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"Are you sure?"

Li Ye quirked up the corner of his mouth. The Luke Sword in his hand sparked unprecedentedly. The Cloud-walking Boots were functioning to the extreme, pus.h.i.+ng Li Ye forward, like the fierce wind pus.h.i.+ng an autumn leaf. In a split second, Li Ye came to the front of Liu Xingshen.

With the Luke Sword coming over, Liu Xingshen sunk his eyes and made a circle with his hands, just like fis.h.i.+ng in the air. The Luke Sword then got stuck in the s.p.a.ce between Liu Xingshen's hands. It began to tremble and ring since its Spiritual Qi was compressed to the extreme. It seemed to be able to go forward at any time.

As soon as he controlled the Luke Sword, Liu Xingshen had a bad feeling. He felt a coldness behind him, which he knew it was the flying sword. He got angry and shouted, "You are playing that trick again!"

The trick was simple but effective. It put Liu Xingshen in danger when Li Ye got closer. Since Liu Xingshen could not drive off Li Ye quickly, he had to take the fires from both sides.

Liu Xingshen broke out his power and pushed the Luke Sword aside while dodging. However, there were 7 flying swords coming. They had surrounded Liu Xingshen, forcing him to defend. Taking advantage of the bra.s.s bell and his cultivation at Level 9 on the Great Completion stage of Qi-refining, Liu Xingshen reluctantly smacked off several flying swords and blocked the others with incredibly high speed and accuracy.

At that time, Li Ye suddenly bit through the tip of his tongue and blew out a mouthful of blood fog, showering toward Liu Xingshen's face. The last one of the Seven Fairies had been hiding in the dark while the other 6 were attacking Liu Xingshen. It waited until found a gap and suddenly stabbed forward.

At the same time, Li Ye turned pale in the face at once because of consuming too much spirit controlling the flying swords. But he forced himself to brace up with a groan. Holding the Luke Sword with both hands, Li Ye did not let it push aside completely. Borrowing the strength of the push, he quickly waved the Luke Sword toward Liu Xingshen's throat!

Liu Xingshen avoided the blood fog and widely opened his eyes. Never did he expect such a fierce way of fighting from Li Ye, who determined to hurt the counterpart without caring for his own flaw when fighting closely. Liu Xingshen quickly avoided the coming Luke Sword and threw his fist to Li Ye's chest. He shouted hatefully, "You are dead for sure!"

The Luke Sword finally sliced quite a lot of flesh and blood off Liu Xingshen's shoulder. He frowned when he was suddenly frozen and felt a huge pain from his rids. He startled. It was the last one of the Seven Fairies' powerful strike that penetrated Liu Xingshen's left part of his waist, under all kinds of covers from Li Ye!

The flying sword could have gone for the back of Liu Xingshen. But it could not find a gap over there since the back had the key protection. On the other hand, the waist was easy to reach. Therefore, Li Ye succeeded in hurting Liu Xingshen badly, though not deadly.

Liu Xingshen's fist had hit upon Li Ye's chest at the same time. Thanks to the sneak attack by the Seven Fairies, the power of the hit had been weakened. Li Ye spit out a mouthful of blood, but his wound was not fatal.

A fit of dizziness. .h.i.t Li Ye since his spiritual burden was extremely heavy for controlling the 7 flying swords and launching a frontal attack as well. The feelings of dizziness and nausea almost made Li Ye curl his body. It was like smoking half a pack of cigarettes all in once.

But he still bit the bullet and stared with his blood-colored eyes. When hitting Li Ye in the chest with one hand, Liu Xingshen posed his other hand as claws to attack Li Ye in the throat. At that time, the Luke Sword was waved toward Liu Xingshen's throat again!

"You're insane!" Liu Xingshen did not expect that Li Ye would risk his life. He got shocked and quickly kicked Li Ye in the chest as to pull back hastily.

That kick shook Li Ye and almost made him pa.s.s out. Another stream of blood ejected from his mouth. He felt that the twirling in his guts was so strong that he would throw up. But he continued to bite his tip of tongue firmly, forcing himself to hang up. The Cloud-walking Boots were activated to push Li Ye toward Liu Xingshen. Thus the Luke Sword forged ahead further!

At the same time, Li Ye lowered his left hand naturally to the rear of his left thigh and pinched the purple hierogram of Big Dipper Invocation!

"That's suicide!" Liu Xingshen's face was distorted, looking ugly and terrifying. He forced himself to twist. His cultivation at Level 9 on the Great Completion stage of Qi-refining enabled him to dodge his vital points in the last second, with the Luke Sword skating over his left arm. At the same time, his right hand pressed down and fiercely hit Li Ye's forehead!

The Luke Sword left a deep wound in Liu Xingshen's left arm. His blood burst out.

Simultaneously, a streak of purple lightning heavily dropped down from heaven with thunder, aiming at Liu Xingshen.

