The Binary World 34 Dancing With Dragol Part-2

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The entire pa.s.sageway whether it is the ceilings, the walls or the floor everything looked to be created by putting boned together, every few distance on each side of the wall was a burning skull, giving an eerie reddish light, which was used to lit the hall ways an occasional howl or two came from somewhere along with whistling of wind.

Azi: "This place has not only a spooky vibe but also this red light is making it difficult to see."

Zeus grunted as he spoke, "So true it has reduced Tarasque and my weapon to nothing but glorified walking stick.", during the entire time the duo were walking at the front using their weapon as the prodded and tested the ground before they walked over them and it proved to be correct as no sooner did Zeus spoke the ground in front of them caved in showing a giant pitfall ending with spikes protruding from it.

Zeus sighed as he lowered his head as he spoke, "Not again we have to cross it, using our hand and the legs pus.h.i.+ng against the walls as a support. Well let us cross it already."

A boulder cras.h.i.+ng from top, pitfalls, flooding of hallways and what not they have been moving for what seemed like hours have pa.s.sed, they were incensed at that grumbling at those traps, all was well until they came across a dead end there was no way forward, Azi trembled as she spoke, "No no after all this a dead end no.", before she turned towards Zeus and spoke angrily, "You because of you it happened I told you to take the road on the left side but know noooo 'The Right one Looks better.'", Zeus wanted to be anywhere but in front of Azi and suffer from her righteous feminine fury.

Meanwhile Tarasque looked angrily at the wall she glared at it, to her it seemed to be mocking at her she swung her weapon hitting the wall hard cracking it then with a rumble the wall collapsed, Zeus who was trying to fend off an irate Azi who was already trying to wring his neck screamed with happiness as he spoke excitedly, "Look look there is a way out of this place see I told you I was right.", only to receive the most scathing glare in return from both of them.

They followed through the broken wall and found themselves standing face to face with a large hallway whose one end went to who knows where while the other was a huge black door, which seemed to be pulsing as if it was alive.

Azi: "Zeus, open the door."

Zeus shrugged as he made his way to the door as he pushed the door with a groan the door swung opened as the smell of death and decay hit their nose, as they entered the room which seemingly seemed empty, as they were a few meters inside the room the ground shook as the door behind them closed, a ring was formed by lava as fire rose high up, as a figure suddenly appeared on the other end of the room, "Ah welcome, welcome dear guest welcome it has been a while since I feast on human flesh."

Zeus used observe on the newcomer quickly,

[Dragol- The Cannibal

Level: 15

Cla.s.s: Lord

HP: 77000/77000

MP: 70000/70000

Attack: 4000

Defense: 1000

Description: Dragol the cannibal, when he used to be human his favorite food was human flesh, one day he was caught by the villagers of his people he somehow managed to escape them by luck he gained the power of Necromancer, since then he had been pursuing eternal life by becoming but also to fulfill his lifelong wish to convert humans into cattle to satiate his hunger.]

Zeus: "Lets tear him apart."

Zeus and Tarasque suddenly charged forward as the lich in front of them suddenly send a barrage of Ice arrows at them, they both dodged the arrows as Azi send a flaming arrow at the lich, he raised his staff to block the arrow, by then Zeus and Tarasque had reached him, they swung their respective weapon at him from either side, only for the Dragol to vanish from their sight.

Azi on instinct jumped forward as a scythe missed her head by a few centimeters, she did not waste any time as she casted 'Thorn vine' in order to immobilize the lich, as he prepared for her strongest combo, Zeus and Tarsque quickly tried to make their way to him only for him to try to teleport but the vines held him tightly, he grunted as he spoke in a malicious tone, "You witch what did you do to me, I will not be held by this measly vines, arise my servants and tear apart my enemies."

A group of 10 tall skeletons heavily rust colored armored beings appeared each carried sword maces and Pavice s.h.i.+elds, the rotten smell of meat entered their nose as Zeus used observe on them.

[Name: Skeleton Knight

Level: 14

Cla.s.s: N/A

HP: 5000/5000


Element: N/A

Attack: 2500

Defense: 1000]

Zeus could not help but swore, "F**k, Azi you are on your own try not to get hurt too much dodge and try to take that mongrel out as much as possible, Tarasque and I will take care of any stranglers away from you, also Tarasque do not waste any healing spell unless and until it is dire, use the potions as much as possible we have lots of potions left this boss is completely on different level compare to others."

Tarasque looked worried as she spoke, "Are you sure Zeus?"

Zeus grunted as she spoke, "Tarasque, there is a chance that we might not be able to defeat him as such instead of wasting MP on things which we have alternate means to I it is better to use it on attacks also make sure to use any scroll we got before as you see free, maybe we might win it."

If there was anything she was going to say was stopped as she was forced to dodge an incoming attack from the Skeleton Knight, she raised her Tabar as she smashed the knights head within causing about 1000 damage on it, causing her eyes to widen as she gritted her teeth as she turned and hit another's leg with the axe part of her Tabar almost cleaving the creatures right leg off making it bow as she smashed at its face using the hammer hard as [-1000], [-1200], appeared above its head in red before she raised her weapon as she was flung from a s.h.i.+eld being bashed at her hard but showing incredible agility she landed on her feet as she dashed the creature.

Meanwhile Zeus dodged and weaved through the attacks before he made his move he slipped through one of their defense as he stabbed his weapon through his victims armpits causing around a 1200 damage he followed his stab attack with Chain lightning at the same time as he managed to electrocute three of the closest enemies at the same time as [-1500],[-1380] and [-1450] with a twitch of his wrist he tore off its hand causing further 1300 Damage as well as managed to disarm the arm with which it was wielding a sword.

He dodged a s.h.i.+eld bash as he attacked them with his Phantom sword arts, managing to cause about 1500 damage two of them as one of them died and the other losing a good chunk of its HP.

Meanwhile Azi prepared her attack, she chained her 'PowerShot', along with 'DoubleShot' and 'StarFall' as she let her attack loose, the attack hit its mark with humongous force causing around 15000Damage to him as the Lich howled in anger, but before he could move he was impaled by Ice Spike, which caused about 2000 Damage to him, as well as once again freezing the Lich thus immobilizing it as Zeus shouted out, Azi another shot.

Azi shouted out, "Yah, keep just quickly finish the stranglers Zeus.", as she spoke both Zeus and Tarasque managed to finish the 3rd enemy with only two left for each of them to finish.

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