Transmigration with QQ Farm Chapter 539 - Angry Chastising; Ruining of the Martial Emperor (3)

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539 – Angry Chastising; Ruining of the Martial Emperor (3)

She gave Old Man Ying a supercilious look before she turned her attention back onto First Elder. “Well? You don’t dare to admit to it now? Our Cheng’s family is here now. If you kill us now, Sacred Land Zhongyuan will be yours. You can name whoever you want to be the Count. Wasn’t that what you’ve said just a little while ago? Here’s your chance now. Don’t let it slip you by, wouldn’t you say?”

Her volume was neither too loud nor too soft. Anyone who could hear it, heard it.

This was when everyone finally understood why Cheng Xiao Xiao did what she did. He was plotting to take over Sacred Land Zhongyuan; of course Cheng Xiao Xiao would act the way that she did.

Everybody turned to look at First Elder at the same time, including Cheng Yutang.

First Elder ignored everyone else but looked straight at Cheng Biyuan. He said in a deep voice, “Biyuan. This is the family that raised you. Is what how to repay them?”

“Family? You mean this ruin?” replied Cheng Biyuan casually. He then carried on, “You are not even a Cheng. The Cheng’s had raised you, cultivated you and look what you have done at the Cheng’s for the last tens of years? You had killed at least tens of Cheng’s if not hundreds. I would like to ask why are you trying to destroy the Cheng’s?”

“What did you just say??” First Elder changed colors immediately.

“Am I wrong? Can you honestly tell me that you are a Cheng by birth?”

Cheng Biyuan’s look was stone-cold. He stared squarely at First Elder and said, “But, it made sense that you’d deny it. After all, you have already given up on your ancestry and took up another last name. So it’s only natural that you wouldn’t be honest about your own lineage. What wouldn’t a traitor who’d betray one’s own lineage like you do?”

“How did you know that?” Suddenly, First Elder decided to admit to it openly.

An uproar came from the crowd, especially from the Cheng’s. All of them stared straight at him in disbelief.

“Secrets cannot be kept forever,” said Mo Xuanzun all of a sudden.

As though enlightened, First Elder nodded but didn’t seem too concerned about it. He said to Cheng Biyuan, “If you leave now, I can pretend nothing happened here today. Otherwise, I will definitely regret about today later.”

His tone was unyielding, as though he was powerful enough to have control over heaven and earth and those from the Cheng’s didn’t threaten him a bit.

He did have what it took to threaten the Cheng’s; he just didn’t realize that it was already gone.

Cheng Xiao Xiao and Mo Xuanzun snickered. They would like to see who had a better trump card!

“You sc.u.m! That’s bullsh*t!”

Elder, who couldn’t contain himself any more, dashed out and started shouting at him. “Sc.u.mbag! You worthless piece of sh*t! A bast*rd who came out of nowhere! White-eyed wolf! Great grandfather brought you back and raised you. You are such a scoundrel that you not only murdered great grandfather, but you also murdered numerous disciples of the Cheng’s. I must kill you today!!”

The grief and indignation that he had suffered made him roar loudly. Members of the Capital City Cheng’s changed colors again. They couldn’t help but think about everything that had happened within the Cheng’s in the last tens of years.

Even the prideful First Elder changed colors. He scolded, “That’s nonsense! I have dedicated most of my life in serving the Cheng’s and would never do anything to hurt them. You are just trying to place the blame for your own actions onto me!”


There was no more fear left within Elder. He was enraged. He pointed straight at First Elder and said, “You know what the truth is, as do everybody else. You can’t deny the truth!”

Having said that, he turned toward the hundreds of members of the Capital City Cheng’s and said, “All of you grew up at the Cheng’s. Think about it this, how many people do we lose a year? And who were these people that we’ve lost? Think in terms of their relations.h.i.+ps with this sc.u.mbag. Everyone who died were someone who had conflicts with him in the past. Just think about that, and you will know what is the truth.

“In addition, don’t you have some idea what kind of a person this man is? Does the really have affection toward you? All of you had dedicated yourselves for the Cheng’s over tens of years. How are your lives now? Just think about it. Do you feel that everything that belonged to the Cheng’s no longer have anything to do with you? Do you have any freedom? Do you still think about your family or have you turned into a devil like him? You have turned into someone who’d murder your own family members for any leftover resources that he was willing to toss your way. Am I right?”

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