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Chapter 46 The Stonemason Monkey

Zhou Yu knew where Shang Yuan village was. He also knew the mountain that was mentioned in the letter. Because he went to that place with Yang Kuai to do his Profession Awakening Quest before.

He just didn't expect that Beaver's senior brother's so-called "I want to see the world" was actually just checking out the neighboring villages and the mountain in the neighboring village.

Zhou Yu wanted to laugh. But doing it in front of beaver, who was currently extremely worried, seemed to be inappropriate. So he had to hold it.

But then again, looking for a citizen of the ACG world inside a mountain would be extremely difficult. Especially when the letter just simply mentioned in the north. The area that he needed to search was too big.

"How about this. There are some citizens of the ACG world in Shang Yuan village as well. Let's go ask for some information from them first before we start to search for your senior brother inside the mountain. Otherwise, without any leads, who knows when we can find your senior brother."

Zhou Yu's suggestion was accepted by Beaver. Then both of them headed to Shang Yuan village.

On the entrance of the village, Zhou Yu met Xiao Hua again. She was still playing with her bear doll. But this time, she was playing with her friend. She also seemed to remember Zhou Yu as well. As soon as she saw him, she quickly came to him and asked why brother hero didn't come with him.

Looking at the simple and innocent Moe little girl, Zhou Yu couldn't bear to tell her that her hero Yang Kuai had already become an old man. He could only euphemistically said that her brother hero was busy with work now. So there was no time for him to go on an adventure.

It was better to stop her from fantasizing about the prince charming now. Otherwise, what if the person who rode a white horse was a grandpa, then it would be tragic.

Beaver took out a lifelike monkey statue and asked two little girls, "kids, have you seen this man before?"

Xiao Hua shook her head and said that she didn't know. But another little girl said, "I know, I know… He went to The Pub to look for grandpa Drunkard, and had a drink with him before he went up to the mountain."

Great! As long as there was a lead, they just need to follow it.

The pub that the little girl mentioned was, in fact, a restaurant that sells soya milk and grilled buns, etc... Of course, they also sell alcohol as well.

Zhou Yu just happened to leave home empty stomach early this morning. So they stayed in the restaurant and ordered something to eat while waiting for the Drunkard.

Fortunately, they didn't wait for long until they saw an old man with a rosacea nose staggered into the restaurant. He was heading towards a muscular man, who had just asked a bottle of beer and sat at a table next to Zhou Yu's table.

The old man crouched on the muscular man's shoulder and took out a long straw. He directly put the straw into the better bottle and began to drink better from straw.

'Holy s.h.i.+t, an ACG creature that could interact with the things from the real world?'

It was an irreversible law, that the ACG world couldn't interact with the real world. However, this Drunkard was clearly enjoying the beer from the bottle. He even had those typical beer hiccups.

Seeing that, Zhou Yu really wanted to walk over and check if the beer in the bottle became less or not. If it really did, then it would be a great discovery.

But that muscular man was still eating. Walking over now to check the bottle, was clearly looking for trouble.

Zhou Yu wanted to wait. However, Beaver was worried about its senior brother. It couldn't wait for the old Drunkard to finish the beer at all.

It quickly flew over to the old Drunkard and said hurriedly, "Mister, why did my senior brother look for you yesterday? What did you two talk about? Please tell me. He is currently missing. I urgently need to find him."

The old Drunkard was obviously not happy that someone disturbed him while he was drinking. He quickly wrested his shoulders away from Beaver's tight grab and dashed to the door.

Real Kung Fu masters often existed amongst commoners, and this drunkard was clearly real Kung Fu master hiding in plain sight!

Seeing the lead was about to escape, Zhou Yu quickly shouted to the owner of the restaurant, who was currently busy doing something, "Boss! One bottle of beer please!"

The old Drunkard suddenly stopped. Looking at the bottle of beer that was served to Zhou Yu, he made an audible swallowing sound. In the end, he still couldn't resist the temptation of the beer and returned to Zhou Yu's table.

Zhou Yu didn't drink. But he took a small sauce plate and poured some beer into the plate. Pus.h.i.+ng the sauce plate towards the old Drunkard, Zhou Yu nodded his head to signal that he could drink it.

"You are a good young man. Unlike that little carpenter over there, didn't know how to respect elders at all."

When the old drunkard finished speaking, he took the straw out again and started to drink the beer from the plate. Zhou Yu clearly saw that the beer in the plate did not decrease at all. But from the slurping noises he made when he was drinking the beer, it was as if he was drinking something extremely tasty.

"I know what you are thinking young man. This is The Alcohol Gang's secret treasure - The Dimensional Straw. It can turn the real world alcohol into the alcohol that we can also drink it. There is only one in this world!"

The old drunkard finally solved Zhou Yu's confusion.

"The monkey you are looking for indeed talked to me before. He wanted to find the legendary Misty Rain Stone in King Tomb, in the north of the mountain Gong. That is the most important treasure of King Tomb. It is not easy to get it at all. So I declined. Probably that young man was so bold that he went there alone."

'Holy s.h.i.+t, Beaver's senior brother is also a tomb raider!? And he is raiding a King Tomb!'

Although Zhou Yu didn't know about the history of this area. But if there was a king buried here in the past, how could he not know about it? So clearly, it was the tomb in the ACG world. And based on their average heights, the tomb probably wouldn't be big.

If that was the case, then there was nothing he could do to help them, since he couldn't squeeze into a tiny hole. Unless they needed him to use heavy machinery to dig out the entire tomb. However, Zhou Yu was worried about Beaver going alone. What if it was trapped inside as well? That would not be worth it at all.

What if there were ghosts and demons? He had to get the old immortal crane as well.

He quickly returned home and invited the old immortal crane to join them. He also brought an ACG World's Hoe with him as well, in case if he needed to dig something.

'Healer needed for King Tomb Dungeon. Hurry up! Three people are waiting! We have great DPS!' Zhou Yu suddenly remembered the time he when he played MMOs. This was exactly like the preparation that he used to do at the entrance of every dungeon.

The mountain Gong was still that majestic. But this time, there was someone leading the way, so he would not take some unnecessary detours.

After Zhou Yu offered a bucket of beers, the old Drunkard finally agreed to lead the way. But he insisted that he would not enter the tomb.

It was not worth to die for just a bucket of beers. At worst, he would just scrounge free beer at the restaurant like what he usually did.

Despite that, Zhou Yu still agreed. Because he still wanted to lure the old Drunkard into his flower greenhouse. It was very rare for him to meet a Kung Fu master, if he could learn some skills from him, he would be able to "take revenge" on those small beasts!

After the deal was done, Zhou Yu left the restaurant with the old Drunkard and headed towards King Tomb.

In the restaurant, the female owner was looking at Zhou Yu with confused expressions all over her face. On his table, all the beers inside the bucket were opened. But this young man didn't drink any. And he didn't even plan to take any away.

It was truly a weirdo.

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