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I charged forward, and very naturally, I shot out three normal attacks. The first attack was a pierce, the second was a slash, and the third was a beheading. With these three attack combos, every single sword dealt a deadly damage on the Wind Wolf’s body. It didn’t even have a chance for a counterattack!

I was secretly overjoyed. It was so easy to hunt right now, it was obvious that my reaction delay had decreased even more, seemed like it was not even 0.5 seconds now. This was a game player expert’s awareness, after training and using the same weapon for a long time, you would yield an unimaginable result. In reality, I was still a noob, but in the field of sword techniques in game, I am definitely one of the greatest. About that, I was actually just trash who was only theorizing without taking action…


The Wind Wolf miserably fell to the ground and transformed into a corpse with a great amount of experience.

I walked forward and observed closely. A Level 38 Wind Wolf. Its level was extremely high, no wonder it could cause me such a high damage. Right now, I was equipped with a Cyan Fire Cloak, Spirit Wind Cloud Armor and Beast Face Wind Cloud Helmet. All these are extremely high quality equipments. Even then, that Wind Wolf could still inflict 300 damage to my health. If a warrior with normal equipments came here, it seemed like he would be killed with one bite.

I opened my palms and chanted a little on the Wind Wolf’s corpse, “[Corpse Pillage]!”


After a glow of light, a white-coloured, beautiful Wolf skin appeared in my hands. This was the Wind Wolf Fur, which was especially snow white. It was definitely one of the best material for making of fur products, such as CUUCI, LV all those. Of course, in this game, I couldn’t make a business out of all these products, but the Tailors should be able to create a good leather armor with this fur.

[h.e.l.l Wind Wolf’s Fur (Quality: 81): Level 3 leather material. Can be made into a leather armour.

Indeed, this fur was actually a level 3 leather material. I’m going to gain a huge profit again this time!

Tsk tsk, although [Corpse Pillage] looked like a weak skill, it was definitely my trump card for making money in this early stage of the game. Especially when I was killing wild beasts and skinning them, it was an undefeatable skill!

After storing my Wind Wolf Fur away, I continued to move forward.

In front of my shoulders, after eating the huge experience bonus from the Wind Wolf, my Mysterious Wasp suddenly rose to level 11 at 15% experience. Seems like if I were to kill these Wind Wolves for the whole night, the Mysterious Wasp should be able to rise to around level 20 and could basically support my battles already. At that time, my fighting ability would definitely increase by a lot!

I then extended my hands and commanded, “Rise up, Undead!”


The h.e.l.l Wind Wolf’s body that had already underwent [Corpse Pillage] trembled a little. Very quickly, its bones stuck out from its body, and a Bone Wind Wolf that was as tall as half a person’s size appeared in front of me —

[h.e.l.l Wind Wolf] (Servant)
Level: 30
Attack: 150-225
Defense: 150
Health: 1000


I was pleasantly surprised, after my [Summon Undead] ability rose to Level 3, its effects had become sharper than before. My Undead slave had reached level 30, and furthermore, this Wind Wolf’s attack was not bad at all. It was a little bit worse off compared to me. However, its defense and health was all higher than me. This slave was definitely a good existence of a meat s.h.i.+eld!

“Haha, let’s go now, Fantasy, Wind Wolf!”

Bringing along my Mysterious Wasp and Bone Wolf, I continued to thread forward. This time, I was fully confident of my abilities. With such a party like mine, I would be okay even if I met two Wind Wolves at the same time!

As I was thinking about this, two Wind Wolves had actually really appeared in front of me. I immediately ordered my Bone Wolf to deal with one with the support of the Mysterious Wasp, while I fought against the other one alone!


“[Death Blade]!”

“Shua shua shua…”

Cleanly executing 5 slashes on the first Wind Wolf and immediately killing it, I turned around to see how my pets fared. I couldn’t help but be elated. The Bone Wolf was biting its previous race while the Mysterious Wasp was flying in the air as it suddenly shot forward, penetrating the Wind Wolf’s neck with the sharp needle on its bottom.

“Pu Chi!”


Tsk tsk, its attack was indeed very high!

My confidence grew. I could already imagine myself getting stronger in the future!

I charged forward and defeated the Wind Wolf with two slashes and executed [Corpse Pillage] on it again. This time, I received 2 freshly skinned fur in my hands. Then, I looked at the Bone Wolf and realized that its health was more or less depleted. Hence, I finished him and summoned another one again. Another beautiful Bone Skeleton appeared again. However, if I continued this way, my mp consumption will be much greater. [Summon Undead] required around 50 mp, this was an even greater consumption compared to magicians’ skills.

However, luckily I brought some Green Pepper Meat Rice b.a.l.l.s with me, which could heal my mp fully. In any case, this was something that I produced on my own, I didn’t have to be such a miser about it. Hence, my levelling became even more smooth-sailing.

It seemed like the h.e.l.l Wind Wolves had dominated the Fairy Forest, they were everywhere. As for me, I had a great time killing them. Not only did the h.e.l.l Wind Wolves gave a lot of experience, its drop rate was even extravagant. A Magic Stone would drop for every ten wolves, give or take. If this continued, with my level superiority, I could make a living simply by just selling stones!

With two undeads and one human in Crimson Mercenaries who are like-minded and united, what more would Crimson Mercenaries need?

Money! If we couldn’t earn money, we, the three Crimson Mercenaries pioneer would probably die of starvation.


As I continued to level on my own alone, the pillar of levelling up light continued to s.h.i.+ne down time and time again as my Mysterious Wasp continued to level up. Four hours pa.s.sed in a blink of an eye. I killed to the point that I was perspiring from head to toe. I had already managed to acquire the quest requirements for the number of Wind Wolves killed and the number of Wolf’s Tooth collected, but in order to get more Wind Wolf’s Fur, I continued to kill. Today I have steeled my heart, I wouldn’t go back to Frozen Mound before levelling up to level 35!

