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Chapter 507 – Wish of Her Mother; An Evil Person (8)

Mrs. didn't want to think about their days in the past. Holding her daughter's hand, she said in a very doting way, “Your s.h.i.+ mu brought something up to me today. She said that neither you nor Xuanzun are young anymore. When do you want to get married?”

“Is that why you were looking for me, Mom?”

“Of course. You are my daughter. Naturally, I worry about your matters!”

Mrs. Cheng smiled and, looking at her daughter, felt the joy of realizing that her daughter was all grown up. “Truth be told, Mom didn't want to let you get married. Mom want to keep you here with her. But, a girl must get married when they are all grown up. Luckily, Xuanzun was a pretty good kid. It won't be a bad thing for you to get married sooner rather than later.”

“Mom. That's too rush. We just got engaged. Why are we talking about wedding already?” Cheng Xiao Xiao felt a headache coming on. These two elderlies have too much free time on hand and just wanted to look for things to do.

Mrs. Cheng gave her daughter a stare and said, “It's not rus.h.i.+ng. This is the age girls get married. You are already 16, going on 17 soon. You are not that young anymore!”

“No way! I want to wait at least another couple of years. I am just 17 years old. Still too young!” Cheng Xiao Xiao didn't think about it before she objected. She felt that she should wait at least another couple of years.

“Oh, you child. What's the matter?”

Mrs. Cheng's face darkened and she scolded Cheng Xiao Xiao lightly, “Don't be silly. Marriage is a serious matter, not child's play. Now that you are already engaged to Xuanzun, the next natural step is to get married. I won't let you drag it out. I am going to talk to you dad tonight. We will look for a good date and have the knot tied!”


Cheng Xiao Xiao rubbed her temple in resignation and said, “Mom, don't you feel that there's a lot going on right now? We are trying to finish up all sorts of constructions. And three months later, no, not even three months. Just a little over two months later, we will be bringing in our first batch of disciples. We have already pa.s.sed the words around. We must follow it through.

“Now we need to figure out all sorts of details with regards to bringing in disciples. Following that will be our next public sale. This time we definitely can't hold it at our place again. We there are more that need to be figured out. You knew about the public sale. We have already set the time during the last one. For our reputation's sake, we can't change the date.

“Just these two events will keep us busy for over half a year. By the time these are over, the Count's Court will be close to completion and we will have to plan the celebratory event. All said and done, just these few events will keep us busy for almost a year.

“If we are going to plan a wedding right now, how are we going to juggle the other events? Even though we have hired many helpers but there will be so much to take care of. Which is why, Mom, me and Abacus's wedding willing have to be at least a year out!”

She babbled on so anxiously that her mouth was dried and her throat was about to smoke. Cheng Xiao Xiao picked up her cup of tea and drank the entire cup. She then proceeded to pour herself another cup and downed that one as well.

“Well, I am aware of that…”

Mrs. Cheng sighed and looking at her daughter, her heart aching a little, and said, “Xiao Xiao, I know there are lots that needed taking care of around our family but your wedding is important also. You are almost 17 years old. My plan was to have you get married first, that way you guys can stay and help and not have to move back to Temple of Divine Plans right after your wedding.”

“Mom, are you kidding me??”

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