Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 25 - Fled

Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures -

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Chapter 25: Fled

“The 6th stage of Jinxuan period?”

Except for He Yunting, everyone was shocked while looking at Su Li. No one expected it, a child, who only looked like a 5 or 6-year-old would be at the 6th stage of Jinxuan Period.

Just take General w.a.n.g Yicheng as an example, he was 35 years old this year, but only reached the 7th stage of Jinxuan Period. The child in front of him was only lower by one stage. Today, if he was defeated by a 5-year-old child in front of his men, then won’t his hard work for many years will be ruined?

“Su Taifu, what should we do?”

General w.a.n.g Yicheng turned his attention to Su Weichen. This concern his daughter, not his. He just came along to have some fun!

Su Weichen tightly frowned his eyebrows. In this vast world, he knew there were many talented people. A 5-year-old child was trained to reach the 6th stage of Jinxuan Period. This was something not to be underestimated.

“Mingyue young master, this old man just wants to take his children back at home. This old man hopes that Mingyue young master can cooperate.”

He must succeed in convincing the child. He must take back his son and daughter today. Tomorrow is Su Zinian’s marriage. The Third Prince hasn’t mentioned his marriage to Su Ziyun again. He had no choice but to strengthen their Su Family’s influence. By then, the Third Prince will not have scruples to marry Su Ziyun.

“Su Taifu, would you mind to explain your words to me? Today, Young Master Su and Miss Su were injured by your own family members. Especially, Miss Su, her whole body was covered with injuries. I wonder if you are aware of it. But how can a group of inferior family members have the courage to beat their young master and young lady inside the Mingyue Mountain Villa? You are the teacher of the Third Prince, right? So how can you treat your children like this? I really don’t know how can you stay as an imperial prince’s teacher, when you don’t care about your children’s life and death? Today, I want to teach you a good lesson on how to take care of your children. So, that you’ll be worthy to be an imperial prince’s teacher.”

Su Li bluntly said with a stern voice. This old man in front of him disregard his mother’s life and death and let her kill herself. When he saw him, he remembered his mother’s bitter life.

“You, stop talking nonsense… …!”

Su Weichen was so angry that the fats on his face shook. He glared at Su Li with a flushed face. He, a teacher of the imperial prince, was questioned by a 5-year-old child? This was even worse than killing him.

“Hmph! I’m too lazy to reason out with a group of waste.”

Su Li’s voice hasn’t completely fallen, but his small body float in the air, at the same time, he released his power comparable to the 6th stage of the Jinxuan Period.

As soon as General w.a.n.g Yicheng saw this scene, he had a bad feeling in his heart. If the child confronts them head on, he’s afraid that he will not be the opponent of this little devil.

“Su Taifu, tomorrow is the wedding day. This general will send a sedan chair and wait for the bride.”

After that, he turned around and fled with his men.

Seeing this, Su Li couldn’t help but sneer.

“Gen, General w.a.n.g, you, you… …”

Su Weichen stomped his feet. If only he knew that today is a bad day, he will go back home first and think of a plan.

“Let’s go.”

Su Weichen took a glance at Su Li, then unwilling left with his men.

This scene was witnessed by a woman in white. The woman in white frowned her eyebrows. However, she didn’t stay long, she turned around and walked towards the direction of Yun City.

“Hahaha! Li’er, look, you haven’t take a shot, but they all escape in fright.”

He Yunting burst into laughter. In fact, when he first witnessed Su Li’s speed in cultivation, he was also surprised and couldn’t believe it. Even Su Qi’s talent in alchemy surprised him.

The alchemy is divided into: The chu cla.s.s, tian cla.s.s, xuan cla.s.s, shen cla.s.s, sheng cla.s.s, and di cla.s.s. Each cla.s.s is divided into 9 grades refining medicine.

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