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  • The Failed Swordsman Who Became The Strongest After Spamming The 100 Million Years Button

  • Author(s): Shuichi Tsukishima - 月島 秀一
  • GENRES: Updating
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 29-Apr-2020 08:06
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The Failed Swordsman Who Became The Strongest After Spamming The 100 Million Years Button summary:

There was a mysterious old man who approached the failed swordsman with the “100 million years b.u.t.ton”. A magic b.u.t.ton which can achieve the same effect as training for 100,000,000 years if you push it. The failed swordsman who pushed the b.u.t.ton had his doubts, but immediately felt tremendous power rising in his body. So he pushed the b.u.t.ton many times. However it was a cursed b.u.t.ton. The moment it was pushed, he was confined to the 100 million years prison of time. The first 100 years were devoted solely to training. After 1000 years he had forgotten why he swung his sword. He stopped thinking completely after 10,000 years had pa.s.sed. After 100,000,000 years he became crippled and finally managed to return to the real world. At the same time losing all his memories from the past 100 million years, the only thing that remained were his sword techniques. “I can become stronger just by pressing the b.u.t.ton!” or so he thought and pushed the b.u.t.ton many times after that. Foolishly trapping himself in that 100 million years of h.e.l.l each time. As he continued this loop, he began to think “If I destroy this world, will I get out of here?” A few billion years later, he finally escaped from the loop. This is the story of a failed swordsman trying to make a name for himself in the world.

The Failed Swordsman Who Became The Strongest After Spamming The 100 Million Years Button Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 79 Apr-29-2020
Chapter 78 Part2 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 78 Part1 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 77 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 76 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 75 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 74 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 73 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 70 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 69 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 68 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 67 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 66 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 65 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 64 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 63 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 60 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 59 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 58 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 57 Apr-27-2020
Chapter 56 Mar-12-2020
Chapter 55 Mar-11-2020
Chapter 54 Mar-11-2020
Chapter 53 Mar-11-2020
Chapter 50 Feb-28-2020
Chapter 49 Feb-27-2020
Chapter 48 Part2 Feb-27-2020
Chapter 48 Part1 Feb-27-2020
Chapter 47 Feb-21-2020
Chapter 46 Feb-19-2020
Chapter 45 Feb-17-2020
Chapter 44 Feb-17-2020
Chapter 43 Feb-17-2020
Chapter 40 Feb-17-2020
Chapter 39 Feb-17-2020
Chapter 38 Jan-31-2020
Chapter 37 Part2 Jan-31-2020
Chapter 37 Part1 Jan-27-2020
Chapter 36 Part2 Jan-24-2020
Chapter 36 Part1 Jan-24-2020
Chapter 35 Part1 Jan-20-2020
Chapter 34 Jan-20-2020
Chapter 33 Part2 Jan-17-2020
Chapter 33 Part1 Jan-15-2020
Chapter 32 Part2 Jan-13-2020
Chapter 32 Part1 Jan-11-2020
Chapter 30 Part2 Jan-10-2020
Chapter 30 Part1 Jan-10-2020
Chapter 29 Part2 Jan-10-2020
Chapter 29 Part1 Jan-02-2020
Chapter 28 Part2 Jan-02-2020
Chapter 28 Part1 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 27 Part2 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 27 Part1 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 26 Part2 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 26 Part1 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 25 Part2 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 25 Part1 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 24 Part2 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 24 Part1 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 23 Part2 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 23 Part1 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 22 Part2 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 22 Part1 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 21 Part2 Dec-16-2019
Chapter 21 Part1 Dec-15-2019
Chapter 20 Part2 Dec-15-2019
Chapter 20 Part1 Dec-15-2019
Chapter 19 Part2 Dec-15-2019
Chapter 19 Part1 Dec-13-2019
Chapter 18 Part2 Dec-13-2019
Chapter 18 Part1 Dec-12-2019
Chapter 17 Part3 Dec-12-2019
Chapter 17 Part2 Dec-11-2019
Chapter 17 Part1 Dec-11-2019
Chapter 16 Part3 Dec-11-2019
Chapter 16 Part2 Dec-11-2019
Chapter 16 Part1 Dec-10-2019
Chapter 15 Part2 Dec-09-2019
Chapter 15 Part1 Dec-09-2019
Chapter 14 Part2 Dec-08-2019
Chapter 14 Part1 Dec-08-2019
Chapter 13 Part2 Dec-08-2019
Chapter 13 Part1 Dec-03-2019
Chapter 12 Part2 Dec-03-2019
Chapter 12 Part1 Dec-03-2019
Chapter 11 Part3 Dec-03-2019
Chapter 11 Part2 Dec-03-2019
Chapter 11 Part1 Dec-03-2019
Chapter 10 Part2 Dec-03-2019
Chapter 10 Part1 Nov-18-2019
Chapter 9 Part2 Nov-15-2019
Chapter 9 Part1 Nov-13-2019
Chapter 8 Part2 Nov-11-2019
Chapter 8 Part1 Nov-11-2019
Chapter 7 Part2 Nov-06-2019
Chapter 7 Part1 Nov-06-2019
Chapter 6 Part2 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 6 Part1 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 5 Part2 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 5 Part1 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 4 Part2 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 4 Part1 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 3 Part2 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 3 Part1 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 2 Part2 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 2 Part1 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 5 Oct-22-2019
Chapter 4 Oct-22-2019
Chapter 3 Oct-22-2019
Chapter 2 Oct-22-2019
Chapter 1 Part2 Oct-22-2019
Chapter 1 Part1 Oct-22-2019
Chapter 1 Oct-22-2019
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