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Zhao Fu vigorously swept out with the Seraph Sword, causing a white sword light that was hundreds of meters long to slash out, reducing seven or eight ma.s.sive Skeletons into pieces.

Molaf continuously flashed through the air. Whenever it slashed with its dagger, a cold light would flash and a ma.s.sive Skeleton's head would fall to the ground.

Mosax's power was relatively weaker, but he had the Nothingness Domain which could greatly reduce a Skeleton's power, allowing him to gradually kill it.

Krista's killing speed was relatively fast; she threw out her spear, causing it to draw a blue ray of light in the air and easily pierce through Skeletons' heads.

The spear seemed to be able to absorb souls; after piercing through the Skeletons' heads, it would absorb the spirit flames, causing the spirit flames to instantly vanish. The ma.s.sive Skeletons would immediately die, and the aura that the spear gave off would become slightly stronger.

The 1,000 or so Skeletons were eventually killed by Zhao Fu's party, and they turned into heaps of bones on the ground. Zhao Fu walked over to the stone stage and found that it was also a summoning stage like the previous one.

The information on the stone stage told Zhao Fu that this stone stage could summon Widow-maker Evelyn, who was an extremely agile and dangerous She could fuse into darkness and use this ability to patiently track her prey and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Zhao Fu placed his hand on the stage and sent his power into it.

The magic formation was enlivened and gave off faint black light, causing terrifying darkness aura to gather towards the magic formation. Soon, a haze of black fog appeared around the magic formation.

A figure appeared within the black fog. She had a seductive figure and snow-white skin. She had short, red hair and looked quite cruel. She only wore underwear and had gloves and a whip made out of leather. Most of her skin was exposed, which could cause anyone's heart rate to increase.

"Evelyn answers to the summoning and is willing to serve Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu sensed Evelyn's power, and he could tell that it was pure Darkness power. Ordinarily, people with such power were quite evil, and looking at the slightly cruel and cold smile on her face, Evelyn seemed to be such a person.

Zhao Fu did not mind this; whether one's power was Light or Darkness, as long as they were willing to serve Great Qin, Zhao Fu would accept them. As such, Zhao Fu did not hesitate to accept her vow of loyalty.

There was also a door here, which was the door to the next stage. Zhao Fu walked up and pushed open the door, causing an intoxicating fragrance to immediately flow out.

There was a long corridor containing many pillars with green vines wrapped around them. There was a type of bright-red flower growing on the ground and railings, and the intoxicating fragrance was from those flowers.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu found himself within a university campus. A light breeze gently blew against his face; this was the university that Zhao Fu had studied at before, so the scene around him was quite familiar, and Zhao Fu even saw Wu Qingniang walking towards him.

Zhao Fu clearly knew that this was an illusion from the start. He knew this because of his Sovereign Bloodline and because he had unlocked Divine Sense, one of the Five Celestial Senses, giving him great resistance to illusions.

Zhao Fu closed his eyes, and when he reopened them, he had left the illusion.

He felt a feeling of pleasure from below. He looked down and saw that Princess Han Shuang and the other princesses were servicing him and pleading him not to kill them or to skin them; they would do anything.

Zhao Fu stretched out a finger and a few rays of black light shot into their heads, causing them to regain their clarity. Their faces were red as they stood up and retreated to one side. They had never thought that they would service Zhao Fu again, and they could clearly remember that sensation.

They had also been within an illusion, where Zhao Fu had said that he was going to skin them and burn Long Yang to death. As such, they could only beg him to spare them and service him.

Of them all, the cold and proud Princess Han Shuang's face was the reddest, because both times, she had serviced Zhao Fu the longest.

Mosax and the others soon regained their consciousness. Krista's expression did not change and coldly stood there, while Evelyn looked at Zhao Fu's lower body and could not help but lick her red lips.

Lin Yan'Er was writhing on the ground and moaning Zhao Fu's name. Much of her skin was exposed, and Zhao Fu also had her regain consciousness.

"Your Majesty!" Lin Yan'Er stood up and called out flirtatiously. She somewhat did not want to wake up from that illusion, because within the illusion, Zhao Fu had been using her body.

Zhao Fu looked at Lin Yan'Er and the seven women and said, "You should remain outside; this corridor might be extremely dangerous."

The princesses nodded with reddened faces, while Lin Yan'Er agreed unhappily.

Zhao Fu and the others entered the corridor, and he released his Emperor's Domain to block off that intoxicating fragrance.

They found that this place was quite peaceful. The flowers were extremely splendid and beautiful, and there was nothing else around.

Zhao Fu and the others headed forwards.

Within the hall, the seven princesses caringly looked after the unconscious Long Yang, looking extremely gentle and wifely.

Lin Yan'Er said somewhat jealously and mockingly, "Weren't you just servicing His Majesty? Didn't that feel good? Now you're acting like this with another man."

Of the princesses, some were embarra.s.sed and some were angry, but they did not dare to say anything. Their lives were still within Zhao Fu's hands, and because Lin Yan'Er was someone by Zhao Fu's side and was closely connected to him, they could only remain silent.

Within the corridor, Zhao Fu and the others had already walked quite a distance, but they still did not see anything. It was completely silent all around them, but the fragrance had become extremely heavy.

Now, even Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain was unable to completely keep the fragrance out. The fragrance would easily slip through the Emperor's Domain, so Zhao Fu could only add his Saint Realm Domains to his Emperor's Domain, and his party headed onwards.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After continuing on a bit longer, they found that there was a blood-red mist ahead. This blood-red mist was a highly-condensed form of the fragrance, and it was extremely pervasive.

Zhao Fu also released the Six Paths Defensive Barrier, but even that combined with the Emperor's Domain and Saint Realm Domains was unable to stop the blood-red mist from entering, causing Zhao Fu's expression to become quite serious.

Even though he had great resistance to illusions, the blood-red mist was extremely powerful and Zhao Fu would definitely be dragged into an illusion. This forced Zhao Fu and the others to pause while they thought of a way to deal with this.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu thought of something and laughed. He looked at Krista and the others; they were quite strong and most likely had their own Domains. If they combined all of their Domains with his Domains, perhaps they could increase their defenses.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu had them release their own Domains and stacked them together, and he found that they could indeed stop the invasion of the mist.

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