President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 51: Next Time I See You, Don't Wear Lipstick

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Nan Zhi frowned, she could not hide at all with him holding her face in his hands.

She could only watch as his handsome face pressed down on hers helplessly. She wanted to separate herself from this moment, so she could watch it happen but not feel a single thing.

His s.e.xy thin lips sealed hers tightly and a masculine cool breath with a telltale hint of the the cigar he must have smoked, filled her nose.

Nan Zhi closed her eyes in disgust, she knew that if she did not let him do what he wanted, she would never be able to get out of the car today.

This second stage of interview was very important to her and she could not afford to miss it. She had to bear with it. Her delicate hands formed into fists as her teeth ground together.

After pressing his lips against hers, the man stared at her with his deep dark eyes. There was not much l.u.s.t in the depths of his eyes but there was a trace of evilness.

Her stiff body and facial expressions did not lie.

She really did not like being touched by him.

Interesting. In the past, the only women around him were those simpering fools who hung around pathetically, with no opinion of their own. Those women all tried different ways to just to stay with him. This one was different. She was interesting, enduring everything just to avoid him.

Perhaps it was because she was wearing lipstick today, he did not kiss her deeply.

He let go of her after a few bites of her soft lips. They were meltingly soft and he could not resist.

Her lipstick was stained on his thin lips making that handsome and wild face crazily arrogant and adding an s.e.xiness that could not be explained.

No matter how much she disliked him, she had to admit that he did have the ability to make women surrender themselves to him.

He was ridiculously handsome and had a charisma that drew people to him.

Especially those dark eyes, when staring intently, could easily lead people to mistakenly believe that they were loved and pampered by him. But she knew it was all an illusion.

Fortunately, he was not her type.

Mu Sihan raised his hand, curled his index finger and sc.r.a.ped the corner of her lips. "Next time you see me, don't wear lipstick."

Nan Zhi swore at him in her heart. Pervert.

Whether she wanted to wear lipstick or not, it had nothing to with him. She knew she had to find a way to explain to him clearly after the interview that they should never meet again.

When he finally let go of her, she suddenly thought of an idea that would make him detest her.

After getting out of the car and breathing in the fresh air, Nan Zhi felt like she had been reborn.

She half ran to the broadcasting station, afraid that he would break his promise and chase after her.

She did not notice but the Lykan Hypersport sports car behind continued to follow her at a distance.

Mu Sihan rolled down the car window, a pair of decked on his well-defined nose. He had a faint smile on his thin lips while looking at the retreating figure of Nan Zhi.

As Nan Zhi was walking towards the entrance of the broadcasting station, she met with two slender figures approaching, hand in hand.

Nan Yao and Bo Shaoxiu's younger sister, Bo Sijing.

Bo Sijing had always disliked Nan Zhi because after Nan Zhi transferred to the middle school where Bo Sijing was studying, the cla.s.s monitor who Bo Sijing was secretly in love with, had taken Nan Zhi under his wing, helping and supporting her at all times. He would only grace Nan Zhi with one of his rare smiles that seemed to be reserved only for her. In the end, he was rejected by Nan Zhi after he confessed to her, which hurt him deeply. After graduating from middle school, Bo Sijing did not know where the cla.s.s monitor went.

"Stinky b.i.t.c.h!" Bo Sijing gritted her teeth when she saw Nan Zhi's delicate face.

"Fortunately, my brother saw her true colors in time and dumped her. Otherwise, he would have married her and she would have cheated on him." Bo Sijing looked at Nan Zhi in the distance, her face disdainful and eyes cold. "Yaoyao, why didn't you tell your Dad not to let Nan Zhi join the broadcasting station? If she her second interview, she would be our colleague soon enough. It's disgusting."

Nan Yao was silent.

Bo Sijing saw that Nan Yao did not respond and followed her gaze to the road and her eyes fell on a super cool and luxurious sports car nearby.

"Whoa, I did not expect to see a Lykan Hypersport sports car in Ning City." The glare from the sunlight made it hard for Bo Sijing to see what the driver of the sports car looked like. She pouted her lips. "Any person who can afford to drive this limited edition sports car is probably a middle-aged uncle with a beer belly!"

She was in the affluent social circles of society and knowing all of the young rich men in Ning City, including her brother, none were able to afford to drive a sports car of this level.

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