Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 362

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However, Yu Manna didn’t see any of this, she got up and threw half of the cigarette in her hand out of the window. She then turned and walked back to the bed, she picked up the cus.h.i.+on in the bedside chair and pressed it on Bai Zhi's face.

Bai Zhi recovered almost half of her consciousness. She didn't expect that Yu Manna was the murderer who tried to kill her. Lin Yang's suspicious was true. In order to get Lin Yang, Yu Manna will not hesitate to kill her. Even if she was in a vegetative state, she still wants to kill her and make her completely disappear.

The last layer of cover to the moon completely disappeared, and silver light s.h.i.+nes towards the surroundings. A wisp of light pa.s.sed through the window and landed on Yu Manna's back and then on Bai Zhi's body.

Bai Zhi suddenly raised her hand and pushed back the pillow. Yu Manna, who was suddenly pushed back, took a few steps backward. She was shocked when she saw Bai Zhi's angry's face. She didn't expect that this half-dead woman will suddenly come back to life.

Her face that was full of fright got pale, as the pillow in her hand fell on the floor. She kept walking backward until her back leaned against the wall: "You, how did—" She said as she pointed her finger on Bai Zhi.

Bai Zhi looked at Yu Manna with sharp cold eyes: "How did I wake up? You don't want me to wake up at all, right?"

Yu Manna forced a smile with her stiff face, a smile that looked uglier than her crying face: “No, why should I? If you wake up, I'll be very happy."

“Really?” Bai Zhi coldly sneered, then opened the quilt that was covering her body. She wanted to get out of bed, but she found out that her legs don't listen to her.

However, even after lying for so long, her condition was not so bad. It seems Lin Yang takes really good care of her.

She was not in a hurry to get out of bed, so she continued to sit on the bed, as her cold eyes fixated on Yu Manna's face.

“Yu Manna, we are cla.s.smates. Although we're not that close, I think I've never done anything sorry for you. You are educated, but you’re ignoring the law and trying to kill me. Have you ever thought that if I died today, where will you be tomorrow?"

Yu Manna suddenly laughed, her laughter was full of mockery: "Bai Zhi, you are still as naive as before. Don't you know that the law can be controlled? Only poor people like you follow the law. And I, Yu Manna, can kill someone like you as if only stepping to an ant. If you die, who do you think will worry about you? Do you have parents? Do you have brothers and sisters? You don't even have a friend. If you die, no one will collect your corpse."

Bai Zhi also laughed: “You are right, I have no parents, relatives, nor friends, but did you forgot? I have Lin Yang! You also saw it, although I become a vegetative person, Lin Yang is always right next to me. He didn't give up, he always takes good care of me, he even vows to find the murderer who harmed me. Having him is enough, right?"

Looking at the arrogant face of Yu Manna showed a bitter and painful facial expression, Bai Zhi felt a bit better. It was actually very simple to hurt a person.

Yu Manna lifted her head and pointed her finger to Bai Zhi, then shouted: "It's all because of you, if not for you, why will Lin Yang refuse to look at me? As long as you die, Lin Yang will be mine, he will be my man."

“Really? Why do I feel like Lin Yang will only hate you more and more? Even if I die, Lin Yang will not put you in his eyes. Yu Manna, you don't deserve him."

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