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The biggest support for the Regal Guards to control the Imperial Palace was the hidden master, who was the master of Liu Xingshen. He had been hit out of the Imperial Palace by the silver-haired man before they fought in the West Garden. Since both of them were in the Spiritual Master Realm, they made quite a big noise. However, they did not disrupt the battle in the Palace since their battlefield was far away.

When Li Ye killed Liu Xingshen, the Chang'an City went into chaos. As soon as the conspiracy took place, the Regal Guards camping outside of the city had received an order. Countless well-equipped infantries and cavalries poured into the city. They marched all the way to the major gate of the Imperial Palace without obstacles since the security of the city lying in their hands.

The troops securing the major gate belonged to Li Yan and w.a.n.g Jian. A fierce battle took place. The Regal Guards sent out their cultivators to tear the line of defense, helping the guards to seize the city. Li Yan's troop defended the gate firmly. Some of the master hands took off to get into the city. But they were intercepted by the master hands from Li Yan's side.

Li Ye looked around as he walked back holding Liu Xingshen's head. With Song Jiao's leading, the Black Office was still fighting the master hands of the Regal Guards. The guards of the Prince An's Manor were also fighting a b.l.o.o.d.y battle, trying their best to expand their controlled range. The number of Regal Guards in the Imperial Palace was big enough to turn the battle white-hot. Men were falling down every now and then.

The situation had turned clear at the moment.

Thanks to the Golden Spiritual Pill, Li Ye's cultivation had jumped to Level 8 in Qi-refining, which was the highest in the battlefield. As for the ability to fight, Li Ye was certainly the best since he had beaten Liu Xingshen.

However, when Li Ye was fighting Liu Xingshen, Li Yan, who had no followers of Level 9 in Qi-refining, was unpleasantly situated. Because Han Wenyue had joined in the battle. The situation became even more critical when the guards inside the city and the Regal Guards outside the city came together to the Imperial Palace.

If Li Yan's troop were defeated or failed to secure the Imperial City, Li Ye would not genuinely succeed even if he had controlled the Imperial Palace as long as one of the Lieutenants of the Regal Guards survived.

Li Ye raised his head occasionally and saw 3 blue s.h.i.+ning ribbons lighting up the sky over the south of the Imperial Palace. The 3 ribbons fell down in succession to 3 particular places. Clouds and thunders appeared with the ribbons. The thunders dropped with the ribbons. The south of the Imperial Palace was on fire. There were explosions shaking heaven and earth, and broken wood pieces and tiles flying in all directions.

Li Ye certainly recognized those 3 swords.

He had seen them in the Sanqingguan on the Niushou Mountain.

Insects Awakening Sword showed up like thunder and the Three Buyue swords drove the enemy home.

After that, there came a shrilling and angry yell, which belonged to Han Wenyue, "Nangong Diyi! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you work with the rebels and joined in the conspiracy? Since when the Imperial Astronomical Observatory had become the lackey of power?"

Nangong Diyi's lazy and casual voice followed, "No matter how much you say, you will die by my sword today!"

In Li Ye's vision, he saw Han Wenyue rush back from the south of the Imperial Palace, holding his wounded shoulder. At that time, Han Wenyue felt his eyes and looked back. He turned pale immediately and shouted in grief. For a cultivator of Level 9 on the Great Completion Stage in Qi-refining, it was not difficult for him to clearly see the head in Li Ye's hand.

Li Ye didn't and wouldn't waste his time. He threw Liu Xingshen's head to a nearby cultivator of the Black Office. Toward Han Wenyue, who fled back like a disowned dog, Li Ye took off and smashed the Luke Sword onto Han Wenyue's head!

"Li Ye!" Han Wenyue shouted hysterically, with anger, shock and fear. Liu Xingshen's death was out of his expectation, which also made him understand his own situation. Having been badly hurt by the Three Buyue swords of Nangong Diyi, Han Wenyue struggled to wave his spiritual sword toward Li Ye.

The two blue ribbons. .h.i.t each other in the sky and disappeared in an explosion. Han Wenyue knew that the old man of the Spiritual Master Realm was at the north of the Imperial Palace. So he couldn't wait to go there to gather with him. That was the only way for him to survive. Therefore, even though he had spit a mouthful of blood after waving that sword, Han Wenyue rushed to Li Ye anyway.

"Get out of my way or die!" Han Wenyue shouted. His hideous face looked like a demon. The spiritual sword smashed down again. Han Wenyue treated death like returning home and pressed forward courageously. If Li Ye wouldn't avoid, the two people would hit each other. The result would be uncertain.

Han Wenyue knew that he could not stop. He had already slowed down by warding off Li Ye's attack. There was also Nangong Diyi following closely. If he failed to break out of the Imperial Palace, he would die at any time. Hence, he fight at all costs!

Li Ye withdrew the Luke Sword. He made the Acalanatha Seal on his chest and pushed a huge character of "Lin" toward Han Wenyue.

When being covered by the character of "Lin", Han Wenyue was stuck as if he was caught in a huge web. Suddenly he felt the extreme coldness surrounded him. It felt like a basin of cold water pouring from the head. He knew that was the signal of death. He shouted in fear!

Before Han Wenyue broke out of the chain, there came the continuous attacks of Sword Qi behind him. One sword broke his life-saving magic tool. Another sword hit his body. Han Wenyue's body burst out a blood mist in the sky. He fell down, screaming horribly, when the third sword came.

With a boom, Han Wenyue's body exploded before falling to the ground, like a broken winter melon!

