GODOPEDIAOLOGY, A Criminal Now 5 Testing Sin In Sex Racket Area


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G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY while testing sin got a message from one of the reader who pretended to like his work and stories and invited him to meet her on a web site address. G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY wasn't aware and opened the website, it gave him a subscription pack starting from days to year. He wanted to test it, so he tried the day subscription and subscribed for a month.

After subscription the website gave him the list of all the girls available in, around and very near surroundings of his place and called one of the girl and went to her place. She was a married woman and as soon as she saw G.o.dOPEDIOLOGY she called him in and tried to honor him before starting her s.e.x act.

G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY saw the house and found out that the lady had 2 childrens and a nice family and before he could ask her something, she jumped on him and was looking desperately hungry for getting seduced. G.o.dO understood that she won't leave him until she fulfills her desire but the question he asked to himself WAS THIS RIGHT?

So G.o.dO took CHLOROFORM Spray from his pocket and sprayed it on the woman and somehow escaped from her. After coming back to his house, he thought "what would have happened if I would have fulfilled her desire? But she was married, so what? If you wouldn't do it won't she get someone else. But why does she need to do all this? She has a family, a husband and 2 childrens, then why? Because her desires wouldn't have been fulfilled completely. If you would have loved her at least for that time it would have been great. But if her husband knows it what would happen? There are tons of affairs on this earth. If a lady likes someone she won't care for the world but G.o.d has given G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY brains, is it right in anyway? This question is not what you should ask yourself but need to ask the readers. I don't agree that any reader would support you. That you shouldn't say because each one's thoughts is different. After reading your story many readers would feel YOU HAVE DONE WRONG, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE LEAVED HER HALF WAY. NO, I have done the right thing. IT IS NOT GOOD TO SPOIL SOMEONES FAMILY ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE LEADING A HAPPY LIFE. O, you are a child. No, I have done the right thing.

This are the conversation that bombed the minds of G.o.dO but testing a sin isn't always easy. Sometimes while testing it, you tend to become its slave and sometimes prey. So G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY concludes that playing with social media safe is also a art and you need to master it. G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY is a G.o.d'S FOLLOWER and he should know to control temptation and what he did with the married woman was not wrong. Because he was a tester and not a victim. He is a hero and not a villain. So this edition of testing imparted him the knowledge that TESTING A SIN ALSO REQUIRES SMART MIND GRACED BY THE BLESSINGS OF G.o.d BECAUSE YOU WILL ARRIVE ON A SCENARIO WHEREIN THERE WILL BE NO ONE TO HELP YOU OUT BUT YOU YOURSELF SHOULD DECIDE WHAT TO DO?

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