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Zeus sat inside the carriage as he gazed at the floor with deep thought when he was suddenly jolted awake from his musing by Azi who looked at him with a frown, "Is there something bothering you Zeus."

Zeus shook his head as he spoke, "No nothing of significance actually."

Azi gave a small smirk as she spoke, "Are thinking about those people prodding and poking you while you will be busy inside the capsule?"

Zeus sighed as he spoke, "I do not know why but I feel extremely unease about it and I do not like it at all."

Azi frowned at that as she spoke, "You do not have to worry about it there are plenty of people watching over you any wrong move by them, and they will be in jail."

BlizzardQueen who was nearby overheard them as she spoke with a frown, "What are you two talking about?"

Zeus sighed as he spoke, "Well something is wrong with my capsule, and well my body seems to be reacting to whatever I have been doing in the virtual world."

BlizzardQueen frowned as she spoke, "What do you mean b that?"

Zeus: "My body in the real world seems to be showing signs of extreme exhaustion and fatigue after I am finished with my training in Virtual world."

BlizzardQueen's eyes almost popped out of her socket as she spoke with disbelief evident in her voice, "What but that is impossible."

Zeus nodded as he spoke, "So true normally the capsule reacts with the brain only but in my case even my body is reacting as well, as such the CEO of the company has graciously send his researchers and some doctors to poke around which they have been doing for the last few days, even my mom and dad are allowing them to do so.", he finished with a grumble.

BlizardQueen spoke with shrug, "Oh come on it is for your own good.", only to receive a stink eye from Zeus.

"So did you like it?", a person's voice came from their side as Zeus looked at him as he spoke, "Yes it is comfortable and nice."

The man in question nodded as he spoke with a chuckle, "Hehehe, I am happy that you like it, the previous carriage was made from the wood of the Howling Ember tree, a nice tree but it is not suitable for making carriages specially for the desert area, it is to breaking off easily because the dryness of this place makes it more brittle not to mention the weight of this stuff, combined with its cost it is the worst."

The Zeus and his group simply nodded at that as they did not know whether or not it was the truth or not as the man gave a salesman pitch, Azi hated it when she had to invest in something she had no idea whatsoever but also for the fact that they might very well be conned but atleast the new carriage was comfortable and cost only 10 Gold coins unlike the previous for which CelestialMaiden had to go on a chain of quest until she was able to get it lowered to 15 Gold coins from the original 30 Gold coins.

Zeus: "I think it is time for us to log out they will be arriving soon."

Tarasque nodded at that as she spoke, "Yes but did you know what is the quest your teacher is planning to send us."

Zeus stood up as he spoke in a serious voice, "teacher is keeping it close to her chest, but does it matter we she is going to send us to do something highly dangerous quest which we might really fail."

BlizzardQueen almost stumbled upon hearing his answer as they moved to their room so that they might log out of the game, with a hiss the lid of the capsule opened up as Nathan stepped out.

As he looked at the surrounding area he winced hard as all those computers and what not plugged to his capsule with people monitoring including various medical devices and what not he just needed a water filled tank with people kept inside them and it would be a perfect mad scientist lair, he did not know why he thought like that nor the feeling of déjà vu that he was getting but he pushed it out of his mind after all he had things to do like greeting his teammates in real life but most importantly getting dressed, he doubted that they would be specially Sylphy would be thrilled if he walked naked with only his underwear on.

He left the room where the people were busy collecting data as a bathrobe was handed to him by the maid, as he spoke, "Did the flight land?"

The maid question nodded as she spoke, "Yes it has landed a few minutes ago and the last of your teammates has arrived, Lady Amelia will be bringing them along with others who are staying with her, shall we escort them to the guest house upon their arrival."

Nathan nodded at that as he spoke, "Of course they would be tired and would need rest after all specially the one who had arrived just now also was anyone send to escort them to our home."

The maid nodded as she spoke, "Yes young master."

Nathan gave a small smile as he spoke, "Splendid now I have to go and take a bath and remove all this who knows what they put on me to stick their machines on my body."

A few hours later Nathan, Nikola and Katrina waited for them in front of the guest house as they waited for their teammates to arrive a couple of minute later a couple of cars pulled in front of the guest house as their pa.s.sengers disembarked.

Nathan stepped forward as he spoke with a smile, "Welcome everyone I am Nathaniel Henderson, call me Nathan and you may know me as 'Zeus' normally I would have given you a tour of the estate but I believe you all are tired as such I will let you all rest for the time being before moving into a tour of the estate but before that let us introduce ourselves."

Nikola stepped forward as she spoke, "h.e.l.lo, my name is Nikolayeva Maksimovna Ivanova, you may call me Nikola and I am known as Azi inside the game."

Katrina stepped forward as she spoke, "Greetings my name is Katrina Gallagher, you may all know me as Tarasque."

The girls nodded at their introduction as Amelia spoke, "Well as everyone knows me I will not waste any time so ladies please."

A beautiful Asian woman stepped forward she was wearing jeans and white top she had a small kind smile on her face as she spoke, "h.e.l.lo my name is Song Jie, and you know me as CelestialMaiden."

A woman dressed in punk rocker clothes with purple hair stepped forward as she spoke, "Yo, names Miyasaki Retsuko, my in game name is Sylphy."

The trio did a double take at that as she gained an annoyed look on her face as she spoke, "What are gawking at?"

Nikola: "Well I never thought that the rule avoiding Sylphy was a punk rocker.", only to get a tsked in return.

A woman who looked like a yamato nades.h.i.+ko stepped forward as she spoke with a bow, "h.e.l.lo, my name is Date Isuzu and I am TacoGirl."

Then two almost identical people stepped forward as the person on the left spoke, "Hiyah I am Scarlet c.o.x and I am Barbarian lady."
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The one on the right gave a small smile as she spoke, "Hi I am Lillian c.o.x and I am ForestHuntress."

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