The Binary World 68 Training Part-3

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Daniel looked at the reading on his trusted tablet with wide eyes as he spoke in awe, "Fascinating truly fascinating."

Tristan frowned at that as he spoke, "Is something wrong brother?"

Daniel simply shook his head as he spoke, "I do not know what I should cla.s.sify it as but I have never seen or even thought to see something like that."

Nathaniel's parents waited patiently as Daniel explained it to them, "You see the capsule only interacts with the brain although in normal circ.u.mstances the capsule has method to make sure the users muscles are alright by ma.s.saging them at first I thought it was because of them but everything turns out to be alright with respect to the machine, as such I checked the player Nathan in this case and he really blew my mind."

Aubriella frowned as she spoke, "Why is that?"

Daniel pursed his lip as he spoke, "he is the only person I have seen that reacting such a manner, it is as if his real body is undergoing intense training for reasons unknown I have to study him further to draw conclusion but I can safely say that as long as he goes through intense training in the virtual world it will affect his body in real world."

Tristan pursed his lips as he spoke with a sigh, "So we have to make him stop playing."

Daniel looked scandalized as he spoke, "Why do something like that? It is fine he is just getting exercise although I would recommend studying why his body is acting like that it is truly fascination."

Aubriella spoke with a worried tone, "But still what I there is some weird happens to him."

Daniel simply smiled as he spoke, "There is no need to be anxious sister, as I said he is fine and if you all want to know more we can bring in some researches as well as doctors to study the reason behind it."

Tristan let out a sigh as he ran his hand through his hair as he spoke, "I hope they will be discreet about it."

Daniel gave him a smirk as he spoke, "You do not have to worry bro nothing will leave your house."

Tristan returned the smirk as Aubriella looked a bit apprehensive as Daniel spoke with a small smile, "Sister you do not have to worry about anything, I will make sure nephew is not harmed in the slightest.", the rea.s.suring smile on his face managed to calm her down a bit as she consented with a sigh.
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Zeus looked at the pile of books in front of him as he sighed, a mountain load of books placed in front of him as one of the guards who had escorted him there handed him a parchment, as he opened it he found it to be addressed to him by his teacher as he went through it he became pale white.

[Hatchling, I have been out on an important business and I do not know when I would return it may be a minute from now or two hours from when you read this letter but definitely within a couple of days but here is what I will tell you, my subordinates have shown you the few books I have left for you to read, well whenever I come back I will test if you have read the books, if you fail, well congratulations you will be my punching bag for the next few days.]

[Quest Alert:

Finish reading all the books given to you by Vessha.

Time remaining: ???

Reward: More Training

Failure: Once a life time chance of becoming a punching back for unknown period of time.]

Zeus wanted to kill himself then and there but alas it was not possible he knew that the s.a.d.i.s.tic woman would revive him and use him like a punching bag and not only that he would not shame his family by running away from a challenge like that, as he lamented upon seeing the mountain of books in front of him, 'Why oh why is the universe against me what did I do wrong, is it the ice cream I ate at night, is it? then I curse you to the deepest pits of h.e.l.l whoever cursed me.'

Azi sighed as she looked at their carriage which was being taken for rebuilding as she sighed, "ugh, I hate this thing waiting, waiting and more waiting I hate it."

Syphy gave her a sympathetic nod as she spoke, "Me too sister me too, but there is nothing to do now is there, we have to wait for the repair to finish and get some supplies before we hit the road again, although I am feeling sorry for Zeus now."

BlizzardQueen raised her eyebrow at that as she spoke, "Why is he not here? I thought that I heard his teacher was not present inside the fort."

Tarasue gave a humorless chuckle at that as she spoke, "Apparently the woman has given him a room full of books to read and learn from them by the time she returns failure to do so will make him her punching bag."

CelestialMaiden had a stoic look on her face as she spoke, "I pity him."

BarbrianLady simply laughed loudly as she spoke, "Well sucks to be him but we better start our daily routine, and I have to leave early after all I have some packing left to do."

Azi smirked at them as she spoke, "Oh yeah I forgot about it, you all are moving to the states right."

ForestHuntress sighed at that as she spoke, "Yes, but I am still impressed how did you manage to pull it off."

Azi: "Well I cannot take credit for the entire thing as Zeus was involved as well, but enough of that I hope you will find your new life enjoyable."

Tarsque gave a small smile at that as she spoke, "Well there is nothing that Zeus and Azi's family cannot do they have so much influence."

As Sylphy raised her eyebrow at that Tarasque spoke, "Young master Zeus's family is so rich that he once said he like a car, his father bought the entire company for him, and I do not know how many people except Young Miss Azi's family can compete with them."

BlizzardQueen nodded at that as she spoke, "So true but Zeus is surprisingly very humble who does not want to miss use his family's wealth or status, but enough of that girls we have training to accomplish."

The others nodded as they began grinding their stats with a sigh as a single thought ran through their mind, 'ugh when will you go on an actual quest again.'

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