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Chapter 48 The War Of Soybean Pudding

Stonemason Monkey could make stone items, unlock the stonemason profession, unlock building: Stonemason's Hut, Stone Carving Factories, and related building upgrades. Alcohol Gang's Leader Hong Lao (Temporary Residence), needs a bottle of red wine every day. If there is no brewery, he will leave one month later.

Holy s.h.i.+t, this d.a.m.n old drunkard only took the temporary residence permit. He didn't become a formal villager. And because it was only the temporary residence, it didn't unlock any professions or buildings. He was simply here to get free meals. Moreover, a bottle of red wine a day?! He was simply the most difficult citizen of the ACG world to please.

The brewery used to be sold in the vending machine, and the price of it was not high, roughly three hundred to four hundred Moe Coins.

However, at that time, he didn't know it was a necessary building for a special villager, so he didn't buy it. But now he could only pray for it to appear again in one month.

Looking at the stonemason monkey, after two days' rest, it finally recovered itself and came to Zhou Yu's house to thank him.

In fact, it didn't need to thank him. After all, the most important treasure of the tomb was kept in the Taoist Temple now. And since then, the mini village inside the gla.s.s greenhouse would have Misty Rain in every morning as if it was the town in Jiang Nan. (1) The dreamlike beautiful scenery was really fascinating. Luckily, other people could not see it. Otherwise, it would be a very strange natural phenomenon.

But that was not what Zhou Yu was interested in. What he was interested in, at the moment, was that if he could get the old dragon king and the chubby third dragon Prince back or not. However, the stonemason monkey just shook its head and said, "I don't have enough ability to build a beautiful dragon palace. Unless you can find my master Lapis Lazuli Artisan. However, he always likes to move around. So I don't know where he is now."

This Old Dragon King really made Zhou Yu feel helpless. Complaining about the wooden house would rot after it was soaked in the water, and the stone house was too shabby, he only wanted to live in the palace that was built by Lapis Lazuli. The n.o.ble races like the dragon race was truly difficult to satisfy.

Although it didn't meet the old dragon king's requirements, it met the carpenter beaver's requirements. So plus the stonemason monkey and the temporary resident - The Old Drunkard, the mini village had three more citizens.


Gao Shu's career was extremely smooth now. The success of The War Of Luhua Village brought so many opportunities to him. He was currently focusing on looking for partners to sell the peripheral products of the game such as gaming character figures etc… But he still wanted to urge The Brothel Taoist to start developing the next game as soon as possible.

It was a shame that he couldn't contact the team directly himself. He had to reply on Zhou Yu, who didn't even seem to care much about the development team, to pa.s.s the message. And every time he would get the same response - "still discussing".

Today, as usual, Gao Shu sent another message to Zhou Yu to ask about the progress. Originally, he thought that it would take Zhou Yu very long to reply, just like what he normally did. But surprisingly, Zhou Yu replied immediately. And the content of the response really made Gao Shu want to choke Zhou Yu to death.

"The new game has been completed. The War Of Soybean Pudding is currently being uploaded to the site."

"What the h.e.l.l!? It has already been completed? Two days ago you were still saying that they were still discussing. But now they even gave you the completed product? Are you joking me?"

Gao Shu's frustration was understandable. However, having a new team that didn't follow the normal rules really left him with no other choice, but to tolerate them as much as he could. He had to learn to be patient with them. Otherwise, sooner or later, he would lose his mind working with them. Anyway, since the new game was ready, he had to check out the new game.

Surprisingly, the new game was an online game!

Gao Shu almost shouted it out. Although online games were indeed much more profitable than offline games, wouldn't it be a little bit rush to change their business model so quick? Or Maybe The Brothel Taoist had two development teams? One was responsible for making offline games and the other one was responsible for making online games? Otherwise, how could they make games so quickly?

I'm Crazy Over Otaku also had online game sections. There were also many indie online game development teams. So the relevant process had already matured. What they did first was to set up an internal testing server to test the game. If it was a browser-based online game, it would normally take a day or two to decide whether they wanted to sign the game or not. However, if they needed to download a client to install the game, then it would take longer.

The War Of Soybean Pudding was the second one. Its idea was fairly interesting. Borrowing the argument of taste the soybean pudding and made it into a game. Whether it was the idea or the actual gameplay, they all looked like a spoof. But most importantly, it was no longer The Luhua village series. Originally, he was worried that the Taoist team might want to develop another Luhua village game.

After entering the game, the player needed to first select a party. At the moment, there were only Sweet Party and Salty Party. However, there were some other parties that were currently shown in black figures. Perhaps, those parties would be shown in the future updates. After selecting the party, what appeared first was a short CG, and although every party had a different CG, they were all very funny.

The Sweet Party's CG was in a very magnificent military school. Facing the group of young and enthusiastic young people, a bald headmaster spoke in excitement. The scene was very serious, but the speech was funny as h.e.l.l. "My students, soybean puddings must be sweet. This is the only truth in the world. Send all those who dare to defy this truth to the G.o.d of soybean Pudding!"

The CG of the Salty Party was in a ravine, and a troop that dressed in the less gorgeous uniform than The Sweet Party, but had high morale, was currently under their commander's inspection.

In the heavy snow, the troop still stood up straight. The commander who had a slicked-back hairstyle had an impressive imposing aura when he appeared. "Comrades, since the ancient time, soybeans puddings have been salty! Let's make the ignorant sweet party understand this truth!"

The CG that made by the Taoist team was undoubtedly good. The sweet party's military school was magnificent. And the student's military uniform was also very pretty. The big word ‘sweet' that was on their military caps directly displayed which faction they were.

In the lofty mountains and heavy snows, the base of the salty troop had another kind of majestic beauty. And similarly, they also chose to write the word 'salty' on their military caps.

After the CG was the gameplay, this was an orthodox vehicle-based war game. There were three types of vehicles: air vehicles, naval vehicles, and ground vehicles. The basic gameplay was not much different from the vehicle-based war game on the current market. The biggest highlight was the various types of vehicles.

Checking the vehicles for the ground battle, the sweet party had Sugar Cube Heavy Tank, Ice Cream Cone Medium Tank, Sweat Bean Light Tank in the early stage…

In terms of the tech tree, there were more than dozens of different types of tanks. Even the Salty Party was also the same. Not only was the name changed, but the models were also different. Both parties had also advantages and disadvantages.

Entering the battlefield, there were intrparty ranking match and different parties territory capturing mode. The number of opponents was different in different maps and different modes.

After playing a few around, Gao Shu was relieved. The Taoist's online game development team was also extremely good. It would not damage the toast's reputation at all. Although he was a bit worried about switching the business models, with this quality, it was still worth taking a risk.

However, what he didn't know was that there were four other games also called the war of soybean in Zhou Yu's computer.


1. Jiang Nan is said to be the most beautiful area in China. Something like the picture below

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