GODOPEDIAOLOGY, A Criminal Now 4 Testing Sin 2Nd Edition


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After G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY tested the sin proportionate in home next he decided to check the sin proportion in web. So he decided to use the internet to test sin. G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY felt curious and decided to check on his own pen name, so he typed G.o.dopediology and G.o.d opediaology and saw that along with his name he also got another name linked to his satanopediaology. Anyhow he was happy that both he and his friend's name got linked together.

Then G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY typed other search results and was happy that the net wasn't that much harmful as others say because it had all the information needed right from our waking up till we go to bed. It was proving good but suddenly a pop up came up and asked me to select ALLOW to continue, it was a new site and I thought when I didn't select an option how did that pop-up appear. Anyhow I gave ALLOW and what I see is a site which is showing p.o.r.n video. I tried to close the window but each time 10 new sites appeared and some sites even gave numbers and addresses of call centers and girls, even the chatting box opened without my knowledge and splashed all the A grade videos like movie trailers.

Now G.o.dOPEDIOLOGY understood why the present generation is so fast. Earlier before the internet gained popularity, it was only through cheap magazines and cd's and through threate's we watched p.o.r.n things and it's popularity was limited but the day internet grew up to various levels of 'g' the sin also started to leap a step ahead with increasing g speed. When it was 2g it was buffering issue but now in the lightning 6g speed even the worst nightmode videos are looking exceptionally great and with the arrival of smart phones and cameras with high level of zooming, no one is safe in their own house. Earlier what work a telescope could do that work is done by ultra zoomer cameras with high definition. You won't even know your body so detailed as a camera could and you won't even know when someone took your pvt videos uploaded in the net against your wish and spoiled you and your family life. It also proved strange for G.o.dOPEDIOLOGY that many are now uploading their pvt videos in web to become stars and to acquire more followers and likes.

G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY also saw lots of things in the internet which has shamed him in being a human. The ladies have lost privacy because of internet and many have committed suicide and have lost their lives and families because of this social media and various chatting and dating sites. It is simply impossible to trust someone nowadays especially on the social media and having a pen name is always good if you only prefer to be safe.

Anyhow G.o.dOPEDIOLOGY concludes that internet is more dangerous than the daily soaps because what is censored in television, we don't have any such thing in the world of net and for girls internet is proving too dangerous day by day. Internet should be used in a way that it should prove as your best friend and if used in other ways you should know the tactics to control it and to come out of it or else it can do a greater harm to our lives.

Now G.o.dOPEDIOLOGY understood why G.o.d is not visible to us. If G.o.d would have been visible then we would have maligned him also through this internet, so that's why even after so many advancement in technology and science G.o.d isn't happy and is affirm in cleaning of this garbage.

The moral of the story is that HUMANS SHOULD NEVER ACQUIRE GREAT POWERS BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW TO USE IT AND ALWAYS CREATE LOTS OF PROBLEM RATHER THAN MERITS. The best example is the internet and the smart phones.

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