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Chapter 752: Sound Wave Weapon (1)

“Dad, Mom, what happened?” asked Ye Lanyu before Ye Lang spoke. She could sense that this was related to her family.

“Your Eldest Brother and Second Sister have been captured!” Ye Chengtian was very direct and told them the problem.

“What?” Ye Lanyu's face darkened and said in a low voice, “Who? Who captured them? Do they have a death wish?”

At this moment, she emitted an aura unconsciously. This aura made everyone slightly puzzled.

“??” Ye Yi's initially expressionless face turned into astonishment. His eyes flashed as he stared at Ye Lanyu.

At the same time, Ye Yi was emitting an aura that pressed towards Ye Lanyu. This wasn't conscious, just an instinctive response. That was a reflex towards facing another master that was almost as strong as he was.

When Ye Yi realised this, he chided himself for being too reckless. How could he radiate his killing aura at his own granddaughter? What if she couldn't take it? Then he would've made a huge mistake.

However, he then realised that Ye Lanyu could hold against his aura, plus there was almost a balance in energy. Although he had released his energy unconsciously, and it was far from his true capabilities, no ordinary person could withstand such power.

Based on Ye Yi's understanding, the previous Ye Lanyu should not have withstood this energy. She would've been injured immediately. This was how powerful a Tian Level warrior could be.

Not just Ye Yi, even Ye Chengtian and the rest found something odd with Ye Lanyu's aura. This wasn't an energy she used to have.

“Lanyu, you… what have you been doing in there? Did something happen?” said Ye Yi.

“Nothing much, I was just cultivating? I just had a breakthrough. Me, Little Seven and Cousin Zhiqing had breakthroughs! Hmmph, I just want to know who dared touch my Eldest Brother and Second Sister!” said Ye Lanyu. She did not brag about her breakthrough.

In the past, she would've been ecstatic to tell everyone that she was at the Tian Level and even show off. However, she was not in the mood for this now.

Her own brother and sister had been captured. No one would have the mood to show off. All she wanted was to save them.

“Little Seven? Zhiqing? You… How is that possible? It hasn't even been a year… What have you been cultivating?” Ye Yi seemed to have forgotten about everything, merely caring about their cultivation.

It was difficult to blame him. He had already been worried for a while. This new development was too shocking to him. It wasn't just one, there were three of them!

“Have you all achieved breakthroughs?” asked Ye Chengtian. He wasn't too sure but he felt like the few girls before him had changed.

“Why are you all still talking about this… Breakthrough what? It's definitely not Tian Level for sure.” Long Anqi did not have the energy to care about anything else, just about her children who were in danger.

Of course, if she knew that it was indeed Tian Heavenly Level, Long Anqi would've been shocked.

“Yep! I achieved breakthrough. Therefore, Mom, don't worry about me. I'll make the people who caught Big Brother and Second Sister pay!” Ye Lanyu nodded calmly.

“You all actually reached Tian Level? How is that possible?” Ye Chengtian and the rest were stunned.

“What? Lanyu and the rest reached Tian Level? c.r.a.p, how did you all do it? Thirteen, are you hiding something from me?” Third Brother spoke up first, turning his attention to Ye Lang.

This must be because of Ye Lang or these girls might not have achieved breakthrough so soon, maybe not even in ten years.

Before this, Ye Lang had helped Li Yue attain Tian Heavenly Level in a much shorter time frame- but she was already close to attaining breakthrough at the time.

“I'm not hiding anything. If you want to break through, I can help you but we don't have time now,” said Ye Lang. He had confirmed that he had something to do with this.

So it was him indeed. The kid was unbelievable, helping so many people attain Tian Level in a year. What did he do? It was astonis.h.i.+ng progress!

“Yeah, we don't have time for this. Let's talk after we solve the problem at hand!” Third Brother nodded. He was calm too. This wasn't the time to talk, they needed to find a way to save Ye Lang's brother and sister.

Third Brother also believed that Ye Lang would teach him if he could without reservation. He just didn't know before. If he did, he would've learned from Ye Lang a long time ago.

“Ye Lang, if you can make them all attain Tian Level, then what level are you at? Tian Level?” asked Ye Yi. It was a very important question not only to know him better but also determined the success of their mission.

“I'm not!” Ye Lang shook his head, rejecting their guesses. This surprised everyone.

This person created several Tian Level fighters, yet wasn't one himself. This sounded a little too unbelievable but since it came from him, they had to believe it.

Everyone knew that Ye Lang would not lie. At the same time, he was a miracle maker. Perhaps creating Tian Level fighters was a simple thing to him.

“What now? It doesn't matter if Lanyu and the rest are at Tian Level. You're the only one who can go. If you were Tian Level, you might have a better chance…” Ye Yi now had a headache.

“Why must he go alone?” asked Ye Lanyu directly.

Based on Ye Yi's tone, apparently Ye Lang had to go alone. However, Ye Lang's siblings were also her siblings, also Ye family members and Ye Chengtian's children.

Wasn't it the same whoever went? Why just Ye Lang? Why alone?


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