Han Wenyue was definitely dead.

So far, both the left and right Lieutenants of the Regal Guards had died in the Imperial Palace!

Nangong Diyi dressed in a white gown decorated with moon and stars, held the white long Awaken Sword and wore a painting-scroll-like long hair. He stepped to the front of Li Ye and withdrew his Awaken Sword. Looking around, Nangong Diyi appeared curious, "Where is Liu Xingshen?"

"Dead," Li Ye answered.

"Dead?" Nangong Diyi was shocked, "So soon?"

Li Ye called over the cultivator who was holding the head and showed to Nangong Diyi, "Here's his head."

Nangong Diyi took over Liu Xingshen's head and checked carefully for proof of fakeness. Then he returned the head and measured Li Ye with his eyes and gave a thumb up to Li Ye, "Well done!"

Li Ye asked, "How is it going in the south?"

Nangong Diyi said, "It certainly went well when I was around. The major reinforcement of the Regal Guards hasn't come. Their advance-guard has been kept outside the walls."

Li Ye nodded, "Your Three Buyue swords were extraordinary even if Han Wenyue could not manage them."

"Sure!" Nangong Diyi waved his hand and raised his chin proudly.

Li Ye's eyes turned weird, "Are you ok?"

"Are you kidding me? I'm..." Nangong Diyi raised his chin even higher when he suddenly stopped. After trying to hold his body still for a while, Nangong Diyi finally fail and began to vomit blood.

Li Ye's expression slightly changed. He stepped forward to hold Nangong Diyi right away, "You've hurt badly."

"Are you kidding me? It was the Lieutenant of the Regal Guards. It was not easy to deal with..." Nangong Diyi turned his head and gave Li Ye a look. He seemed proud anyway. Then he stopped talking and started to vomit blood again.

"You are vomiting blood like throwing up your dinner. How bad are the wounds? Be careful and do not throw up your guts." Li Ye was kidding indeed.

Finally finis.h.i.+ng vomiting, Nangong Diyi took a long sigh of relief and his face was pale. He was not feeling well but his eyes got weirder, "Though you had the Golden Spiritual Pill, it was still Liu Xingshen. You really defeated him which was amazing!"

Speaking of the Golden Spiritual Pill, Li Ye's eyes got sharp, "It won't last for long. I must go to the north to help before it runs out."

The fight between 2 master hands at the Spiritual Master Realm left no chance for a cultivator of Level 8 in Qi-refining to intervene. Since Nangong Diyi had been hurt badly, Li Ye was the only one that could help.

"Find Li Cui in the Sleeping Palace and make him give the Imperial edict to appoint Li Yan as the Heir Prince. Explain to him everything about tonight... even if he is in a coma, you should carry him to the Changle Gate. Since Liu Xingshen and Han Wenyue has died, Li Yan can get the Regal Guards to pull back with the help of Li Cui. Then we will succeed," Li Ye said to Nangong Diyi.

"You just go. Leave everything here to me." Nangong Diyi waved his hand, pretending he was fine.

Li Ye didn't say much before rushed to the West Garden right away.

In the palace, the battle continued. With the help of Song Jiao's skill of Coldness of Yi River, the Black Office and the guards of Prince An's Manor began to gain the advantage. Before, Song Jiao did not use the Coldness of the Yi River against Liu Xingshen because her cultivation was not high enough to control the counterpart. Once she was defeated and got hurt, the Black Office and the guards of Prince An's Manor would lose the cultivation method that put pressure in a broad range. It would make the battle harder.

Song Jiao did not fight Liu Xingshen. That was the plan.

By the time when Liu Xingshen and Han Wenyue died, Li Ye didn't need to worry about the situation in the Imperial Palace. Only sending the message around could make the Regal Guards in the Imperial Palace collapse even if they didn't surrender.

The only thing uncertain was the result of the fight between the 2 master hands at the Spiritual Master Realm.

There were plants all over the West Garden. The woods were thick. The view was beautiful with hills and lakes all in the garden. As Li Ye was approaching the West Garden, he saw the bright white light of a mushroom cloud raising from within the garden walls. The white light spread over dozens of meters. The destroyed woods could be seen clearly in the white light.

Since the transmigration, Li Ye had not experienced such strong fluctuation of Spiritual Qi. He was quite clear that it was not easy even for the cultivators at the beginning stage of Spiritual Master Realm to make such an explosion.

Then there was the silent dark night in the West Garden.

Li Ye jumped into the West Garden and saw a huge hole on the ground, which was sunken in the center and shallow at the margin. Beside the hole, there stood the silver-haired man. He was standing still. His gown cuffs were waving in the wind.

Li Ye walked to him.

"Here you come," the silver-haired man spoke in a calm tone. Nothing indifferent nor affectionate was in his voice. Like the flowing clouds in the sky, it was emotionless.

Li Ye stood behind him with silence for a while. Then he nodded, "Yes, here I am."

"You are in time," the silver-haired man said.

Li Ye said, "Still after you."

The silver-haired man was silent for a while and said, "The old fellow escaped with a bad wound. He won't be a threat in at least 3 years."

Li Ye nodded and asked, "How's your wound?"

"All my cultivation is like the flowing clouds," the blue-gowned man told the truth in peace.

Li Ye was shocked. He certainly understood its meaning.

"Could you do me a favor?" the blue-gowned man asked, "send me back."

Li Ye smiled, "Back to Prince An's Manor?"

"You knew it?" Li Xian stunned a little and then shook his head, "Back to the Splendid Pavilion."

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