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Chapter 276 I’ll Write a Guarantee

Ling Tianyi took Xia Xiaoluo to have dinner, and then he took her back to school. At downstairs, Ling Tianyi took out two red roses. It was the second day for him to woo Xia Xiaoluo, so he sent her two roses.

“Two roses represent that we are attracted and attached to each other. I hope that we can eliminate all the misunderstandings and barriers, and can be together forever.” Ling Tianyi said the sweet words gently. He didn’t mind his pride. Anyway, he just wanted her to be his lover and he would do anything to reach that goal, even pestering her.

Xia Xiaoluo was moved in her heart, but she didn’t say anything. She took the roses and smelled them lightly.

Ling Tianyi told Xia Xiaoluo to have a good rest at night again and again, otherwise he would be worried.

Xia Xiaoluo nodded and said to Ling Tianyi. “Go back to have a rest as well! Don’t wait for me downstairs. You are tall, so you can’t have a good rest in the car. If you stay downstairs, I won’t fall asleep because I will be worried about you.”

“Aha! You still care about me. Good!” Ling Tianyi said with a smile. But if he really went home, facing such a big house alone, he would be afraid due to loneliness.

“Don’t talk nonsense! I’m not your wife! You must remember that. You have to go back to have a good rest, otherwise I will be worried.” Xia Xiaoluo emphasized her request again and ignored Ling Tianyi’s teasing.

“If you can promise me one thing, I’ll go back to have a rest.” Ling Tianyi started to bargaining.

“What is that?” Xia Xiaoluo asked.

“After returning to your dormitory, you should have a good rest. If Fang Ruichen, Chu Tong or Ouyang Ziqian come to you, please don’t meet them or answer their phone calls. Can you promise me?” Ling Tianyi asked. He was afraid that after he left, other men would come to meet Xia Xiaoluo. If so, he would go mad.

“You don’t have the right to limit my freedom of making friends. Whether to answer their phone calls or meet them is my own business, I will make my own decision. What’s more, I have the right to decide whether to answer your phone calls or meet you.” Xia Xiaoluo was unhappy immediately. They were not a couple anymore, and Ling Tianyi didn’t have the right to limit her freedom. She didn’t want to meet her boy cla.s.smates, but after Ling Tianyi said that, she was rebellious and she had changed her mind.

“Xiaoluo, you come back so late, are you tired?” At this time, Ouyang Ziqian’s gentle voice appeared.

Xia Xiaoluo saw Ouyang Ziqian. She smiled and said h.e.l.lo to him politely. “h.e.l.lo, Senior Ouyang! I come back from work. It’s not busy, so I am not so tired.”

“It’s just eight o’clock. I’m sure you won’t go to bed that early!” Ouyang Ziqian said with a smile. It seemed that he was going to invite Xia Xiaoluo.

“Xiaoluo is tired. It’s not early now. It’s just right for her to have a bath and have a rest!” Ling Tianyi said with hostility.

“Is it true? Xiaoluo? Are you really tired? I’d like to invite you to the dance club to discuss the program!” Ouyang Ziqian said with a smile. He looked at Xia Xiaoluo gently. He wanted to fight for Xiaoluo no matter how powerful his opponents were. He thought that he must do all he can to gain Xia Xiaoluo’s heart since he loved her.

“Senior Ouyang, I’m really sorry. Although I’m not too tired, I really don’t want to discuss anything about dancing now. After all, I just come back from work, and I want to have a rest. Let’s talk about it another day!” Xia Xiaoluo refused politely. She was afraid that if she didn’t refuse Ouyang Ziqian, Ling Tianyi would say something unpleasant or beat Ouyang Ziqian up directly.

“Well! It doesn’t matter. But it’s still early. Let’s chat for a while in the coffee shop, OK?” Ouyang Ziqian didn’t give up. In fact, it was a cover to ask Xia Xiaoluo to discuss something about dancing. He just wanted to talk with Xia Xiaoluo alone to enhance their affections.

“No, Senior Ouyang. I’m afraid that I can’t fall asleep at night after drinking coffee. So let’s make it next time! Thank you.” Xia Xiaoluo continued refusing.

Ling Tianyi was satisfied with Xia Xiaoluo’s att.i.tude. He said to Ouyang Ziqian as well, “Did you hear that? My wife refused you. Please don’t hara.s.s her again from now on, otherwise, I will punish you!”

Ling Tianyi said and waved his fists, which was a warning to Ouyang Ziqian.

“But Xiaoluo and you are not a couple, you are not a couple from the beginning. Since Xiaoluo is free, everyone who takes a fancy to Xiaoluo can woo her.” Ouyang Ziqian said gently.

“Who do you think you are? You are not qualified to woo Xiaoluo!” Ling Tianyi roared.

“As long as Xiaoluo hasn’t got married, I won’t give up.” Ouyang Ziqian was still polite and gentle. Even facing Ling Tianyi’s rage, Ouyang Ziqian still kept his virtue.

“Xiaoluo, go back home with me.” Ling Tianyi was very angry. He couldn’t stand these restless men around Xia Xiaoluo.

“No, I have nothing to do with you. I don’t want to live with you.” Xia Xiaoluo refused Ling Tianyi firmly.

