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  • Her Unfortunate Fate Turned Fortunate

  • Author(s): AmuSushar
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 15-Aug-2019 20:24
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Her Unfortunate Fate Turned Fortunate summary:

Anna was a cheerful, fierce and brave girl she follows an eye to eye and tooth to tooth concept. But due to some unfortunate fate she met with an accident.When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a unfamiliar place facing unfamiliar people. What 's more shocking is she 's no longer Anna Mantis. She 's reincarnated as Yu Han who 's a rich, soft, shy, caring and beautiful woman, surrounded by the...

Her Unfortunate Fate Turned Fortunate Chapters

Time uploaded
76 Date Cancel Aug-15-2019
75 Isn't He Handsome? Aug-15-2019
97 Thunderstruck Aug-15-2019
96 City Hospital Aug-15-2019
95 Meet Her Family Aug-15-2019
93 Worked For Lilusis Aug-15-2019
92 Small Acciden Aug-15-2019
91 Don't Complain Aug-15-2019
90 Stay Away From Him Aug-15-2019
89 Fligh Aug-15-2019
88 Into Durance Aug-15-2019
87 Of Course I'm Aug-15-2019
85 Letter Aug-15-2019
83 Trash Draft Repor Aug-15-2019
81 I Believe You Aug-15-2019
80 She Was In Coma Aug-15-2019
78 Ex-Boyfriend Aug-15-2019
73 Project Accepted Jul-15-2019
72 Who Is Xu Liang? Jul-15-2019
71 Surpass Anna Jul-15-2019
70 Lizi's Downfall Jul-15-2019
69 Two Months Time Jul-14-2019
66 Work On Stamina Jul-14-2019
65 Knock Ou Jul-14-2019
63 Such A Flirt. Jul-07-2019
62 Exchange Of Sache Jul-07-2019
61 Date Jul-07-2019
59 Dressing The Wound Jul-07-2019
58 Robbed Jul-07-2019
56 Voting Jul-07-2019
55 I Missed You Jul-07-2019
53 Swinging Vase Jul-07-2019
52 Sneaky Eating Jul-07-2019
50 Eating Poin Jul-07-2019
49 Fu Bay Jul-07-2019
48 Slaps And Blood Jul-07-2019
47 Show Begins Jul-07-2019
46 Scum Bag Jul-07-2019
43 Wedding Ring Jun-18-2019
42 Text Message Jun-18-2019
41 Morning Meeting Jun-18-2019
40 Sleeping Together Jun-18-2019
39 Teasing Jun-18-2019
38 Cooking Together Jun-18-2019
37 Gentleness Jun-18-2019
34 Narrow Minded Jun-18-2019
33 Ethos And Belle Jun-18-2019
32 Wear My Cloths Jun-18-2019
31 Glory Manor Jun-18-2019
30 Were You Scared? Jun-18-2019
29 Creepy Guys Jun-18-2019
28 Shiro Cafe Jun-18-2019
27 Moving Ou Jun-18-2019
26 Wifey You're Cute Jun-18-2019
25 My Wife Is Smar Jun-18-2019
24 Too Eager Jun-18-2019
23 Awkward Lunch Jun-18-2019
22 You Better Be Jun-18-2019
20 Shameless Perver Jun-18-2019
19 After Effects Jun-18-2019
18 Drunken Marriage Jun-18-2019
17 Very Beautiful Jun-18-2019
16 Paradise Beach Jun-18-2019
15 Private Detective Jun-18-2019
14 Interesting Jun-18-2019
11 Don't You Hate Me? Jun-18-2019
10 Devilish Smile Jun-18-2019
8 Forgive Me Jun-18-2019
7 Kick Out Yu Han Jun-18-2019
5 Hotel Hasa Jun-18-2019
4 Harmonious Feeling Jun-18-2019
3 Nonsense Jun-18-2019
1 Acciden Jun-18-2019
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