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Chapter 47 Tomb Raider

Originally, Zhou Yu thought that taking the shortcuts would be easy, but he did not expect that climbing the steep mountain road was much more difficult than he had expected. Even if he had been practicing his physical strength for another month after the last time he climbed the mountain, he still couldn't bear this kind of high-intensity exercise. Moreover, he was still carrying a hoe. Although it was not too heavy, it would still undoubtedly increase his energy loss.

That hateful old drunkard had insisted on finis.h.i.+ng the beers before he left the village. Now that he was so drunk, that he was staggering on the mountain road. Zhou Yu didn't even know if his mind was still clear.

Lurching in the woods with no particular direction, Zhou Yu was worried that the old drunkard might have led the wrong way. However, since no one knew the way, they had to follow him and walked slowly.

Eventually, on a small hill, the old drunkard stopped. Pointing at a cave that had a door installed on it, the old Drunkard said while hiccuping, "there… there…"

As expected, the cave was very small. It was just big enough for the citizens of ACG world to walk through. There was no way Zhou Yu would be able to get in there. There was also a rock next to the cave. It was written, "King Tomb" two red-colored letters on it. However, as Zhou Yu lowered his head and used his normal eyes to check out the cave, there was no door, nor was there a cave or rock. It was just an animal's nest that seemed to have been abandoned for quite some time.

What happened next would have nothing to do with Zhou Yu. Therefore he found a cool area, planning to lay down and resting for a while. After climbing for such a long time, he was really exhausted.

It was supposed to be a dungeon quest for four people. However, one person was just a guide, the other one was already exhausted before the Dungeon quest even started. This was not a good sign at all.

Luckily, the Taoist - the old immortal crane, who had high DPS, seemed to be very reliable. And the carpenter beaver also took out his full set of legendary Luban equipment. It was just that Zhou Yu did not know if this set of equipment could be used in the fight or not.

After two people walked in, the door was suddenly slammed shut. Then two people's adventure was formally started. In terms of Zhou Yu and the old drunkard, they were just waiting for them to finish outside.

The old drunkard had probably drunk too much, he just lay on the ground and began to sleep. Zhou Yu was also getting very bored. He did not know what exactly happened inside. Because he had not heard any noises coming from the cave.

After waiting for a while, suddenly there was a virtual screen appearing in front of him. As he took a closer look, it was the old immortal crane and the carpenter Beaver. Zhou Yu did not know what happened, but they all lay on the ground, not moving. He did not even know if they had just fainted or it was already a GG.

The virtual screen was also very strange. There were some b.u.t.tons below the screen. It was just like those arcade machines he used to play when he was young. And the controlled characters were the old immortal crane and the carpenter beaver. Zhou Yu attempted to talk to them over the screen. However, they still did not have any reactions. It was at this moment, some skeleton soldiers suddenly appeared in the middle of the screen and headed toward them while waving the broadswords in their hands.

‘Oh s.h.i.+t, I have to control this.'

As he quickly grabbed the control stick using his left hand and put his right hand onto the b.u.t.tons on the right, he began to try out what each b.u.t.ton could do as quick as possible.

Soon, he knew how to play it. After all, he had been playing games for many years.

There were a total of five b.u.t.tons, the first one in the lower row was the attack b.u.t.ton. The second one was the jump. The first one in the first row was to select items and skills, the second b.u.t.ton was to use items or skills, and the third one was used to replace characters. The old immortal crane was a powerful character. Defeating a few small soldiers was just like cutting cakes. In terms of the role of the carpenter beaver, it was used to solve puzzles.

If they encountered some places that they could not pa.s.s through, he could use the beaver to build a bridge or pave a road. There were traps along the way, and the old immortal crane could not see them. However, after the beaver was called out, those traps could be seen and destroyed.

In short, this was a horizontal arcade game. Before moving forward, Zhou Yu also tried to see if there were other tricks, like the game "Knights of Valour" or "The King of Fighters".

Sure enough, this tomb raider game had a variety of tricks. Something like Up + Down + A, Left half circle + A, Airborne + A + Down + B... Even the most difficult move, Left circle + Right + Up + Down + A, was also found out by him. Although there was no manual, it was not a problem for Zhou Yu, who already had experience in arcade games. After all, there was no time limit, so he tried several times on those soldiers in the same places. After he was almost familiar with the control, he began to move forward.

