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  • The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

    Alternative : 婚途有坑:爹地,快离婚
  • Author(s): Bean Ding Ding
  • GENRES: Josei - Romance
  • STATUS : Ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 10-Aug-2021 14:08
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy summary:

He was the powerful and influential heir of B City, the merciless head of the commercial world, but the divorce papers made him lose his cool.
“Sign the divorce papers, daddy,” said the 5-year-old boy.
This man had the divorce papers thrown in his face by his wife six years ago, and was now being pushed by his own son to sign the papers.
“That would make you a single-parent child,” said Gu Juexi coldly.
“Mommy said unicorns don’t exist but men like you do,” the boy leered at his father and said.
Gu Juexi’s face fell. ‘That d.a.m.ned woman.’
“You haven’t signed the papers,” the boy reminded as the man left. As usual, the door shut in his face.
Good lord&h.e.l.lip; Dad and mom are not getting a divorce and are giving him a baby brother? How worrying!

The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 2031 - A Pig Jul-20-2021
Chapter 1997 - Fury Jul-03-2021
Chapter 1986 Jun-26-2021
Chapter 1974 - My Man Jun-20-2021
Chapter 1962 - Cruel Jun-15-2021
Chapter 1921 - Angry! May-25-2021
Chapter 1829 - Xin Ya Apr-09-2021
Chapter 67 - Bet (II) Jan-25-2021
Chapter 66 - Bet (I) Jan-25-2021
Chapter 65 - Threat Jan-25-2021
Chapter 1586 - Oof Nov-20-2020
Chapter 1558 - A Deal Jun-14-2020
Chapter 1536 - So Jun-04-2020
Chapter 1387 - I Do Apr-19-2020
Chapter 1150 - Coward Feb-17-2020
Chapter 1073 - K. O. Jan-28-2020
Chapter 1070 - Rescue Jan-28-2020
Chapter 1021 - Never Jan-28-2020
Chapter 952 - Nope Jan-28-2020
Chapter 939 - A Slap Jan-28-2020
Chapter 843 - Cake Jan-28-2020
Chapter 811 - Gain Jan-28-2020
Chapter 765 - Awkward Jan-28-2020
Chapter 693 - Chaos Jan-28-2020
Chapter 637 - Do It? Jan-28-2020
Chapter 525 - A Will Jan-28-2020
Chapter 497 - Drunk Jan-28-2020
Chapter 337 - Why? Jan-28-2020
Chapter 273 - No Way Jan-28-2020
Chapter 196 - Fury II Jan-28-2020
Chapter 195 - Fury I Jan-28-2020
Chapter 124 - Fox Jan-28-2020
Chapter 67 - Bet (II) Jan-28-2020
Chapter 66 - Bet (I) Jan-28-2020
Chapter 65 - Threat Jan-28-2020
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