Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 397

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Bai Zhenzhu shook her head: “Impossible, how could a man like Hu Feng fell to a farmer girl like Bai Zhi. Bai Zhi is not good enough for him.”

Mrs. Zhang didn’t know what to do say. After all, she was her own daughter. In her eyes, Bai Zhenzhu was, of course, the best, but she also understood that on other people’s eyes, she may not be the best.

Bai Erzhu was a man. He likes doing things straight to the point. He doesn’t get worried as women do. So, he directly said: “Zhenzhu, you are not too young. You know what’s happening at home. Hu Feng and the Bai Family hated each other. Even if Bai Zhi didn’t exist, he can’t marry into our family, do you understand?”

Bai Zhenzhu shook her head again and said out loud: “No, I don’t understand. You are you, I am me, I have no resentment against him. Why should I be affected by your affairs with him?”

Bai Erzhu wanted to persuade, but Bai Zhenzhu didn’t want to listen anymore, she rushed out of the room with red eyes.

The couple remained silent for a while, but then Mrs. Zhang said: “This matter can’t be dragged on anymore. I’ll marry her off by next spring, let’s do it before Hu Feng returns, otherwise, something might go wrong.”

Bai Erzhu nodded his head: “That’s right, Zhenzhu is not too young. Dragging it further will not be good for her. If this thing spread, things might get even worse for her.”


In the Hu Family

Bai Zhi gave Village Chief Li a bag with 2 pieces of dim sum and mooncakes that they bought in Baiweizhai Shop earlier.

Village Chief Li repeatedly refused: “One is enough, you don’t need to add more.”

Bai Zhi said: “One for you, your wife, your son, and your daughter-in-law. Don’t refuse anymore.”

Village Chief Li took the bag and released a long sigh. He understood Bai Zhi’s intention. She wanted her to use these things, to block his daughter-in-law’s mouth so that she wouldn’t find Awu’s family trouble when she was unhappy.

He can only blame himself for being old and incapable, he can’t manage this daughter-in-law well.

After seeing he accept it, Bai Zhi said, “Li Bo, I have one more thing to discuss to you.”

Village Chief Li asked: “What’s the matter? Tell me about it.”

Bai Zhi said: “My new house will be completed in a few days, we will be able to live there after cleaning everything. I want Awu and his family to live with us.”

When Village Chief Li heard this, he was not surprised at all. Recently, Mrs. Li often goes to their house to make trouble. The villagers did not know. In order to stop Mrs. Li, he gave Awu’s monthly rent to her. But still, she was not satisfied, she constantly gave Awu’s family trouble to get more money.

Village Chief Li sighed: “It’s better for them to move with you so that I will not get angry with that woman. I will return the rest of the rent to you.”

Bai Zhi quickly waved her hand: “No, no, I don’t need a refund. We said they will leave there for a year, but now we decided to do things like this. It has nothing to do with you, the rest of the rent, you don’t need to give it to us.”

Village Chief Li said with a straight face: “How can I do that? I’m not such a greedy and cheap person. People will no longer live with us, how can I collect your money? It makes no sense.”

Bai Zhi’s eyes roll, and so she immediately tried to say: “People can’t live anymore, but their things will be left in there. My house is small, we can’t put too many things in there. We will still rent your house for their things.”

Awu have so many things? Why he didn’t know that? No matter how small their house is, they can put their things: “Zhi’er, I know your kindness, but I can’t take that money.”

Bai Zhi smiled and said: “I don’t have good intentions. I really want to rent your house to put things, not only Awu Dage’s things, but also my and my Niang’s things. We don’t need a refund.”

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