Liu Xingshen's face changed, but he let the purple lightning hit him without dodging. He put all his strength in the hand which hit Li Ye's forehead. Everything he had with his cultivation of Level 9 at the Great Completion stage in Qi-refining had been put into that strike!

Meanwhile, a burning smell came out of Liu Xingshen's exploded clothes!

Such a failure made Liu Xingshen fill with anger. "You can never kill me..."

His words were interrupted by a body spasm resulted from the strike of another purple lightning onto his skull.

All of his hair was burnt out. Liu Xingshen's body was bounced out, like a burnt fish, and smashed onto the ground, leaving a big hole and the floating dust.

"This maniac intended to perish together with me!"

Liu Xingshen climbed out of the hole and held the ground, spitting a mouthful of blood.

He was like a drowned mouse, with his clothes destroyed and most of his hairs gone. There were still sparkles of the purple lightning lingering around his body, cracking every now and then. Black smoke was coming out of his clothes and hairs. Only the two bright eyes could be seen on the totally black face.

Liu Xingshen did not expect that Li Ye's will to fight had reached to such a status that he was ready to perish together. He only thought that Li Ye would pester him for a long time instead of risking his own life without warning.

Any ordinary cultivator who got two strikes from the purple hierogram of Big Dipper Invocation should have collapsed. But Liu Xingshen could still stand up, not to mention that he had been attacked fiercely by the Seven Fairies and the Luke Sword. He was really powerful.

"How dare the b.a.s.t.a.r.d throw me into such an awkward predicament! He should be torn to shreds!"

Liu Xingshen held his waist. He couldn't even walk normally. Grimacing in pain, he felt great hatred for Li Ye. On the other hand, he had to admit that he almost failed this easy task.

He had lived for so long and enjoyed such deep cultivation. It would be a huge irony if he got killed by a young lad who was wet behind the ears.

"The b.a.s.t.a.r.d was. .h.i.t in the forehead by my strike of full strength. He should be dead for sure. I let him off lightly though!"

Liu Xingshen looked around. The fight between Li Ye's troop and the Regal Guards was still going on. He struggled to stand still. As a winner, he needed a bright image. He mocked, "A conspiracy? The sucking children even want to copy Taizong. That's ridiculous!"

Liu Xingshen looked at the direction where Li Ye had fallen. He thought that it would be difficult to find his shredded body. It was a pity because he should have hung Li Ye's body over the city gate. "I will dig out that b.a.s.t.a.r.d's family grave..."

All of a sudden, Liu Xingshen opened his eyes widely. His body was frozen out of shocking. His eyes almost popped out. The shaking muscles and burning hairs also revealed his astonishment.

Not far away, there was a shadow leaning against a sword in the floating dust around the fallen walls. That shadow was staring at him!

It was Li Ye!

"Hasn't he died?! It's impossible! No way!" Liu Xingshen was petrified as if he saw a ghost.

Li Ye supported himself with the sword. He was breathing heavily. His mind was in a mess because of overloading, not to mention that he had been retching for a while just now.

Beside his feet, there was the broken jade medallion.

The jade medallion from Li Xian finally broke down after taking Liu Xingshen's strike of full strength.

When Liu Xingshen hit Li Ye's forehead, it was full of Spiritual Qi around covering everything. Besides, the blue light of the Luke Sword was similar to that of the jade medallion. Therefore Liu Xingshen did not notice the jade medallion when he still had to deal with the purple lightning.

A sense of sober came back to Li Ye. As he saw Liu Xingshen who was holding his waist, Li Ye had a flash of light in his eyes.

"He is still alive..." Li Ye had noticed that.

Then he lifted his sword, bowed his back and walked to Liu Xingshen step by step.

As his steps speeded up, Li Ye became more determined in his mind and clearer in his head. Suddenly, he became a flash of light, rus.h.i.+ng toward Liu Xingshen!

Liu Xingshen was stunned.

Li Ye was not dead!

He could still stand up!

He could still fight!

No way!

Even if Liu Xingshen almost died, Li Ye seemed to feel nothing at all!

In fact, Li Ye had been also badly hurt since the beginning of the fight. But his wounds were nothing compared to those of Liu Xingshen!

Li Ye's cost lied in controlling the flying swords by his spirit. There was no fatal wound in his body. Therefore, when he launched an attack again, he still got the full strength as in his peak times.

"I don't believe it!" Liu Xingshen doubted that Li Ye still got the full strength.

Seeing Li Ye coming over, Liu Xingshen felt that his dignity was insulted. He did not believe that as a cultivator of Level 9 on the Great Completion stage in Qi-refining, he could not kill a young man of Level 6, even when he almost lost his life.

This was beyond Liu Xingshen's estimation!

Liu Xingshen yelled toward Li Ye. He suddenly jumped up and struck his right fist to Li Ye with all of his Spiritual Qi. "I don't buy it! Go to h.e.l.l!"

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