubbed his wrist as he flexed his muscles. His expression was dark as he cracked his knuckles.

The man stepped back unconsciously and gulped. He looked at Mu Sihan like he was looking at Hades. His voice trembled nonstop. "Your car is blocking the way…"

"I'll block if I want to. Why? You have an opinion?"

Nan Zhi could not get out of the car as the car was still locked. She stared at the man who was standing there in his perfectly-ironed black s.h.i.+rt and pants. He was slim and tall. His handsome face was cold in the sunlight and he looked so arrogant that he seemed like the overlord of this h.e.l.lish road.

Nan Zhi was slightly stunned in her heart. How can there be a person like him?

He was the one at fault first…

That man who had been very aggressive was obviously discouraged and his stance had changed significantly. His belligerent manner had become timid and weak and he looked like he was honestly afraid of getting hit.

Nan Zhi shouted at Mu Sihan through the slat of air coming through the window, "Stop fighting. Let's go."

Her voice was crisp and refres.h.i.+ng, like a clear stream of spring water under the bright sun. Mu Sihan's dark expression lightened up at the sound of her voice.

However, he continued to stand there without moving. He pointed towards the cowering man, then gestured towards Nan Zhi. "Apologize to her."

The man did not dare to say no to him and he quickly bowed at Nan Zhi. "I'm sorry for scolding you."

Nan Zhi was speechless.

Mu Sihan got back into the sports car and threw a tube of ointment towards Nan Zhi in a spoiled manner. "Don't you know to retaliate after he scolds you? Why were you sitting there saying nothing? Are you mute?"

Nan Zhi mumbled, "You were the one at fault first for parking here."

"I'll park wherever I want to."

He was still arrogant with his dark expression.

Nan Zhi had nothing else to say to such a self-important narcissist.

She lowered her gaze to the ointment he had thrown on her lap. She picked it up and read the label.

It was effective in reducing swells.

She looked at him in confusion, "You got out of the car to buy me this?"

Mu Sihan turned his head to stare at Nan Zhi. His dark eyes seemed like they wanted to swallow her up. He only considered her coldly for a long while before he responded. "I don't want to lose my appet.i.te from seeing your ugly and swollen face."

Nan Zhi was speechless. She knew that he would never say something nice.

"Apply it three times a day."

Nan Zhi hummed in agreement.

"Apply it once now."

Nan Zhi said, "I'll apply it when I'm home."

Mu Sihan did not speak anymore. He parked the sports car in front of a private restaurant and undid his seat belt. However, he did not get off the car and took the ointment from Nan Zhi's hand instead. He leaned forward and helped her apply the ointment on the red and swollen part of her face.

He was too fast. Nan Zhi wanted to stop him, though he was too fast for her to do so.

She sat up stiffly, her back ramrod straight and tense. Her breath was caught in her throat as she stared at his extremely handsome face. Even at such a close distance, his eyelashes were long and dense. A lot of women would green with envy. At the thought of the long dress she was wearing, she tilted her head and questioned, "Young Master Mu, did Alvis give me the dress under your instruction?"

Mu Sihan raised one straight eyebrow as he inspected her closely after he had finished applying the ointment on her face. "Why?"

"I don't know what you see in me, but I don't want to hide from you. I actually have someone I like."

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