Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 654 - Coma

Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! -

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Chapter 654: Coma

When Dongfang Mu saw that there was something wrong with his daughter, he regretted it. He shouldn’t have said anything. Bai Zhi said that he should for another 2 days.

Dongfang Mu said to Cui’er: “Hurry up, go and call Zhi’er.”

Dongfang Mu rushed to his daughter and hugged her in his arms: “Wan’er, you promised your father. You promised your father that you won’t get excited. Calm down, took a deep breath, and relax.”

Dongfang Wan didn’t seem to have heard what he said. The next moment, she fell to his arms.

Bai Zhi rushed over and saw this scene. Then, she hurriedly asked Dongfang Mu to lay her flat on the floor. She knelt in front of Dongfang Wan and pierced every major acupoint of her body with silver needles to stop her turbulent blood flow.

“Why did she become like this all of a sudden? What did Pei Qinghan say? ” Bai Zhi asked Dongfang Mu while inserting needles.

Dongfang Mu looked regretful: “It’s not Pei Qinghan, it’s me. I can’t help it, so I said it. I didn’t expect that she would suddenly be like this. I really shouldn’t have said it.” His intestines rumbled in regret.

Bai Zhi said: “Don’t blame yourself, she will be fine. These days, her body has recovered well. She just gets too excited. Her blood suddenly rushed all over her body which made her fall in a coma. But it doesn’t matter, I already put it under control. She will wake up in 2 hours. Send her back to the room first.”

Dongfang Mu nodded his head and felt relieved. He hurriedly crouched and hugged his daughter back to her room. Inside the room, Bai Zhi took out a Qingxin pill and fed her with water, then said to Cui’er: “This is the last one. I’ll go and refine medicine. If she wakes up, you let someone call me.”


Bai Zhenzhu and Pei Qinghan went back to Changyuan Houfu. As soon as they arrived, Pei Qinghan said to Bai Zhenzhu with a cold face: “You come with me.”

Bai Zhenzhu felt scared inside her heart. She wanted to escape, but she can’t, so she could only grit her teeth and follow behind Pei Qinghan. They went straight to his study room. ”

“You all retreat!” Pei Qinghan ordered San Fu.

San Fu hurriedly took away the maidservant, who was serving tea in the study room and closed the door.

Pei Qinghan turned around and stared at Bai Zhenzhu coldly: “Speak, who is that Doctor Bai of Jinrentang?”

But how could Bai Zhenzhu tell the truth? As soon as she tells the truth, she will probably be thrown outside immediately now.

Bai Zhenzhu racked her brain to think of a plan, then busily replied: “That Doctor Bai is indeed from our village. I am not familiar with her, but she knows me, so I felt scared.”

That is it?

Pei Qinghan thought of what Bai Zhezhu’s reaction at that time, he felt suspicious, and so he asked: “Listening to your words, that Doctor Bai knew the child was dead?”

Bai Zhenzhu shook her head quickly: “No, no, she doesn’t know, no one else knows about this.”

Pei Qinghan breathed a sigh of relief and asked another question: “Then, is this doctor help your mother gave birth to you? Does she know you came out from your mother’s belly?”

Bai Zhenzhu shook her head again: “No, she is not a midwife, she doesn’t know this.”

Pei Qinghan was completely relieved: “Then what are you afraid of?”

Bai Zhenzhu said with a dry smile: “There is really nothing to be afraid of, but when I heard her name, I suddenly lost my senses and temper.”

Pei Qinghan dispelled his doubts and waved his hand: “Okay, well, you have never seen the outside world, you will get used to it later. Remember my words, don’t mess things up, and be calm all the time. The more your mind becomes a mess, the more troublesome things will become. Do you understand?”

Bai Zhenzhu nodded her head: “I know, but they don’t seem to want to recognize me as your daughter!” She didn’t want to go to that place again.

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