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Zeus sighed as he laid on the ground gulping huge mouthful of air, the recent Boss they fought was too much, a Level 14 Lord was really hard, he could now understand why the dungeon was referred to as a h.e.l.l mode, "That boss was too much, with its annoying abilities it was really too much."

Tarasque sighed from his side as he spoke, "Yup, dealing with those golems was really a tiring, and he kept spamming them like no tomorrow."

Azi: "one day we will have similar strength.", as she spoke made a tight fist as if making a deep vow.

Zeus snorted as he spoke, "Well then I will pa.s.s, the last thing I need is a trio of people defeating them when they are not even my level to defeat me."

Only for a pebble to hit him on his head courtesy of Azi who gave him a mocking glare, as Zeus cried out in faux concern, "Azi what the h.e.l.l are you doing, I am already below 50% health, don't do such a thing."

Azi huffed as she spoke, "Okay everyone, now give me your armors I will repair them. The big bad boss 'Dragol' is in front of us now."

Zeus sighed as he spoke, "And me your weapons, if an underling make us take so much damage, who knows what the Boss could do."

Tarasque sighed as she spoke, "Do you know how long has elapsed in real time?"

Zeus shrugged as he spoke, "A few hours at the very least."

Tarasque: "A few hours don't make me laugh it is more than 9 hours, and now we will surely get scolded by Master and Mistress."

Zeus sighed as he spoke, "I will take responsibility, and it is not like we can log out in the middle of dungeon our entire progress will reset and by reset I mean we will lose all the Exp and all the items we received except the items we used here as a penalty."

Tarasque, "Young master, not to sound rude but how in nine did you know about that information."

Zeus replied as he was repairing Azi's bow, "Well it has been a few days since the game has been released many people have already be doing many tests and what not, and the results of them can be found in a forum."

Tarasque, "I apologize Zeus, I was no help in this matter when Master and Mistress trusted me with helping you two with the game."

Only to get hit by a pebble from Azi who spoke with a huff, "Please Tarasque, you are our teammate not a servant so act as one. The game is a combined by hard work done by all three of us, without anyone we would not have progressed as much, and Zeus when are you going to loot the corpse."

Zeus sighed as he spoke, "As soon as I finish repairing the weapons, the copses won't disappear before the 2 hours time period we have enough time to open the chest and the corpse."

Tarasque stood up from her sitting position as she spoke, "Well then I will be moving to collect some herbs I found."

A good few minutes later both Zeus and Azi had finished their work as they stood near the corpses as Zeus spoke, "Well here goes nothing."

[Name: Poison Touch(Pa.s.sive)

Tier: 3

Weapon Requirement: any weapon

Any attack you use has automatic poison damage on them, granting 10HP/second for a period of 10seconds, which is stackable up to 5 times.

Cost: N/A]

[Name: Resurrection

Tier: 6

Requirement: To be done within 10 minutes of someone's death

Resurrects any recently dead, with a fourth of their HP and MP.

Cost: 1400/use

Cast Time: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 2 Hours]

[Name: Fly

Tier: 4

Enables one to fly.

Cost: 900/use, 40MP/minute as long as it is active

Cooldown: 2 Hours]

Zeus sighed as he spoke, "Well this are the 3 best tomes we got others are just worthless, they are not worth mentioning, so who wants what?"

Tarasque: "I will take Resurrection if you two don't mind."

Azi: "I wish for the Poison touch but the Fly is too good to pa.s.s."

Zeus frowned as he spoke, "Well if you wish you can take both but the next boss you will not receive something until and unless it is specifically tailored for someone who uses Bow or someone gives up their chance to you."

Tarasque: "Are you fine with that Zeus."

Zeus smiled as he spoke, "I think Azi will be able to do much better justice with the new skills, better than me and I do not think I will not be able to find this skills again, since we have entered the dungeon we have found multiple copies of skills that we already know."

Azi: "Well thank you cuz I owe you one."

Zeus simply waved at her, as he spoke, "But it seems we have struck rich, so many money and precious stones."

Azi spoke in an excited tone, "How much this time?"

Zeus grinned as he spoke, "5 gold and 100 silvers."

Azi's eyes widen at that as she spoke, "d.a.m.n that brings the total to 14 Gold and 225 Silver coins. What will you be doing with your share Zeus?"

Zeus: "If you two would listen to me I have a proposal."

Azi and Tarasque's eyes widen a little as Tarasque spoke on both their behalf, "What do you propose Zeus?"

Zeus: "I propose to increase our social cla.s.s to 'esquire', which will grant us n.o.bility, then maybe we can buy a house for us, using Granny Zoe's house does not sit well with me."

The duo glanced at each other as they spoke in unison, "We have no problem with that."

Zeus smirked at that as he spoke, "Well then I think it is time we took care of Drogol don't you think?", as he took out the complete key generate they received by defeating the three disciples of Dragol.

Azi: "So what do you expect from the upcoming boss battle."

Zeus sighed as he spoke, "Since he is the master there is a chance that he might have all the skills of his disciples and much more not to mention if we go by the current trend then the big boss should be a level 15 Lord."

Tarasque: "Well then well there is a chance that we will die."

Zeus replied cheerfully, "Yup there is a hundred percent chance we will die and the worst we would suffer is a loss of a level not being able to log off and lose a couple of items nothing to dangerous."

Azi: "Well there is nothing for us to worry about but the worst I believe is that the amount of EXP we are losing currently we are all at max EXP at this level and no matter what we do we will not receive any EXP no matter what we do, such a waste."

Zeus nodded as he spoke, "We could have easily gained another couple of levels easily."

Tarasque: "We there is nothing we could do about it now, so focus in front of you now and do you see anything special about the Zeus."

Zeus stared into the mist as he used 'Observe' a couple of times as he spoke, "No there is nothing special about the mist in front of us."

They were travelling through the mist to what seemed like over an hour when at last they came across a giant building in front of them.

Tarasque frowned as she spoke, "Is that a pyramid?"

Azi shook her head as she spoke, "Nope it looks more like a Ziggurat that a Pyramid since it seems to have a flat top, and looks as of boxes have been placed on top of each other with the biggest at the base and smallest at the top."

As they neared it a gigantic door looked as if forged by using bones of various beings, Zeus took out the key then without any warning suddenly as if pulled by a magnet the key left his hand as it entered a particular slot carved on the door, a blood curdling scream was heard as a smell of blood came to their noses the door swung open as a blood red light blinded them.

Zeus: "Well it is now or never.", with that they entered the Ziggurat in order to face 'Dragol'.

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