Transmigration with QQ Farm Chapter 537 - Angry Chastising; Ruining of the Martial Emperor (1)

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537 – Angry Chastising; Ruining of the Martial Emperor (1)

Layers of bystanders gathered above Capital City; some in close distance, others watching from afar.

Everybody knew that something was going on at the Cheng’s residence.

Yet none of them dare to make a move.

The entire Cheng’s, seeing the gathering of these individuals, were shocked. But n.o.body said a word.

It was complete silence around them.

And more people continued to gather.

Finally, even the emperor, accompanied by a few old men with white beard, also showed up!

Other than the emperor with his men, the few old men from School of Divine Condor also showed approached them.

“Count Zhongyuan,” came an authoritative voice. The emperor was looking at Cheng Biyuan intensely.

He may never had met Cheng Biyuan before, but he knew everyone at the Cheng’s. He had long since seen the drawings of every member of the Cheng’s. Naturally, he’d recognize Cheng Biyuan.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.” Cheng Biyuan cupped his hand at the emperor and continued. “I apologize for disturbing Your Majesty. I have some personal matters that needed to be taken care of. I wouldn’t cause any trouble for Your Majesty. I hope you will allow me to do that.”

“……” The emperor squinted. He didn’t talk because he was, indeed, unhappy about this. The Cheng’s were being too unruly. Last time they had injured his son, but as it was his son’s fault, he couldn’t pin it on them. But now…

Had they any respect for their king?

Cheng Xiao Xiao hadn’t expected the emperor would be here to a.s.sert his authority. She frowned a bit and sent a message to Old Man Ying.


The qi from Old Man Ying exploded and the forceful qi immediately stirred up a storm in the area.

A lightning, resembling a dragon, aimed straight at the emperor.

The very next moment, the emperor immediately changed colors. The few men with white beard reacted quickly and, together, they defended the emperor.


Under the protection of the few men with white beard, they were all sent flying out several meters.

And that was when Old Man Ying had no intention to kill.

Seeing that, everybody else changed colors and all stared at Old Man Ying in disbelief.

Old Man Ying didn’t care about that and his qi continued to have the emperor under his control.

The emperor steadied himself and his face changed from black to white then back to black, looking awful.

He was the emperor of this country and he was embarra.s.sed in front of everyone else. That had infuriated him.

Yet he knew full well who they were. As angry as he was, there was nothing he could do. After all, Old Man Ying was a martial monarch, someone that should not have existed.

“Little emperor, I see that you are not happy about this. Are you not alright with our housemaster taking care of his family matters? Do you intent to defend these”

Old Man Ying’s voice wasn’t loud, yet it had spread over the entire Capital City and into the ears of every residence.

And the current emperor was referred to as “little emperor”?

The emperor was probably around 40 years old. Supposedly, being in front of Old Man Ying, who was several hundred years old, that would indeed make him a “little emperor”.

The emperor dared not act against Old Man Ying’s arrogance. Cheng Biyuan smiled bitter and didn’t care too much about that.

Cheng Xiao Xiao glanced over at him and the magnificent Old Man Ying suddenly deflated and gave her a fawning smile. “Miss, it’s the little emperor’s fault. He shouldn’t have meddled at a time like this. He was asking for it. We are taking care of family matters here, not staging to overthrown him. Why did he have to meddle?”

Seeing his abrupt change, everybody’s eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to pop out of their sockets.

That was such an abrupt change!

Granted, a lot of them were more shocked that someone with his cultivation level with kowtow to a young girl like that. How could they not be stunned?

“Okay, I will give you that.” Cheng Xiao Xiao’s lips curved upward a little and she turned her attention away from him.

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