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Chapter 864: Tevez’s invitation

Xu Cheng looked at the determined Lin chuxue and sighed.””It’s different now, little Xue. ” “What’s different?” Lin chuxue stared at him and said,”the same!” My heart is still the same. ” “No, it’s different this time,” Xu Cheng faintly said,”the opponents this time are unprecedentedly powerful. They are the most terrifying and powerful organization in the world. Fighting them is no different from fighting against a powerful country. No matter how many people there are, they can’t help me. I can only take one step at a time, do you understand?” I’m the same, Xu Cheng has always been the same. It’s because I still keep my promise to you that I don’t want you to get involved. I don’t want the same thing to happen again, do you understand? I can only continue down this path. If I give up or get tired, I will die! I have no way out!” Lin chuxue’s face was filled with panic.”Who did you offend?” “Freemasonry!” Xu Cheng said word by word. Lin chuxue didn’t know much about this organization, so she was a little confused. Xu Cheng turned around and walked back to the sh.o.r.e as he said,””You don’t understand this organization. As long as it’s a capitalist country, their people are in the political world. All the policies are centered around their capital. Even the president will disappear if you stop them from making money. As long as the war is beneficial to their interests, they will not hesitate to wage war. More than one-third of the world’s capital is in their hands. They have millions of members, and each of them has a.s.sets in the hundreds of millions.” “But why did you provoke them?” Lin chuxue didn’t understand and asked curiously. Xu Cheng sighed.”Xiaoxue, I’ve always had a secret that I wanted to tell you. After I tell you this secret, you can then make the decision to continue being with me.” Do you still remember that I once told you that I have a group of brothers who have gone through thick and thin with me?” Lin chuxue nodded.”I remember. They came to save me before. I can see that they were all willing to die for you.” “That’s right, only these brothers are willing to fight alongside me! I would like to introduce them to you. ” Xu Cheng said. Lin chuxue suddenly felt sad.”I can tell that they don’t seem to like me. I think I’ll pa.s.s.” “They won ‘t. They really want to see you,” Xu Cheng faintly smiled.”After you see them, you can choose to follow me. Or you can choose to leave. It’s up to you.” Lin chuxue slightly nodded. “Okay, but you have to promise me that you won’t leave me from now on.” “Sure, but you have to keep a distance from me. I’ve changed my ident.i.ty, but there are many people watching you. If you get too close to me, my ident.i.ty will be exposed.” Xu Cheng said. Lin chuxue understood.”Okay, let’s go. Come home with me.” Then, she grabbed Xu Cheng’s big hand and walked back home, not giving him a chance to let go. Xu Cheng still let go of her hand. “I’m going to get angry!”Lin chuxue said with her cheeks puffed up. Xu Cheng: “we have guests. Tevez, be careful.” Lin chuxue rolled her eyes at Xu Cheng.”Next time you let go, I’ll divorce you!” After saying that, she walked in front. Tevez was already sitting in the living room of his home. He hadn’t seen Lin chuxue for a long time, and his eyes were still s.h.i.+ning when he saw her. “Long time no see, Nicole.” Tevez stood up and greeted him with a smile.””You’re even more beautiful than before. ” “Thank you,” he said. Lin chuxue also greeted him, and after sitting down, she asked curiously,””How did you find me?” “It’s the address that uncle and Auntie gave me. They know that I’m doing business in Shangcheng, but they couldn’t contact you, so they were worried about your safety, so they asked me to come and take a look. I followed the address and came here. They’re very worried about you and said that they can’t contact you or your husband. ” As he spoke, he looked at bei Shan and the others behind Lin chuxue, probably because he was a little guilty and afraid of being seen through. Xu Cheng stood behind Lin chuxue and asked bei Shan in a low voice,””Is there any problem with his ident.i.ty?” “There’s no problem with his ident.i.ty. He has indeed been staying in China. We have also investigated and he has never partic.i.p.ated in any espionage activities before. So, there should be no problem for him to come to find Xiaoxue this time.” Bei Shan said. Xu Cheng nodded and continued to read. Lin chuxue was really sorry to her parents, and she said,””There was an accident earlier and it wasn’t convenient to pick up the phone, so I couldn’t get a call in. Sorry to trouble you to make a trip down.” “It’s no trouble at all. Auntie asked me to do it. It’s no trouble at all. ” “Oh, right,” Tevez asked tentatively.”Where’s your husband?” Lin chuxue, Xu Cheng, and everyone else on the scene became alert. “Why are you looking for him?” Lin chuxue asked curiously. “It’s nothing. He screwed me over the last time. ” Tevez laughed bitterly and tried to act more natural.””It’s about the shares transfer at the casino. After my family found out about it, they made me stay here and not allow me to go home. I can only stay here and eat and wait for death.” What he said was right, and the information that bei Shan found also matched. “Unfortunately, he died.” Lin chuxue said dejectedly. In terms of acting skills, she was a movie queen. “Dead?” Tevez’s acting wasn’t bad either, and he was surprised.””What happened? Does uncle and Auntie know about this?” “That’s why I didn’t dare to answer the phone and tell them. ” Lin chuxue bitterly smiled. “Let’s just let them know. ” “You can’t hide this,” Tevez said. Also, when do you plan to return to United Kingdom? Since your husband is dead, do you want to stay here and live?” “Of course.” Lin chuxue said,”he still has a lot of properties here, and I need to take care of them. Also, a married woman is like water that has been poured out. It’s impossible to take it back. It’s not appropriate to go back to your mother’s house.” “No, what I mean is …” Tevez hesitated, you’re still young … You should think about it. No one will despise you, like me. ” Xu Cheng was speechless. You’re trying to poach my woman right in front of me? Lin chuxue heard Xu Cheng’s clenched fist making ‘giggle’ sounds behind her, and the corner of her mouth unconsciously twitched, but she quickly covered it up. “No need. I’ve never thought of remarrying. I want to live up to my marriage with my husband for the rest of my life.” Tevez: “you’ll be very tired if you’re alone. You don’t have a child with him, so you don’t have to do this for him. It’s not that I don’t respect your husband, but I’m telling the truth. Don’t be in a hurry to reject me. Think about it.” Then, he looked at the time and continued,””Why don’t we go for a meal together? We haven’t seen each other for a few years. I know a British restaurant that’s very authentic. I’m sure you’ll like it. ” “Alright.” Lin chuxue smiled.”I’m going to change my clothes. Wait for me.” Tevez was overjoyed. Bei Shan, the J of diamonds, and Xu Cheng were all stunned.

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