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Even if he had been weakened a lot, the power of this strike was still far greater than that of an ordinary master. The walls on both sides collapsed because of that power.

"That's where you are going!" Li Ye stomped his front foot heavily on the ground and jumped up. The Luke Sword was raised over his head and then smashed down!

The Sword Qi hit the light of fist!

One was Li Ye's strike in his full bloom. The other was Liu Xingshen's struggle in his low time.

With a boom, the light of his fist exploded and broke into pieces, while the Sword Qi hit Liu Xingshen with its remaining power!

A stream of blood ejected from Liu Xingshen's mouth. His body flew backward fast, like a kite with a broken string, and smashed the walls and buried in the sinking earth.

Li Ye continued to forge ahead. He struck again with his sword. The Sword Qi was targeting Liu Xingshen who fell on the ground.

Liu Xingshen would die for sure if he got hit by this strike!

He was full of desperation. With his body shaking, Liu Xingshen opened his b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and couldn't wait to shout toward the palace, "Help me, master!"

A snort sounded suddenly as if it came from the ancient times, bringing the endless vicissitudes of the years.

At the same time, a huge pressure fell onto Li Ye's shoulder. It was as heavy as the Mount Tai. Li Ye was stopped at once. He withdrew the Luke Sword and looked at the palace.

There appeared a person on the roof of the Sleeping Palace, who was standing with his hands clasped behind his back. A full moon was at his back. His long cuffs were fluttering.

"I have reached the Spiritual Master Realm!"

He talked lightly to the Imperial Palace with a condescending manner.

At that moment, countless eyes were attracted by the old man's voice, as if he had magic power, forcing everyone to face him. He was standing on the roof of the Sleeping Palace as if he were standing in the center of the world, overlooking all.

"How dare you guys break into the Imperial Palace? You all deserve to die!"

The old man's voice was peaceful without senses of sadness or joy, but it was filled with majesty. The pressure disturbed everyone's breath. Some of the cultivators with lower cultivation even dropped to their knees directly.

Li Ye felt as if he were on the edge of the abyss. The pressure on him was several times stronger than that on others.

He had heard from Tian Lingzi before, that there was a super master hand hiding in the Imperial Palace. He was extremely powerful and almost at the Foundation-building Stage. But he never thought that the master had reached the Spiritual Master Realm.

The difference between the Spiritual Master Realm and the Qi-refining Realm was poles apart.

All of Li Ye's guys, from the Black Office's cultivators to the guards of the Prince An's Manor, looked pale when hearing the old man's words. Even people like Song Jiao felt cold all over.

The higher the cultivation, the more difficult to break through. So everyone clearly understood what it meant to step to the Foundation-building Stage and reach the Spiritual Master Realm.

There was no match at all.

Even the cultivators at Level 9 in Qi-refining were taken as ants by the cultivators at Spiritual Master Realm. Moreover, among Li Ye and w.a.n.g Jing's guys, the best cultivators they got were only at Level 8.

Everyone in the team who wanted to break into the Palace was desperate and petrified as if Yama had come to get them to h.e.l.l.

The Regal Guards and the cultivators of the other side were happy as if G.o.d had come to rescue them.

"Li Ye, as one of the Imperial Clan, launched a conspiracy. It is an unpardonable crime. Kneel at once!"

As the old man spoke lightly in a peaceful tone, Li Ye felt more pressure. An invisible power was compressing him to breathe with difficulty. It was forcing him to kneel.

Li Ye appeared to feel nothing. He laughed and said to the old man, "Stop pretending to be an immortal. Does the Spiritual Master Realm really kick a.s.s?"

He didn't say that he used to be at the Spiritual Master Realm before transmigration, while he was not as proud as him.

"You are seeking for death!" the old man groaned and remotely pressed onto Li Ye with one hand.

A storm formed in the sky as if the heaven were to break down. A huge hand appeared in the clouds and pressed down to Li Ye.

All were shaking at this scene. The hand was too huge to be real and the pressure from it made everyone petrified. People could not help thinking that they were ants in front of the hand and about to be crushed at any time.

For a cultivator of Qi-refining, even the majesty of a cultivator of Spiritual Master, it was unbearable.

Li Ye was standing still with his sword in the hand. He faced the huge hand without any fear.

Of course, he felt no fear. Die again wasn't the worst.

It was possible to kill him but impossible to bend him.

As a cultivator, he even dared to die. Then there was nothing to be afraid of.

The huge hand was about to press onto Li Ye, when there came an indifferent voice, "It's not necessary for one at the Spiritual Master Realm to pretend to be an immortal."

The voice came out of nowhere but sounded quite clear to everyone. The cultivators who could hardly move under the pressure of the old man all felt ease at once because of the pressure had been released.

A slash of light was shot to the old man's eyebrows from the south.