As I was killing happily, suddenly, a “di” resounded —


System Announcement: Player Mu Rong Ming Yue wants to be your friend. Accept or Reject?


I was frozen on the spot. Did Mu Rong Ming Yue recognized me? Or maybe something had happened?

Looking at the time, it was already 9 am in the morning. Logically speaking, Ming Yue big sis had immediately searched for me the moment she logged on. Why did she do that?

After thinking for a moment, I accepted it. If I rejected it, with Mu Rong big sis’ wit, she would definitely sense something wrong!


She sent me a message: “Fallen Hero, can I ask you a question?’


“Are you Fallen Dust?”



“Is there anything else?”


Mu Rong Ming Yue replied, “I heard that you had created a mercenary guild with Ghost Valley. Just nice, my friend and I had just received a quest to kill a level 32 BOSS. If you had some time… could you help us? The mercenary fees could be negotiated, how about 10 gold?”

I immediately replied, “A level 32 BOSS? No problem. You guys can wait at the Floating Ice City East Gate Bridge for a while, I will immediately bring some people over!”



I patted my chest and force my thumping heart to calm down. That friend that Mu Rong Ming Yue said must be Blazing Sun. This time, I definitely must not make a mistake, otherwise He Yi would be able to find me. With my state right now who was neither person nor ghost both in reality and in game, how could I meet her?

Furthermore, I had also secretly decided one matter. In this life, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to return to Ancient Sword Dream anymore. Then, I’ll use Crimson Mercenaries’ reputation to protect Ancient Sword Dream, protecting He Yi from the dark, protecting both of our dreams.


My sharp sword slashed down and beheaded a wolf’s head.


I had successfully risen to level 35. However, my ranking in Floating Ice City Player Ranking Board actually fell to the third rank. The first was the level 36 Lin Yi Xin, while the second one was Domineering Heaven Blade that I have killed and lost one level. This fellow must have had help in levelling from others. His levelling speed was simply too fast!

I ran back to Frozen Mound quickly and met with my Instructor, Su Lun. After submitting the quest items to him, Su Lin immediately laughed out loud, “Good job, Little Skeleton! I have totally seen your abilities in a whole new light. Come and receive your reward!”


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have completed the quest [h.e.l.l Wind Wolves] and received 7200 exp, 120 fame and quest reward: [Wind Wolf Leg Guard]!


Wind Wolf Leg Guard?

I was pleasantly surprised. Su Lun’s rewards were really extravagant. After killing Wind Wolves for 4 hours, even after getting more than 400 Wind Wolf’s Fur, I had not gotten any equipment drops. Who would think that I would luckily get an equipment as a quest reward!

I opened my inventory and found a dark green leg guard quietly lying on the corner —

[Wind Wolf Leg Guard] (Rune-tier equipment)
Defense: 32
Agility: +7
Required Level: 35

It was actually a rune-tier equipment! It was really shocking, its defense was a strong 32 points and it even added 7 points on agility. Although it neither added to my strength nor stamina, but having it add to agility was also not that bad. A high agility would allow players to execute finer attacks during battles!

As I wore my Wind Wolf Leg Guard that replaced my [Bear Leather Leg Guard], my defense increased by a huge amount of 25 points, amounting to 165 points. Such a defense was indeed extremely powerful at this present stage of the game.

Looking at the equipments on my body, I thought that it was not bad at all. It was extremely majestic, fit for a king —

ID: Fallen Hero
Occupation: Undead Swordsman (Bronze-ranked Swordsman)
Level: 35
Health: 780
Attack: 149-273
Defense: 165
Magic Defense: 0
Fame: 514
Luck: 0

[Weeping Fireblade] (Bronze-tier weapon)
Attack: 25-40
Strength: +8
Required Level: 25

[Beast Face Wind Cloud Helmet] (Rune-tier equipment)
Defense: 28
Strength: +7
Required Level: 30

[Spirit Wind Cloud Armor] (Rune-tier equipment)
Defense: 48
Stamina: +11
Additional Effect: Increase user’s physical attacks by 2%

Required Level: 32
[Cyan Fire Cloak] (Bronze-tier equipment)
Defense: 22
Stamina: +7
Additional Attribute: Increases the wearer’s evasion by 0.5%.

Required Level: 25
[Black Wrist Guard] (Black-Tier Equipment)
Defense: 8
Strength: +2
Required level: 10

[Porcupine’s Boots] (Black-tier)
Defense: 12
Stamina: +3
Required Level:10

[Wind Wolf Leg Guard] (Rune-tier equipment)
Defense: 32
Agility: +7
Required Level: 35

[Crimson Guard Ring] (rune-tier)
Strength: +18
Additional Attribute: Increase the attack of Dark-attribute players by 3%
Required level:30

Taking a few seconds to be thankful, I then sent a message to both Ghost Valley and Du s.h.i.+ San, “ Go to Floating Ice City East Gate Bridge, we have a new mission!”

After repairing my equipment and saved 2 gold in my bank, I carried my sword as I walked out of Frozen Mound towards the Floating Ice City. In any case, Ghost Valley and Du s.h.i.+ San would probably only arrive after half an hour.

The Frozen Forest had become a popular training ground. I walked along the edge of the forest. The red-coloured name on top of my head was simply too obvious. As a strong Undead Swordsman, I haven’t been recognised by the Undead Alliance, nor am I received by the Silver Moon Alliance. Hence, everyone who saw me would see my name coloured in red.

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