Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 45

Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! -

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Doctor Lu has been to Luoying Mountain many times. But each time, he only strolls outside the forest. He never dared to go into the deep part of it. He was very clear about the danger inside. So, such wild ginseng definitely can only be found in the deep part of the forest.

Doctor Lu then asked: “What are you planning to do with this ginseng?”

Bai Zhi replied: “Lu Dafu, I am here to ask you for help. We will bother you to help us sell this ginseng in the town. No matter how much you sell it, I will give you 10 silver coins.”

10 silver coins as a reward?

Without question, Doctor Lu was so shocked. When he listened, Hu Feng also couldn’t help but raised an eyebrow. The little girl was really generous. She can spit out the word 10 silver coins without worries.

Doctor Lu busily said: “No, no, how can that be? We are village folks. I will help you sell it, but you don’t need to give me a reward, okay? I originally planned to sell medicines in the town tomorrow. I will also sell yours.” This little girl’s life was harsh, so how could he collect her hard earned money?

Bai Zhi smiled and said: “Lu Dafu, I know your kindness. However, that is not only a reward but also what I feel inside my heart. You are a good person. I understand what inside a human’s heart. I know business is business. I am planning to dig up some more stuff in the mountain. If I want to sell them, I can only rely on you. If you won’t accept my reward, I will feel embarra.s.sed again and again to trouble you.”

Doctor Lu was somewhat moved, but when he thought about the 10 silver coins. He still couldn’t bear it: “But, it doesn’t need to be so big.”

Hu Feng, who has been silent for a long time, suddenly opened his mouth: “You bring the ginseng in the pharmacy in the town then ask for a price. Once you learned the price, you can increase the price for 10 more silver coins. Then, that is your share. How about that?”

Doctor Lu’s eyes lit up, that was a good idea. In that way, he wouldn’t feel like taking away the little girl’s earnings.

“Let’s do it like that. Zhi’er, Hu Feng, you can rest a.s.sured. I will not let you down. Just wait and see, I will sell it at a good price.”

Now, everyone was happy.


Outside Doctor Lu’s courtyard, Bai Zhi looked at Hu Feng and smiled: “Hey, your brain is quite active ah. You don’t look like a sick person at all.”

Hu Feng glanced at her and said: “I just lost my memory. I didn’t lose my intelligence.”

Speaking of memory loss, Hu Feng simply asked: “When are you planning to treat me?”

When Bai Zhi saw his anxious face, she smiled deep inside her heart. She turned her head and looked around. When she learned no one was around, she reached out to him.

“Give it to me.”

Hu Feng couldn’t understand her: “What?”

“Your hand, don’t you want me to treat you? If I won’t check your pulse, how will I know if I can cure you?” Bai Zhi raised an eyebrow. The sweat on her forehead slide to her eyebrow up to her cheek. Reflecting a crystal-like light.

Hu Feng stared at her and listened.

The two of them were standing in the middle of the road. Hu Feng stretched out his hand. Bai Zhi held his hand and put her other hand over his wrist. His pulse was steady and powerful. His physical condition was very good. But of course, it was impossible to check his brain over the pulse. When it comes to this case, this move of her was only a cover-up. She thinks he was an open-minded person anyway.

Seeing that she had retracted her hand, Hu Feng busily asked: “How is it?”

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