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Ace of the Dragon Division summary:

There’s SIS in great Britain, CIA in the US. In Huaxia, there’s Dragon Division, known as the mysterious power of the East.
When a soldier that originally failed to be selected to join, appeared on the Dragon Division’s list again, no one noticed, that this inconspicuous and humble looking guy was actually the Dragon King of the division, the one that’s most difficult to deal with.
He was a man, whose appearance gave every one existential crisis, including a fly that was consecutively caught by him with a pair of chopsticks.
Of course, this story is hilarious as well.
Xu Cheng sighed. “Shen Yao, to be honest, you are really pretty.”
“Humph.” Shen Yao snorted coldly, “Can you elaborate on that for me?”
“I don’t know how to get into details, but I can only say that when I accidentally tore your skirt today, I got a b.o.n.e.r.” >

Ace of the Dragon Division Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 860 - A bet Jun-22-2022
Chapter 852 - A clown Jun-21-2022
Chapter 822 - Idiot Jun-18-2022
Chapter 795 - Details Jun-16-2022
Chapter 793 Dec-17-2021
Chapter 792 Dec-17-2021
Chapter 791 Dec-17-2021
Chapter 790 Dec-17-2021
Chapter 789 Dec-17-2021
Chapter 788 Dec-17-2021
Chapter 741.1 Jan-04-2021
Chapter 718 - Monster Dec-16-2020
Chapter 708 - Rescue Dec-11-2020
Chapter 693 - Mr. R Dec-11-2020
Chapter 676 - Fear Dec-11-2020
Chapter 669 - Clash Dec-11-2020
Chapter 666 - I Do Dec-11-2020
Chapter 660 - Shock Dec-11-2020
Chapter 621 - Awaken Dec-11-2020
Chapter 604 - Regret Dec-11-2020
Chapter 578 - Revenge Dec-11-2020
Chapter 575 - Follow Dec-11-2020
Chapter 571 - Pursuit Dec-11-2020
Chapter 556 - Robbery Dec-11-2020
Chapter 547 - Eerie Dec-11-2020
Chapter 544 - Pirates Dec-11-2020
Chapter 490 Dec-11-2020
Chapter 422 - Pomp Dec-11-2020
Chapter 249.2 Dec-10-2020
Chapter 209 - Kiting Dec-10-2020
Chapter 206 - Ready Dec-10-2020
Chapter 200 Dec-10-2020
Chapter 192 - Let Me Dec-10-2020
Chapter 190 Dec-10-2020
Chapter 182 Dec-10-2020
Chapter 178 - I Do! Dec-10-2020
Chapter 168 - Promise Dec-10-2020
Chapter 125 - Bait Dec-10-2020
Chapter 90 - Gambling Dec-10-2020
Chapter 80 - Control Dec-10-2020
Chapter 50 - Revenge Dec-10-2020
Chapter 32 - A Favor Dec-10-2020
Chapter 24 - Hello Dec-10-2020
Chapter 21 - Deadlock Dec-10-2020
Chapter 12 - Blocked Dec-10-2020
Chapter 6 - 2 Women Dec-10-2020
Chapter 5 - Roommate Dec-10-2020
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