“You…” Ling Tianyi was sad and anxious. “My darling, don’t be angry with me. Let’s go home and you can do whatever you want, okay?”

It was really a coincidence, Chu Tong and Fang Ruichen came together at this time.

They all wanted to take Xia Xiaoluo away. Ling Tianyi was going crazy. He called the headmaster directly and asked him to find some security guards to maintain order. Then he sent Xia Xiaoluo into his car, wanting to take her away as soon as possible.

“Why did you do this again? Why are you always so domineering?” Xia Xiaoluo threw the two roses to Ling Tianyi.

Ling Tianyi was heartbroken, but he still drove the car silently.

Xia Xiaoluo sat at the co-pilot seat. After shouting for a while, she was really sad, and she cried silently.

Ling Tianyi was sad as well. He didn’t know why they quarreled like this. He loved Xia Xiaoluo very much and he just wanted to be kind to her. He hoped that they could live a happy life forever. But now, due to his careless on their marriage, they were almost in the state of breaking up.

Ling Tianyi forced Xia Xiaoluo to go home. Xia Xiaoluo struggled on the way, crying badly.

Ling Tianyi carried Xia Xiaoluo to the bedroom. Then he let her go.

“You said that you won’t force me anymore. Why don’t you keep your promise? How can I believe you if you are like this? You are a liar and all your words are lies.” Xia Xiaoluo cried and shouted.

Ling Tianyi was sad in his heart, but he really couldn’t keep his promise. Facing Ouyang Ziqian and the other boys, he couldn’t leave Xia Xiaoluo alone at school. He would never allow other men to fancy his wife.

Ling Tianyi looked at Xia Xiaoluo’s crazy face, she looked like a crazy little lion.

Ling Tianyi bent his knees and knelt down in front of Xia Xiaoluo suddenly. He held Xia Xiaoluo’s legs. “Darling, forgive me. I didn’t mean to cheat you about registering for marriage. I was really careless. Believe me this time, just this time.”

“You…You… Stand up! Don’t do that!” Xia Xiaoluo wanted to pull Ling Tianyi up, but her strength was not enough.

“Darling, you are driving me crazy these days. I can’t live without you. I don’t want to see other men around you. You belong to me and you are my wife. Stop torturing me, please, forgive me and come back to me, okay?” Ling Tianyi continued to beg Xia Xiaoluo.

“I…, you…” Xia Xiaoluo didn’t know what to do.

“You stand up first!” Xia Xiaoluo was terrified. Ling Tianyi knelt down for her. She has never dreamed of it.

“Promise me not to be angry with me. Even if you don’t want to marry me now, please promise to be my girlfriend first and give me a reasonable ident.i.ty that I can drive Ouyang Ziqian and others away.” Ling Tianyi said, “Do you know? I can’t argue with Ouyang Ziqian at all. You are free, and they can woo you as they like!”

“Xiaoluo, I know you love me and we love each other. Why do you torture me like this due to that misunderstanding?” Ling Tianyi looked at Xia Xiaoluo helplessly.

“Give me a chance! I beg you! I love you! Love you!” Ling Tianyi buried his head in Xia Xiaoluo’s legs, and his voice began to choke.

“Whoa!” Xia Xiaoluo could not help crying.

Ling Tianyi heard Xia Xiaoluo’s crying, so he said hurriedly, “Darling, don’t cry! Don’t cry!”

“You stand up, and don’t force me.” Xia Xiaoluo cried and said.

Seeing this, Ling Tianyi dared not to continue to kneel down. He stood up hurriedly and wiped Xia Xiaoluo’s tears. Then he took Xia Xiaoluo to sit on the bed.

“Darling, I won’t force you. Don’t be sad. It’s all my fault. I’m so stupid and careless. Marriage is such an important thing and I cannot believe I am so careless about it, making you so sad. But darling, I’m more regretful and upset than you. These days, you tortured me a lot and I am going crazy. Please give me an ident.i.ty. I also hope that you can marry me, but if you are not ready, please give me at least an ident.i.ty as your boyfriend, please. Okay?” Ling Tianyi took Xia Xiaoluo’s arms, and his tone was full of pleading.

“I dare not to give you this ident.i.ty. I’m afraid that if you have this ident.i.ty, you will ask me to do something. You limit my freedom and you always ask me to do a lot of things. I love you, but I’m afraid of you as well. Do you know?” Xia Xiaoluo choked and said.

“I swear, I will never force you or limit your freedom. I just want to protect you and love you. If I can’t do that, you can revoke my ident.i.ty as your boyfriend at any time.” Ling Tianyi said immediately.

“Xiaoluo, my darling. I will listen to you about everything. When you say east, I dare not to go to the west; when you say south, I dare not to go to the north. You have the final say for everything, including your affairs, my affairs, and our affairs. It’s all up to you!” Ling Tianyi said.

“What if you repent?” Xia Xiaoluo asked.

“To repent? No, I won’t.” Ling Tianyi said. He was very excited in his heart, because things were gonna change.

“But…” Xia Xiaoluo hesitated.

“I’ll write a guarantee, and I will write everything on it. If I violate it, you can take it out and punish me. Everything is up to you.” Ling Tianyi said.

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