The Enjoyment of Art Part 3

The Enjoyment of Art -

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As the artist sends out his spirit through the world, as he becomes the channel of universal and divine influences, so he is admitted to new and ever new revelations of beauty. And stirred by the glorious vision, he brings that beauty to earth, communicating it to his fellows and making them partakers of it, as he gives his feeling expression. Thus finding utterance as the prophet of G.o.d, he consummates his mission and takes his place in the world order.

Herein he has his being, for life is expression; and each new harmony which he makes manifest is the medium of his fuller identification with the universal life.

So it is that the artist is the supreme interpreter, the mediator between man and beauty. His work is a work of joy, of grat.i.tude, of wors.h.i.+p. He is the happy servant of G.o.d, His prophet, through whom He declares Himself to the children of men.

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