After all, there was only one life. If they died, there was no place to insert some coins to continue the game. So he must be careful. The cla.s.sic blood bar appeared once again. There was an energy bar as well. Standing still for a while, it would even display a message "Go". It was completely a nostalgic version of the arcade game.

Well, what else could he do? Unleas.h.i.+ng the imposing manner of The Arcade Prince that he had in the old days, he planned to clear all the levels with just "one coin".

It took Zhou Yu about ten minutes to arrive at the main burial chamber. His t.i.tle - The Arcade Prince was not a joke at all.

However, the last level was the most troublesome. After a series of rocks falling sounds, the huge BOSS, that was slowly crawling out of the coffin, looked like it was as invincible as 'Dragon Proud Sky'(1).

However, although Zhou Yu was not the type of game masters that pursued completing games while having zero damage taken, his ability to clear all the levels with only just one coin should not be underestimated as well. Under the combo attacks and the bombardment of various items, the golden-colored zombie was burned to finally ashes.

What came next was the game completion cutscene. After rescuing the stonemason monkey that was trapped in an iron cage, they still had time to take away the treasures of the tomb - The Misty Rain Stone. Then the ceiling of the tomb began to fall and the entire tomb started to collapse. The three people quickly rushed out at the fastest speed.

Normally, in many Hollywood blockbusters, the protagonists could definitely escape from dangers, but this game seemed to have a different approach. When the three people arrived at the cave entrance, they couldn't open the locked door in any way. Seeing they were hugging each other in despair and swearing to be brothers again in the next life, Zhou Yu raised the hoe and said. "Brother Hoe, it's your show time!"

Picking up the hoe, he dug and hack as quick as he could. Since there was a screen, he was not afraid of any accidental injuries.

It didn't take long for the tunnel to be dug through. The two brothers who escaped from the danger were still hugging each other while crying. Only the old immortal crane was still very calm. After taking out the Fly-whisk to remove the dust from his body, his demeanor of a transcendent being did not reduce any.

"I didn't expect that the magic, that I cast out before I pa.s.sed out, was successful, and you did a good job, Boy Zhou."

It turned out, that the control screen was a magic, that was cast out by the old immortal crane, which also seemed to be the old immortal crane's last resort. And Zhou Yu also successfully solved the crisis with one of his only a few '"talents" - playing games.

King Tomb was completely destroyed. Even the entrance of the tomb was destroyed badly, let alone the internal of the tomb. But he had to leave here quickly. Otherwise, he would not be able to explain to other people what he was doing, if they saw this. Using a hoe to dig a hole on the ground constantly, they would probably think that there was a treasure underneath the ground,

After returning home, the two brothers, of course, had many things to talk about. The old immortal crane liked to keep things clean. So he couldn't wait to return to the temple to bathe and change his clothes, and Zhou Yu just proceeded to check his loot from this trip.

A Misty Rain Stone, a stonemason monkey, a Kung Fu master.

The name of the Misty Rain Stone sounded like some precious stones. However, in the eyes of reality, it was just a normal pebble. The whole pebble was in light blue with some black silk patterns on it. From the artistic point of view, it could be used as a display item, but from the business point of view, it would not worth anything.

Changing to the eye of The ACG world, a line of text appeared out of thin air.

Misty Rain Stone: an environmental item, triggers a misty rain effect in a large area at a fixed time, and all plants within the range will gain buff by one level.

'Hmm, this is a good item. Whether it is potted plants or some Talent Seeds like Idol Flower Seed, they can all use this in the future.'

Now it was time to check the stats of those two new citizens of the ACG world


1. Dragon Proud Sky
龙傲天, Long Aotian, Dragon Proud Sky

Internet language, usually used to mock the main characters of some novels, animations or comics. A type of commonly criticized character because their character traits are the opposite of their image and the content along with the writing skill of the author's are on the weak side. Now it is commonly used to mock those types of main characters in novels, animations and comics who are very strong from the beginning, do things without common sense and don't use their heads but are able to easily get rid of the enemy using their main character aura. All in all, you can think of them as the male version of “Mary Sue” (Also called Tom Sue in the country), in the eyes of some people they are detestable existences just like the male MCs of low level harem animes. read more here about dragon proud sky

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