Even though it seemed ordinary, the old man standing on the top of the Sleeping Palace withdrew his hand and waved it in front of himself. He appeared at ease but actually made quite an effort to wave off the light.

The cloud in the sky went off. The huge hand disappeared. Nothing seemed to take place but a breeze brushed everyone's face.

Someone was coming stepping in the air. He landed on the roof of a Palace one hundred steps away, confronting the old man.

Under the moonlight, the person's grey hairs looked silver. There were no decorations on his blue gown. Everything about him seemed quite ordinary.

However, the cultivator made everyone feel a sense of desolation. It was like standing in the woods in autumn and seeing the yellow leaves all over the mountain.

"Are you really at the Spiritual Master Realm?" the old man was shocked. He lowered his voice right away, "Who are you?"

The man with silver hairs and in blue gown smiled, "I'm just a guy who cares the national interest of the Tang Empire."

"If so, why you help the rebels to break into the Palace?" the old man asked in anger.

The silver-haired man waved his hands, "Cut the bulls.h.i.+t and fight."

While talking, the man stepped out. He moved to the front of the old man in a twinkle as if he was crossing the vacant s.p.a.ce. He pushed one palm ahead.

The old man pushed his palm at the same time. When the two palms. .h.i.t each other, the whole roof of the Sleeping Palace was lifted away.

The silver-haired man directly pushed the old man out of the Imperial Palace!

"Master!" Seeing that the old man was driven off, Liu Xingshen shouted in desperation. But he got no reply.

Li Ye felt strange about the silver-haired man. He didn't know the guy, but he felt familiar with him. There seemed to be a relation between them, which could not be cut off.

However, Li Ye got no time to think about it. He looked at Liu Xingshen and walked toward him.

Liu Xingshen was badly hurt. He could still fight a cultivator at the middle stage of Qi-refining, but he would be slaughtered when Li Ye was the counterpart.

Seeing Li Ye stepping over, the Lieutenant of Regal Guards, who was also the eunuch controlling the core of the Empire's government, was completely petrified as if he was drowned in the wave of the death threat. He could not stop trembling as pulling back and shouting, "Guards! Guards!"

The nearby masters of the Regal Guards gathered to help after hearing Liu Xingshen. But the cultivators who were fighting them followed closely. Song Jiao and Liu Dazheng showed up and joined Li Ye.

"Clear the path!" Li Ye ordered.

"Yes!" People replied and fought without reservations. They pestered the cultivators who were about to protect Liu Xingshen.

Li Ye held his sword and activated the Cloud-walking Boots. He came to Liu Xingshen in a twinkle and smashed down the sword!

Under the Sword Qi, Liu Xingshen was almost scared to death. Two masters of the Regal Guards beside him rushed over together.

"p.i.s.s off!" One of the cultivators blocked Li Ye's attack. However, his spiritual sword was broken by the blue Sword Qi and his body was cut into halves!

The other master rushed over with his long knife and waved horizontally to Li Ye. Li Ye used his left fist to strike out the Cloud-gathering Punch, the light of which hit the long knife. With a boom, the master flew backward, spitting blood.

Liu Xingshen ran away fast. Li Ye caught up with him and smashed his sword. Liu Xingshen turned his head and got frightened. He activated his life-saving bra.s.s bell right away. The Luke Sword hit the bra.s.s bell. The later flew backward immediately.

At that moment, the masters of the Regal Guards continuously to come over and got pestered or blocked by Li Ye's guys.

Li Ye had come to Liu Xingshen's back and waved out a stream of Sword Qi. Liu Xingshen shot a stream of Sword Qi with his finger in desperation. He had run out of strength and could not fight against the Sword Qi of the Luke Sword. Liu Xingshen vomited a mouthful of blood and fell down immediately.

Again Li Ye's sword smashed down. Liu Xingshen opened his eyes widely in fear. Another master blocked that attack and saved him timely. Liu Xingshen took a sigh of relief and struggled up to flee.

But he immediately frozen after two steps and could not lift his feet anymore. He covered his chest where his blood was pouring out. Li Ye was standing still dozens of steps behind, with his hands making an Incantation Gesture.

A flying sword penetrated Liu Xingshen's chest!

Li Ye had no more spiritual power to control a second flying sword. He held the Luke Sword and rushed over to the front of Liu Xingshen.

Liu Xingshen covered his bleeding wound and stepped backward in panic. There was no more arrogance over ants in his eyes but the fear for G.o.ds. He kept shaking his head and begged, "Prince... Prince An..."

"Stop it. Even addressing me your father is useless now." Li Ye mocked. The Luke Sword made a perfect curve as the blue Sword Qi was flying as a meteor.

Liu Xingshen's head flew away. His body fell down.

Li Ye caught the head with his left hand. He saw a stunning face on the head and laughed, "I have won in the conspiracy!"

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