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Published at 10th of October 2019 11:27:16 PM Chapter 162

Yan Hua's hands were clenched into fists .

Bo Yan agreed to date her only because her father had forced him to?

Even if she was usually carefree and optimistic, Yan Hua actually had an inferiority complex deep down and was incredibly vulnerable . Because she was fat, she had never made a true friend and was always being given contemptuous looks and pointed at in whispered conversations she pretended she couldn't hear .

Although her father would stand up for her, she knew that those people looked down on her in their hearts .

She was lonely, sensitive and vulnerable .

Since Bo Yan had come to the Yan family, he had been promoted from being her bodyguard to being the general manager of Yan Corporation with his own ability .

Usually when she was being bullied outside, he would protect her and never showed any contempt or disdain in front of her .


She thought he was different .

She had been secretly in love with him for two years .

She had never confessed her feelings to him, how could she? All she would do was write down her feelings into her diary in the middle of the night .

Could it be that her father read her diary?

“Although Yan Hua is a rich young lady, she doesn't deserve to be with you . ” As soon as she had finished speaking, the man grabbed her wrist and pressed her against the wall .

From Yan Hua's position, she could see the man's face approaching the woman's red lips .

They were kissing .

“Young Master Bo, you're so naughty…” The woman's breathy voice was like an invisible hand gripping Yan Hua's heart so hard that she was unable to breathe .

Bo Yan did not really kiss the woman . He did not respond to the woman's deliberate teasing and flirtations, the eyes under his were calm and cold .

When he saw from the corner of his eye the downcast figure of the fat woman leaving, he released his hold on the woman . There was no hint of warmth in his handsome face . “Scram!”

“Young Master Bo, now that the show's over, you…”

Bo Yan looked at the woman coldy . “Don't let me say it again, get lost!”

After the woman left in a huff, Bo Yan leaned against the wall and smoked a cigarette,

Lan Yanzhi walked over and tapped Bo Yan's shoulder . “Have you made yourself clear with Yan Hua?”

Bo Yan lifted up his smooth and cold jaw, exhaling a mouthful of smoke . “Since I don't like her, why should I give her hope and let her fall deeper and deeper? Although the road to revenge is easier with her by my side, I can't betray my own feelings . ”

After Yan Hua returned to the room, she did not cry . When she was talking to Nan Zhi, she was laughing merrily as though she had not just had her heart broken to pieces .

Bo Yan entered the room and before he returned to the card table, he looked at Yan Hua . Realizing he was looking at her, Yan Hua beamed happily at him in return .

She did not blame him for lying to her . As expected, he was probably being forced by her father . It didn't surprise her that no men liked her, she was fat and ugly after all . He was outstanding in all aspects, so it was normal for him not to like her .

When she returned to the Capital, she would tell her father that she did not like Bo Yan, and did not want to be with him anymore . She wanted him to be free .

Originally, Nan Zhi did not plan to drink anymore . After all, she had humiliated herself in the car after drinking just one gla.s.s . But Yan Hua wanted to drink with her, and Nan Zhi could feel that Yan Hua was not feeling happy, so she did not refuse .

As a result, they both drank a little too much . Yan Hua pulled Nan Zhi to the washroom and she dropped against the toilet and cried .

“Zhizhi, is it that a fat person doesn't deserve love? Why is a fat person always the focus of ridicule and contempt everywhere she goes?” Yan Hua was sitting on the ground, her face scrunched up in pain and despair . “I thought that I was the luckiest person in the world when I met Bo Yan . I wanted to change for him, even in my dreams . I don't hate him for hurting me . I only hate myself . Why can't I be thin?”

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