GODOPEDIAOLOGY, A Criminal Now 3 Almighty God's Latest Issue


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As said by ALMIGHTY G.o.d, G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY decided to find solution for finis.h.i.+ng sin, so he decided to start it in his own house. He decided to stay in his house for one complete day and night without doing any other work.

He got bored and decided to watch television and enjoyed watching songs. The songs were picturised in many places and since the television was a 50 inch big one and the songs were HD quality he felt like he was in those videos amongst the actors and actresses happily singing with his them he enjoyed for 4 hrs and then for the next 8 long hrs he enjoyed all sports, cartoons, movie trailers and their makings and best romantic movies.

The next thing that he felt like trying was series(serials). He for some strange reasons couldn't sustain even for one complete hour. He switched off the television and felt that all the programs had some percent of sin which varied but it was the daily soaps(serials) that really blasted his brain into pieces.

The series explained all types of sin. It gave them ideas of various sins and how it can be committed. Though the serials weren't given any grade like A, B, U/A and so on, still the idea of watching series proved as the worstest nightmare for him.

G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY understood that since the series were not censored like movies and just because it didn't have a censor committee as movies, the writer of all the mega series have written all s.h.i.+t imagination and are provoking sin amongst the people who watch it, not even sparing small childrens. The series explained everything in detail and even gave all criminal ideas like HOW A SIN CAN BE PERFORMED IN VARIOUS STYLE AND HOW CAN WE ESCAPE THE LAW BY USING ITS LOOPHOLES. The author concluded that SIN STARTS FROM THIS DAILY SERIES AND PEOPLE ARE GAINING MORE AND MORE BAD KNOWLEDGE & IDEAS AFTER WATCHING IT, THEREBY INCREASING THE TRP RATE OF BOTH SIN AND VIEWERs.h.i.+P But the funny thing is that the GOVERNMENT IS CLOSING ITS EYES AND EVEN AFTER SO MANY YEARS TILL NOW NO ONE HAVE MADE OUT THIS SIMPLE ACT OF SIN WHICH HAS BECOME TOO BIG NOW, JUST LIKE A CANCER AND NOW NEITHER THE PRODUCERS NOR THE CHANNELS STOP RELAYING IN, NOR THE GOVERNMENT WILL STOP IT BECAUSE BOTH OF THEM ARE EARNING NICE INCOME IN THE FORM OF ADVERTIs.e.m.e.nTS, WHEREIN THE MODELS ARE THE PERFORMER AND PRODUCER ARE MONEY EARNERS AND WE VIEWERS ARE THE JOKERS.

So now G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY understand why HIS MASTER ALMIGHTY G.o.d ASKED HIM TO FIRST CLEAN UP THE GARBAGE. IF THIS GARBAGE ITSELF IS SO MUCH THEN HOW ABOUT OTHER GARBAGE OF THE WORLD. ONLY G.o.d ALONE KNOWS. Anyhow the bad time for G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY has already started and he doesn't know how long will it Haunt him.

So the moral of the story is YOU PAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE MISTAKES. Really it is matter of pity for G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY, Only ALMIGHTY G.o.d can save him.

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