One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Part 7

One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of -

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36. "He sees different: Ibid.

37. Minor had been building: Ibid.

37. "I know you said: Bayers, "The Inner Bezos."

39. "the most technologically sophisticated: James Aley, "Wall Street's King Quant: David Shaw's Secret Formulas Pile Up Money. Now He Wants a Piece of the Net," Fortune, February 5, 1996.

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40. "The number one criterion: Bayers, "The Inner Bezos."

41. "Life's too short: Ibid.

Chapter 4: Jeff Discovers the Internet.

44. "You know, things just: "Interview with Jeff Bezos."

44. "I had never seen: Bezos, "A Bookstore by Any Other Name."

47. "Books are incredibly unusual: Ibid.

47. with a combined market share: Spector, Get Big Fast.

50. "I didn't think of it: Streitfeld, "Booking the Future"

50. I knew that when: Spector, Get Big Fast.

Chapter 5: Three Nerds and an Accountant.

58. A couple of years later: Spector, Get Big Fast.

58. (It turns out that story: de Jonge, "Riding the Wild, Perilous Waters of"

59. It was apparent that: Bezos, "A Bookstore by Any Other Name."

60. "One of the things: Ibid.

60. Others at Amazon, however: Spector, Get Big Fast.

61. By the end of 1994: Ibid.

62. "That's actually a very: Quittner, "Jeff Bezos: An Eye on the Future."

63. "I thought he would be: Spector, Get Big Fast.

Chapter 6: How to Build a Better Bookstore.

68. "We made some good: Spector, Get Big Fast.

71. If a book had to be: Ibid.

72. They would order books: Ibid.

73. About half the customers: Ibid.

74. Davis later recalled that: Ibid.

75. "The Web is an infant: d.i.c.kson L. Louie, "," paper for Harvard Business School, April 9, 1998.

78. "They would deliver: Bezos, "A Bookstore by Any Other Name."

Chapter 7: Growing Pains.

82. One room of the office: Spector, Get Big Fast.

83. "Jerry said, 'We think: Bezos, "A Bookstore by Any Other Name."

83. "We found that customers: Video from Jeff Bezos about Amazon and Zappos, July 27, 2009,, 84. The employee, Nicholas Lovejoy: Spector, Get Big Fast.

85. "It was also a curse: Bezos, "A Bookstore by Any Other Name."

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88. In 1998, Bezos described: Tim Clark, "Turning to a Global Page," CNET, April 8, 1998,

Chapter 8: Money to Burn Through.

92. Although Hanauer was impressed: Spector, Get Big Fast.

93. Forget the idea of: Ibid.

94. "We're only willing: Ibid.

95. "We had to compete: Michael S. Malone, "John Doerr's Startup Manual," Fast Company, February 28, 1997.

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Chapter 9: Growing Up.

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Chapter 10: Who You Calling a Bookstore?.

110. "Our strategy is to become: Steve Homer, "d.a.m.n! What a Nice, Bookish Tyc.o.o.n," Independent, November 16, 1998.

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114. "Junglee has a.s.sembled: Ibid.

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117. Bulkeley's job was "to make: Elisabeth b.u.miller, "Public Lives; On-Line Booksellers: A Tale of Two CEOs," New York Times, December 8, 1998.

117. "We're motivated. We've got: Ibid.

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