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Published at 11th of October 2019 11:50:07 PM Chapter 233: 233

Nan Zhi raised her reddening eyes to stare at the stuttering man with a blurry gaze . Lifting her hand to wipe away the tears her eyes were questioning . “Actually what?”

The man could not take it any longer . He could not stand seeing women crying the most, especially when it was such a pretty woman .

Just as he was about to tell the truth, a hoa.r.s.e and cold voice trailed from not too far behind them . “Alright, you can all go back!”

The man's voice trailed into Nan Zhi's ears, together with the soft drizzling of the cooling rain . She did not know what had happened to her . All of the barriers she had created around her had collapsed within a single second .

She saw the distinctive figure standing not too far away, taller than anyone else among the raindrops and crowd of nameless silhouettes .

He had a hand in his pocket as he stood and stared at her in the darkness, unharmed .

Alive and completely unharmed from head to toe .

This meant that he was not the one who had fallen down .

An overwhelming sense of relief flooded her and she let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding .


Wait, something was wrong . He told those men something… for them to all go back, right?

Could it be that he got these men to act for him?

Was it all to make her panic and helpless?

Nan Zhi pursed her bottom lip into a tight line . A red hot fury replaced her original panic and worry immediately!

He was too mean! How could he do something like this? Was it funny to play with someone's emotions like this?

Her blank, yet pretty expression blazed in indignation and she stalked forward in front of him angrily and glared at him . Taking her lucky b.u.t.ton in her hand, she threw it at him ruthlessly .

“I'm returning it to you!”

With that said, she turned away from him and ran back towards the fortress .

Mu Sihan chased after her for a while before he seemed to have thought about something and returned to pick up the b.u.t.ton that had fallen on the ground .

His thin lips turned up into a smirk . He had never imagined that she would be so concerned over him!

The more she thought about it, the angrier Nan Zhi got as she ran back to the hostel . By the time she got back, she was seething .

She had always been able to clearly a.n.a.lyze everything in a calm and rational manner . However, ever since meeting Mu Sihan, all of her rationality and everything else had twisted into a frenzied mess .

She felt like an idiot in front of him .

Time and time again, she would always be played by him .

Nan Zhi b.u.mped into Xia Xi and a newly-hired photographer when she was halfway to her room .

“Sister Zhi, are you alright? Oh my G.o.d, you really scared me to death when you suddenly ran out! Thank goodness you're back safe and sound!” Xia Xi patted her chest and let out a relieved sigh when she saw that nothing bad had happened to Nan Zhi .

The photographer was a friendly and talented man who was about the same age as Nan Zhi . He pa.s.sed an umbrella to Nan Zhi as he said a little shyly, “It's good that you're alright . ”

The photographer was called Jing Yang and quite handsome . He had just joined the team for a few days and his impression of Nan Zhi was of a cold type of person who was hard to approach . Usually when he saw her, she was serious and hardworking, rarely playing around out of work like the other young girls .

She appeared to be capable, more mature and cold than other girls her age .

Nan Zhi took the umbrella and smiled at Jing Yang . “Thank you . ”

Jing Yang's gaze constricted a little when he saw Nan Zhi smiling at him for the first time, with two dimples appearing on her cheeks . He was immediately smitten .

When she smiled, she was really very pretty, like a luminous pearl .

Nan Zhi did not think that her colleagues would not eat and were all waiting for her after she ran out .

Her eyes became moist and she found herself unwittingly moved .

Ever since Bai Weiwei had left the show due to the problem with her throat, all of her other colleagues now got along with each very well . The new colleagues were also friendly and had bonded very quickly .

“I'm so sorry to make everyone wait for me . ”

Zhang Yijun walked over and patted Nan Zhi's shoulder . “It's good that you're alright . Quickly sit down and eat . ”

Jing Yang took the initiative and moved a stool to the table for Nan Zhi .

The restaurant door was suddenly pushed open by someone after about seven or eight of the colleagues had taken their seats .

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