Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 433

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Meng Nan’s face sank: “Mother, this matter has nothing to do with her. I don’t like Zheng Ruxue, so naturally, I will not marry her.”

“Sure enough, she is a girl. I want to see, this girl, who is so sacred that made our son of Meng Family act like this.” After saying those words, Xu Furen took a step back, as the two maidservants blocked in front of her. Then, she opened the letter.

The words written on the letter doesn’t look so good. At best, it can only be regarded as neat. The calligraphy of the maidservant around her was much better than this. At first glance, it can be seen that it’s not written by a prestigious young lady.

The letter didn’t say anything. Looking at the meaning in the lines, it should be a reply to Meng Nan. She only said that everything was good, he doesn’t need to write. She doesn’t want to go to the capital, in the end, she thanked him for his kindness… …

In other words, his son fancies this girl, that he wanted to take her in the capital, but she refused?

His son was rejected?

What kind of girl was she that she even look down on the son of Meng Family? How high is her vision?

Xu Furen put down the letter and asked Meng Nan: “What is this girl that she can’t even see you?”

Meng Nan’s face became more and more ugly. He rushed forward and grabbed the letter, then quickly scanned the words on it.

She rejected him. She rejected him as expected, but still, he was very disappointed.

He folded the letter, put it back in the envelope and shoved it carefully into his sleeve. Then, he looked at Xu Furen: “Mother, you don’t need to care who she is. You’ve seen it, she has no interest to your son at all.”

Xu Furen replied: “Who knows if she’s trying to play hard to get?”

Meng Nan shook her head: “She’s not like that. Mother, in your eyes, is your son someone who can’t even discern such low-level means?”

Xu Furen twisted her eyebrows and looked at Meng Nan. When her son came back, he has changed a lot. He was more stable now than two years ago. She can’t tell what he is thinking about.

“Nan’er, if you really like this girl, I can send someone to pick her up. As long as you promise to marry the daughter of Zheng family, I also can promise you that after you and Xueer get married, I will give her a good ident.i.ty. She can be your concubine by then, I will let you do as you please.”

Meng Nan sat back at the desk and picked up the book that had thrown away. Then, he simply said: “Marry into the Meng Family as a concubine? Mother, not everyone likes to covet glory and wealth, at least, she’s not.”

Xu Furen’s immediately turned cold, as she shouted in anger: “So what does she want? To be the main wife of our Meng Family?”

Meng Nan didn’t look at her, his eyes fell on the book, “I believe you also have read the letter, did she say that she wants to be the main wife in the Meng Family, mother? I want to marry her, but she’s not willing. What else is there for you to be worried about?”

The more Xu Furen listened, the more the anger in her heart rose. Her son was so honorable. Why does that girl refuse her son? It was more proper for his son to reject that girl.

Wu Mama, who was next to Xu Furen, whispered, “Furen, don’t fight with gongzi because of that wild girl. Let’s discuss this slowly.”

Xu Furen’s secretly thought, even if she hasn’t seen that girl’s face, it’s worthy to quarrel with her son because of her.

The anger in Xu Furen’s heart gradually extinguished, as she took a deep breath. Then, she said to Meng Nan: “Nan’er, whatever I do is for your good. Don’t blame me.”

Meng Nan replied, “Mother, she doesn’t want to come to the capital. She just wants to live a quiet and peaceful life. If you disturb her and do something you shouldn’t do. Don’t blame for blaming you in the future.”

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