GODOPEDIAOLOGY, A Criminal Now 6 Godopediology Becomes A Criminal


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So G.o.dopediaology after getting bombarded with various thoughts finally decides and lodges a complaint with cyber crime department to investigate on the websites that does this types of cases and after many days when he sees that nothing is really happening, he personally goes to the station and after lots of discussions with the officials he gets into trouble and after repeated warnings he keeps on ASKS FOR JUSTICE. Fed up with his act the officials arrest him and afterwards produce him in the court.

The judge asks him DID YOU SPEAK ILL WITH THE OFFICIALS ON DUTY? The judge is so busy in the next case that without knowing the truth he orders G.o.dO TO BE IMPRISONED FOR 2 MONTHS AND IMPOSES 50000 RS FINE. Fed up with the system G.o.dO goes to the prison and it proves too pathetic for him.

The prison is so dirty and the criminals there were horrible. The cell was crowded and G.o.dO couldn't sleep for the whole night. In the early morning all the criminals stood in line for s.h.i.+tting. The bathroom was dirtier than all the garbages put together in the world. Life proved too tough for G.o.dO. So much of difficulties and lots of the criminals were bullying him. This irritated him a lot and as if that wasn't self sufficient the jail had a ladies jailer. She was a maniser and daily she had the habit of sleeping with any medium looking guy in the jail.

She saw G.o.dO and got excited and decided to play havoc in his life. Till now the greatest G.o.d'S Follower now had to face this issue. WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THIS? IS HE RESPONSIBLE OR THE SOCIETY? THE ONE WHO DECIDED TO CLEANISE THE SOCIETY NOW REQUIRED TO FIRST CLEANISE HIMSELF. It really proved tough. G.o.dO was in front of the women jailer. She asked the subordinates to leave her and G.o.dO alone and started staring at him and asked G.o.dO TO STRIP HIS DRESS AND TO STAND NAKED. Now this was the limit for G.o.dOPEDIOLOGY, THE ANIMAL IN HIM AWOKE AND WITHOUT MUCH TIME TO THINK he takes a riffle next to him and hits it on her head and without much time to act slower he ties her hands and points the rifle and asks other officials to go far and he sees the jeep and asks the subordinates to blow down the tyres flat, next he puts her in his jeep and breaks the gate and after reaching to some distance he kicks the lady jailer and goes. The lady jailer before she could stand up a truck hits her and takes her life.

After reaching near the jungle area, he pushes down the jeep down the mountain and meanwhile all the police stations are informed about G.o.dO and now G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY is no longer a common man but a wanted criminal and the police search for him in all the checkpost, railway stations, bus stands, airport, waterways and so on. G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY trembles with fear and things WHAT HAVE I DONE? For that his internal soul says IT'S OK, SHE WANTED TO PLAY WITH YOU AND YOU PLAYED WITH THE SYSTEM, NOW YOU ARE A CRIMINAL BEWARE. G.o.dOPEDIAOLOGY feels confused and doesn't know what to do? His internal voice continues and says NOW THE LAW WON'T LEAVE YOU, IT WOULD ISSUE SHOOT AT SIGHT ORDER FOR YOU AND I DON'T THINK YOU CAN BE SAFE BECAUSE TILL NOW GOVERNMENT WOULD BE SEARCHING YOU IN ALL THE PLACES AND IT IS JUST 3 HRS LEFT FOR THE MORNING AND YOU ARE NEW TO THIS PLACE, NOW YOU NEED TO DECIDE WHAT YOU SHOULD DO? G.o.dopediaology doesn't have much time to lament, he should now start running for his life, only G.o.d CAN SAVE HIM.

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